May Bring Your Lunch to Work



  • Dorisd
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    Day 1
    Spaghetti from last nights dinner for lunch today
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  • getting-sorted-sarah
    Batch cooked over the weekend, lentil dahl, tomato chickpea and coconut soup, and seitan steaks, all in the freezer. Last night's left over curry for lunch today, took a big pot of soya yoghurt for a few breakfasts with a handful of walnuts, yum.
  • Soundgirlrocks
    Well today wasnt good! The guy Ive been seeing came and met me for lunch. Only to finish things, so ate out and got dumped!
  • gien
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    Oh no, that sucks Soundgirlrocks!

    I'd like to to join in please aiming for 21 days.
    Today I had a ham salad roll, fruit and yogurt and a biscuit. I almost always take a salad but am tempted to supplement it with a roll or something from the canteen. To be honest, I make nicer food myself so prefer to take something in.
    Trying to keep in budget.

  • getting-sorted-sarah
    Soundgirlrocks - sorry to hear this, hope at least your lunch was nice!

    Yoghurt and walnuts for breakfast again, and avocado on toast for lunch.
  • wishus
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    Soundgirlrocks... oh no! :(

    Today my lunch is leftovers. It's leftover takeout curry, but I didn't pay. Hope that counts! 02/19
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  • Robi90
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    1/16. I couldn't do yesterday as we had a team lunch. I've gone for a toasted bagel with pastrami, mustard and pickled cucumber.

    I'll probably be the same lunch for the next two days.
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  • Fosterdog
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    So sorry soundgirlrocks, how horrible of him to do it in the middle of the day with you having to go back to work for the afternoon.

    I'm on day 1/20 today (day off yesterday) and I brought some pecan and sultana porridge, even though it was cold, thick, and stodgy by the time I ate it, it was still yummy.
  • [Deleted User]
    Didn't manage yesterday, went for a walk at lunch to get some fresh air and so got tempted to buy a can of pop, my downfall! Managed today by leaving my purse at home so on 1/10 so far :)
    Today and yesterday i have had a toasted bagel, fruit and a handful of nuts. This is my usual lunch, I'm very boring and dont mind eating the same lunch but we always have fresh home cooked evening meals :)
  • TallyMac
    TallyMac Posts: 29 Forumite
    Well today wasnt good! The guy Ive been seeing came and met me for lunch. Only to finish things, so ate out and got dumped!

    So sorry, hope you’re okay and better off without.

    I’m on 2/21, going strong. More tuna rolls today with some bran flakes and banana. Oh and a galaxy bar and crisps from my snack drawer in work :T
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