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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • boazuboazu Forumite
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    We will all be less fractious when the heat goes away, I don't think anyone in the whole of the UK can cope when it's this hot and uncomfortable, it's just umpleasant.
  • jamandajamanda Forumite
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    I really feel for you.  My DH wasn't as bad as that but wasn't convinced preps were necessary.  He is now, and has educated himself.  He realises that life could become very, very difficult by autumn/winter and has stopped whinging.
    Can he cook?  Can you threaten to starve him?
  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    jamanda said:
    Can he cook?  Can you threaten to starve him?
    He is the house cook - I could only starve him by locking him in a coalshed, & that would just trigger Domestic Abuse well as annoying the sons who like at least four meals a day & will wash up to get the next one. They also can cook, but prefer to delegate.
    Today is cooler, we're all calmer & I think my under-desk stash may get veiled with an old sheet, to avoid Fuss. The lads were not amused to have to lug the pallets of cans around, but do like the hot chocolate (even on this weather) and one has two new wiper blades & is quietly cooperative. He learned the difference in handling between car with one passenger & car with equivalent of three passengers and baggage. Educational!
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