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  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    Hello ES (is it ok to call you that?)

    Now I'm part time I'm hoping ot spend as much time getting things sorted with the house and then I'll make a decision on what to buy. I think somewhere with good links to London is the best I can do right now which will give me options.

    I'm a way off retirement as I'm 48 next month. I could potentially retire any time but would rather not at this point. Part time suits me perfectly (I've done it before and wish I'd never increased my hours).

    You're right, I need to see how Brexit affects things too. It's all too much for my little brain!!!!
  • Tinkerbelle2000
    Happy New Year MT!!

    We need to keep up the positivity that we always start the New Year with and complete these goals now.

    I can't believe how I let my dairy go last year, but with moving and everything else, I just fell off the wagon AGAIN!!

    Good luck with everything this year :)

    Tink xx
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  • another_casualty
    Hi MT :)
    I do hope the health side of things , is not too concerning .
    Thankfully you have a good vegan diet, if I remember ?
    You know all the stuff I've been trying . Maybe something like that could work for you ?
    Easier said than done , I know .
    I think that a routine ( other than work), is very much key to everything . Trouble is it's cost . Oh , and of course life gets in the way:rotfl:

    Keep pushing forward anyway ...:)
  • doingitanyway
    doingitanyway Posts: 8,883 Forumite
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    Happy New Year MT.
    Wishing you all the best with all your plans :)
    If you have built castles in the air, your work should not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

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  • Choccygirl123
    Choccygirl123 Posts: 1,033 Forumite
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    Happy new year muffin

    Sounds like part time is working well for you. It's good to get the work/life balance right.

    Take overs seem to take forever, which is good as it gives you time to get organised. If there is anything you need on your emails be sure to print it off. I went through it about 17years ago and it was really stressful. I was pleased I'd kept the important things on paper. There was no possibility of denying agreements. I think we were just unlucky with ours. I hope yours is a lot more successful. X
    Finally Debt Free 24/4/2023 
  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    Thanks for the advice Choccygirl123. I know it will be stressful. I'm going to find an external drive from somewhere so I can save anything I need on there. I know I have a few somewhere.

    I just want to be prepared for them to be good or bad with this so that I don't need to fret over the minor stuff and can be prepared.
  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    Yesterday felt like a really long day. Today will be the same, but I've got plans to get some personal bits and pieces done. My home alarm now needs the backup battery changed and I've been struggling to get someone to do it, so am going to attempt to do it myself. It's not like I need to reconfigure anything and I'm capable of changing a battery!!!! The problem is I can't remember the code, so I may have to reset it all first! :o

    This morning I have tried to watch a video that explains how to change the battery and I keep losing control of myself. He makes a flippant comment at the start that, with my huge imagination and childish humour is hilarious to me. Once I thought I'd recovered I heard his wife laugh and he tried not to laugh and then I lost it again so badly I've had to send it to my home account to try to go through alone tomorrow! So any fears that 2019 is my year to mature are allayed.

    I did remember the device I needed that has my account apps on to update YNAB, so most of my bank account balances are now on YNAB. I don't have the password details I need for some accounts though m1830.gif so still have to get those on there. But at least I can set my budget up correctly now for day to day income and outgoings.

    Nothing spent yesterday. A colleague invited me to lunch and then paid for me. He normally works from home but comes into London about once a month and always pops round to see me and if we're both free at midday we'll head to the canteen together. He's from "Oop North" and so his terminology of mealtimes is different to mine. He has breakfast, dinner and tea and I have breakfast lunch and dinner. So he came over and asked if I wanted to have dinner with him which I understood meant the usual lunch invite (I can be multi cultural when I need to be :D) then his face went bright red and he flustering said "I meant midday food, I have a train this evening and I didn't mean like a dinner date" Ahhhh. Should I be offended? :rotfl:

    I'm out for lunch with another colleague today as his department is also breaking away from the main business so he'll only be here for a couple more weeks. :( It's so sad that we're losing such lovely people but all part of business I guess. He and I have worked very closely together for years but we won't be able to meet for lunch as he's moving to the West End and I'm in the City. He's married with children so it won't be easy to meet evenings either, but that could prompt me to make some reunion plans for a group of us every few months.

    I'm also out tonight to see a close friend for gift exchanging, although I'm way in front on our finance spreadsheet we keep so that hopefully won't cost me anything if we decide to get food.

    I remembered yesterday that I also have lots of tesco vouchers and a huge amount of nectar points too, so I'm considering using those next month instead of a grocery budget which I could then divert to savings. I also pay my council tax over 10 months so will divert those funds to savings too for February and March.

    Now to pretend I have work to do for a while ......
  • LondonGirl252
    LondonGirl252 Posts: 1,983 Forumite
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    Hey MuffinTops,

    Found your new diary :) sounds like 2019 is all change for you and I hope it works out well. Pleased you could go part time, that must make life so much easier!

    I miss city life, though now im single i have more time to go into town and meet old friends and colleagues!

    Are you being retained in your company or are you looking for something new?

    LG x
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  • another_casualty
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    edited 6 January 2019 at 2:01PM
    Just thought I'd pop by , after updating one of my other posts :)

    I was just loooking at the situation of merges / takeovers etc. and the working environment in general . Very analytical :rotfl:
    I worked in a place that was similar to the mad men tv series .( Think family run advertising agency , with very laid back hippyish times with a work hard / drink hard philosophy.)
    It was a time in the mid '80s when you could get along and make friends with anybody . I still have close friends from that company now , over 30 years later. It was a place where we had reunions and you could have conversations with people from top to bottom .

    In the '90s things seemed to change , and everything was more streamlined . I learnt that through this company when they were being taken over. Now of course, times are changing even more with technology as well as globalisation ,love it or hate it .
    When even lift engineers and vending machine refurbishes are tracked using only a pen , and shredding companies treat their drivers appallingly not giving them proper tools or support.

    I was talking to one of my best friends who is a management accountant . He says that even his job will be redundant in the next 5-10 years as machines will be doing that job.

    Part time is cool if it can work out .
  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    Hello LG,

    Lovely to see you on here again. We've missed you.

    Do you think you'll return to the City or is life too good where you are? It's changing so much now, and not necessarily for the better.

    The new company have to retain us for 6 months from the takeover date, so that keeps me safe until around August. I'm still trying to decide what to do, but will add more in my update.

    I hope all is going well for you.

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