NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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    apple muncher and mothernerd - Thank you.
    Sending hugs to those in need of one.
    NSD 5/20 NSD achieved today.
    Will be making donations this month to charity. Still to do.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still using up things already in.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into this.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Getting a letter from the tax department to say I am owed £24.60. Sorted it out online, so should get it in 5 working days.
    Spent time with my friend. She brought pizza for us both.
    Having a good night sleep.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Walked to/from bus stop to work also walking around school doing errands today.
    Unless - Not needed today.
    Lose - Done some decluttering and put some items aside for cs.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.
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    Evening everyone,

    Day 5 update:
    • Budgets - £200 food/other spends and £100 social spends - £52.87 food/other spends and £13.59 social spends
    • Check in everyday - 5/31
    • Jump - walked to playgroup, then the supermarket and back home
    VSPC 2019 #10 - £168.80/£100
    VSPC 2020 #4 - £262.03/£200
    VSPC 2021 #9 - £22.46/£200
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    The freezer was completely defrosted and just started working again!!! Just defrosted it 4 weeks ago, so ice built up definitely not the problem. Will hopefully last till the new one arrives.
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
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    Tropically I really feel for you with the anxiety as I suffer too. Acupuncture definitely worth a go if you can find anyone. I went 2years ago out of absolute desperation when I had severe morning sickness. I was broken with it (I had hyperemisis- I was being sick all day every day & when I wasn't I felt sick)& it worked miracles. I was do dubious but it was amazing!! Hope you feel better soon xx
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    Hi all

    Will try for 13 NSDs & hope to get nearer to 20.... now 3/13

    Set your budgets not yet done
    Use Most definitely want to do this; have a mountain of food & stuff to clear. Have been sorting but it is a big task, not made easier by being unwell for the past few days & find the hot weather difficult especially when unwell. Will record progress on here to call me to account. Must view house as massive shop full of items which can be (mostly) sold. Have already discovered loads of clothes etc than I can either wear or sell. Also have makeup & toiletries, need not buy any of those either..still a bit poorly but managed to wash & iron some clothes & list a few on FB selling sites. One sold straight away but they've not paid yet, if the others don't go I will list on ebay..looks like all 3 people who expressed interest paid up, so 3 items sold..will post them out tomorrow & list more. Posted out 3 items today, plus one for DD. Didn't list any more today, but DH liberated some more boxes from large shed, so have more to trawl through tomorrow. Not actually listed any more but spent a very hot hour this morning in the 'big shed' so called because it's like 2 sheds stuck together. Trawled through quite a few boxes & found more carp to sell, but first it has to be washed. Did 2 wash loads & will start listing tomorrow, as I caught sight of the boxes in the double garage...lots and lots..:eek:

    Revisit Targets were like other peoples I think, to lose weigh (not really); to declutter - some progress; to stop wasting money - also some progress there..will list any weight losses/stuff leaving the house/money gained by selling...when it happens.. Still £44.26 so far..plus £5 voucher for doing a survey; £49.26

    Vacation Have already booked to go to Ireland for 3 weeks from July; aim to sell some stuff to pay for spends over there. Will also be planning some days out & at least another visit to the Old Country later in the year, probably 2. Have found more stuff especially shoes to go. Must ramp this up as go away 3 weeks today...

    Value Always do try to use cashback sites where possible, and find value for money in shopping. Also have a card which gives me vouchers; and do some work which pays in vouchers too. Use cheaper supermarkets & have HB & Fultons here as well, which are both good for some stuff. DH & DD went shopping & PO, big mistake as DD brought back 2 extra large chickens she got for only £2.50 each, very pleased with her bargains bless her.....Just what I needed more food to be used right away... Cooked one, need to think of what to do with the other ( no room in freezers) PDQ! DH renegotiated BB deal with Virgin yesterday, they assured him deal would still be available today. Took 45 mins of argument, ask to speak to a manager, etc etc before they agreed to honour it...no wonder folk give up in disgust. Should save us £300 per year..no shopping today of any kind thankfully, value or otherwise..

    Every Checking in 5/31

    Gratitudes: cooler breeze this evening; hm curries for tea; antics of new kitten; DD going to her own home tomorrow night :T

    Jump No jumping here either but in the garden every day when possible. Do try to drink water but struggle with this. In the garden this morning & tonight, mainly to water..not much actual gardening possible..

    Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. Nope

    Perhaps keep track on here of items/ lbs lost and £s made:
    So far have put on a pound & made £49

    Yearly we are halfway through 2018. Good idea, will have a big list of outside jobs that need doing/big/small & in between. Making big list tomorrow; also one of items to take to Ireland with us; menu planning; will be a very listy day tomorrow..

    Go turtles!
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    Good morning Turtles,

    Yesterday was NSD #3. I have £100 left in my budget but that's because I have added some things to my budget. I am off next week with the kids so I've put some cheap activities in there :)

    The car is being over paid on Monday by £270. :j This is our big push now , I've budgeted to over pay it every month from September but it's also something we don't have to pay if an emergency crops up etc.

    Off into town later & I'm going to walk :) it's 4 miles so it's a fair walk there & back & it saves on petrol !!

    Been on a mission to use things up. I have put things on the side in the bathroom to remind me to use them. :D

    Not much else to report. Hope everyone has a fab day.
  • Good Morning Everyone. :)
    Went to bed quite early last night. I have allowed £3 a day spend until the 20th. I need today to be an nsd lol.
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    tropically - I suffer with bad headahes too, I started with migraines at 5 years old but they are rare now but I do have a headache most days so I empathise. One of the senior GP's at our doctors did acupuncture at the surgery, if a medical professional rates it there must be something in it.

    thriftylass - what a time for the freezer to pack up, hope it lasts a few more days. I wonder if you will see a saving on electricity with a new one compared to the old one.

    Did a Tesco click and collect shop yesterday and had to have some items refunded, the packers had put tins on my bags of flour and split them and put potatoes and carrots on top of all the soft fruits and squished them - who are these people?
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    My courgette plants are covered in big yellow blooms and tiny courgettes are forming!

    They will probably start to be ready just before I go away for 2 weeks. DH will have to pick them or I will come back to marrows, and nobody likes marrows.

    More painting of skirting and coving today, possibly might push the boat out and go mad and paint the window sills too, depends on time.

    Today I am celebrating reaching the ground floor jobs!
    Which is at least a little more sociable coming into the weekend.

    Whoever invented anti-histamines - I salute you!
    Alcohol free beer - I cannot bring myself to drink around my kids, just in case.
    Low smell paint - nobody knows what I have done while they are out at work/school.
    Having a plan.
    MFW#65 Aug 21 = £81,500.00 next target = £80k in December 2021 Daily interest £4.02 next target = sub £4
    E/F £19,000 but I still need a new roof and an extension and the loft boarding out.
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    Checking in!

    A spend day today - in a rush so no lunch, plus we need some food for the weekend. OTOH I finally managed to unlock my TCB account and transferred £37!

    I've started doing the 1% challenge on my CC - 1% done and once the TCB cash hits my account I can do another. This is on top of my usual payments.

    Today I'm thankful for a relatively quiet day - it's been a long week!
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