NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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    My noisy nosey neighbours came back from holiday last sun morning. And we have hardly heard them yet!

    And the non-gardening neighbours on the other side seem to have decided to take their back patch of overgrownness and tame it. We still need to hammer those biits of copper piping in to the trees, but it is a positive thing.

    Today I am therefore very happy to have compliant normal-behaving neighbours for a bit, for a cooler day, for good times at work, for getting more stuff done, for cheerful colleagues, for doing ZCUT #5 with my 12k KB, for cheering up a colleague as I remembered her bday, for making contact with some recyc people re mum's house contents.
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    NSD number 1. Having a cuddle with my cats, hoping for rain right now. My water butt is empty. Airbnb guests checking in tomorrow.
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  • NSD 2/15

    Today i have spent £7.50, £2.50 on dog food and £5.00 on flowere for a birthday gift.
    Lunch in work today was ham salad and fruit.
    I have written down all the food in both freezers, will do the cupboards tomorrow in readyness to draw up a menu plan for next week.
    Been a busy, emotionally draining day in work, an early night is in store for me after I have wrapped three items that sold today ready to post in the morning.
    We have had an afternoon of rain that was lovely and cooling

    Have a good evening all.
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    Good evening everybody
    Today has been and spends day £2.95 in Mr T for salad and bananas ( some things I like to choose myself rather than coming in the online shop) and £2.57 on hayfever tablets.
    I spent the morning doing my volunteer shift at our local charity shop. I do two mornings a week. I haven’t got anything to donate at the moment so I’m afraid my time will have to do.
    I walked to the shop so that’s today’s excercise done.
    Tea was sausage, egg and beans. Cheap and yummy.
    We are off to a quiz night tonight so a small spend. The quiz cost £3 each and the price of a diet pop so not breaking the bank.
    Anyway better go
    I hope everyone has had a good and productive day
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    NSD 4/20 NSD achieved today.
    Will be making donations this month to charity. Still to do.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still using up things already in.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into this.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Getting home early again.
    Having a good night sleep.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Walked from bus stop to work also walking around school doing errands today.
    Unless - Not needed today.
    Lose - Have put another item aside for cs this morning.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.

    My friend came round this evening. She heard bad news about her Dad's health - lung cancer has spread further then expected. Was only recently diagnosed. Can only support her as best as I can.
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    Hugs for you and your friend Kerry Woman.
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    Today was NSD 2

    Tried to cancel a cc in the bank today but spent so long waiting for someone to see me, and then again on hold on an automated rubbish line, I gave up and came home. So I have £2,500 credit open to me still. Ho hum. Might actually come in handy one day......

    Not a lot else done today, just posted some bits (already had the stamps) and sorting things for the kids, then melting in the car.
    The heat stole my day. Annoyed about it. Will do better tomorrow

    Did manage to get one book finished and it is in the charity shop box by the front door. Filling up nicely

    All food from stores. Lunchboxes planned. Meals tomorrow may be on the 'interesting' side of the scale.
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    Hugs Kerry Woman.

    Yesterday and today were both spendy. Silly bits really. Was getting the bits of mum's shopping that I couldn't get in the Icyland shop and bought ketchup for me to go with the bacon and barm cakes I was taking with me for one of my meals (mum gave me hers a while back and I knew we needed more).

    Sprung awake bothered about the time - alarm clock needs a new battery and I didn't find time to hunt for one yesterday. I had a regular place to keep them but once DS3 knows about them they vanish. It was one minute to six. My sleeping is getting better - think the discipline of last week helped (tending to wake spontaneously between 5am and 6 am and want to go to sleep by midnight). If I don't have to be anywhere I let myself have another hour or two if I need/ want them (knees and ankles especiallly seem to be creaky if I haven't had enough sleep) after taking my morning pills (lengthy process).

    Getting up is done slowly, in stages. It's not perfect (and still need a couple of weeks to get it to be a habit) but it's much better than it was - only one night without sleep in the past fortnight whereas it used to be 2 or 3 a week.

    Taxi was booked for 20 to 9am so did all the morning things plus gathered up pots and recycling for the kitchen (water consumption is high) and found all the paperwork I needed (which basically meant going through each pile of sorted paperwork except for one, to check for anything I might need).

    Went to collect mum and took her to her appointment, managed to book my physio assessment at the same time - on the same floor but in opposite directions, so another bit crossed off the list. Booked mum's next foot appointment then phoned for a taxi to take us into the town shopping centre (I live in the civic centre but the shopping has moved across town over the years).

    Mum wanted hairspray but then added fish, blood and bone, a watering can, packet rice and jars of sauces. However first I insisted on going to close 3 old accounts at 2 different 'banks' (all within one block along from where the taxi set us down). This has needed doing for a while but was non urgent and we needed a day with an infirmary or dentist visit and for mum to not be too tired or hungry afterwards. The paperwork was in a plastic wallet but looked like it had been kicked round the floor a couple of times because of coming out each time it might be possible to sort this out.

    First account hasn't had money coming in or out for about 2 years, there was only £18.42 in there and mum sat on her walker whilst I did the talking and then took the withdrawal slip and then the formal closure notification to her for signing.

    The second place took longer. I had transferred funds from both the accounts into mum's main account but the empty accounts needed formally closing. No queue and everyone was very helpful but he technology let us down and the card had to go in and out several times. Mission accomplished (and a penny interest back) so I now have a whole slew of old statementts, cards, cheque books etc to shred.

    Asked mum to pick which of 2 shops she wanted to try to get all/ most of her shopping and we were outside HB so went in there. Got everything including the watering can (I would have preferred buckets - it's only to move water from the water butt to the plants) but had to buy an extra carrier beside the one I had taken, then phoned for another taxi and walked off the pedestrianised centre to wait for it.

    After sending mum home, I went back in to buy a crafty bit (tape I couldn't get in the usual place) then had to sit on a bench on the way home as I was hungry and went a bit dizzy. Home, ate a sandwich and packed for crafts.

    Went there and back by taxi (had done enough walking with 2 bags of shopping, my bag with rafts of paperwork and mum's keys and handbag for most of the morning). The centre had visitors and had laid on a buffet (the receptionist rejected some of the biscuits one of the boys bought on the grounds that they 'weren't'posh enough'. Some of the residents have lunch there but because the 'staff' had been doing the buffet, they sent out for barm cakes for lunch. I was offered one but they wouldn't let me pay for it or the 2 cans of coke I usually buy. Best of all, towards the end of the session we were fed leftover buffet bt by bit - chicken legs (I had the lettuce) 2 sandwiches (more lettuce), biscuits (I failed to resist choc hobnobs) and cheese - we ate some then I brought 3 bits home to grate for cooking. The supreme cadger bagsied the coleslaw and potato salad before anyone else got a look in. Anything left gets binned.

    They had referred to the guest in hushed tones (using his title). However they didn't know he's an old friend of mine, so when he emerged from the meeting he said "Hello mothernerd" and I said "Hello Firstname", back.

    Easy crafts session, only 4 there (more appointments). I had thought about making cinnamon dough ornaments but was worried about consistency in the heat (bad experience with hm playdough on a sweltering May day stall). Last week they painted little birdhouses (I was on holiday) so some people wanted to paint them with a second coat. I found some butterflies and owls for those who like them but generally a relaxed and chatty time, which was what I needed.

    Relieved to get out of the taxi and realise I don't have to be anywhere until tomorrow afternoon. Did take 5 library books back in the last 15 minutes before closing and brought in my clean dry clothes as I came back in. Probably have 3 more bags of stuff to go to the cs but have taken off my trainers now.

    Today I am grateful for free food, old friends, libraries and jigsaws. Off to shred (paperwork that is).
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    Evening everyone :hello:

    Day 4 update:
    • NSDs - 15 - 3/15
    • Use things up - will do! - read a library book
    • Check in every day - will try my best - 4/31
    • Jump - will walk as much as I can, would like to do other forms of exercise but being a single parent of a 2 year old puts a stop to this. Wish there was affordable gyms with crèche facilities - took a different bus home from my normal which involved a longer walk when I got off
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    Still on 1/13 NSDs. Was on training today and went for lunch with an old colleague who was at the same training. Also bought lunch stuff for the next 2 days.

    Gratitudes - a good catchup, my garden, sitting in the sun, only 2 days of work left :D
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