Student Overdraft Repayments

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I have recently started a new role as a paid intern with a professional football team. I am looking at consistently paying into my overdraft which is still maxed out! Although the pay will bring in less than £1K a month. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to how I can continue to manage my overdraft repayments and live?! I'm so stuck on this! Thanks ahead.


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    Not sure if I've missed something, but if you have the salary paid in every month, it will reduce the overdraft temporarily, and as long as you can live on the salary (or less!) you'll be fine. Unless your bank have specific requirements bout payments? If you need more than your salary to live on, you need to look at cutting some expenses, or getting a 2nd job!
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    Get yourself a separate spending account. Leave all your bills come out of the student account. If your bills come to £200 per month, leave £300 in there so you are using less and less each month. With your spending money in a different account, the temptation is one step further away from instant access.

    Oh and leave the student account/bills account debit card at home - don't use it ever.
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