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HSL market system is a scam

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  • AdamW61AdamW61 Forumite
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    I found this forum via a google search. The last couple of days has brought the number here ripped off to 5. That's at least £25k. Suggest we keep posting so we can drive more traffic about HSL to get us over the £100k.
  • scaredofdebtscaredofdebt Forumite
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    I think Companies House needs to tighten up the critera for people setting up businesses! It's crazy how easy it is to do this (fraudulently) when you consider the hoops the public need to go through to open a bank account etc.

    Good luck to getting your money back guys.
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  • I joined AUG 2017 - and after 6 months trading with a loss I tried to get my money back on their promises, if I did not make a profit after 6 months trading.
    There is none that will reply to your emails or phone calls - I had invested £3500.00 into the system and would like to assist where I can to get our funds back as a group.
  • fworfwor Forumite
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    You should proceed on the assumption that the money is gone. It's fairly obvious from the red flags about lack of contact info, overseas company registration, and "hidden" domain registration that they were putting quite a lot of work in from early on to make sure that they could drop the UK entity and vanish.

    Even if you find someone to take to a UK court - which seems unlikely - it's highly probable that they will have no assets of any value.

    The only hope, I suspect, is if you paid for the "product" by credit card.
  • Hi,
    I have been using this system since last July, using £2k funding, and have never made a profit.
    I have in fact lost over £200.
    I have been trying to contact them since middle of last week, but no response.Please add me to your list of creditors.
    I paid £4950 to HSL, £799 to Value Stock Data, (part of HSL) to get the daily reports, and registered with X-O to trade.
    I will also contact Action Fraud, and the FCA.
    Pls advise further.
  • up to 7 people whom have lost money!
    I urge anyone who was using the system to make themselves known by posting on this thread.
    Has anyone else came across any negative reviews other than these MSE ones?
    Surely, i cannot be the only person whom used a credit card for part of the purchase?
  • Hi,
    Make that 8......yes feel like I have a donkey head on at the moment!!
    I "joined" in Nov last year, using £2k funding, making a loss of around £250 since then....
    I did have regular contact with them until last week ...but now line is dead but line is now dead ie 0800 090 3248(helpline).
    I paid £4950 to HSL, £799 to Value Stock Data, (lifetime membership!) to get the daily feed, and then registered with my bank to trade...

    I will also contact Action Fraud, and the FCA.

    Please add me to the list of creditors.

    NB I did initially pay a £100 deposit via credit card so maybe that could help. I did dig around a bit as well before paying up the balance...looking back was something I should have stayed away from.
  • fworfwor Forumite
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    Just be aware (if you are not already) that posting about being a victim here may make you a target for a "scam funds recovery scam" - where they ask for money to recover your money.

    Needless to say, you will generally never hear from them again once you have paid their "administration fee"...
  • Very sorry to hear you have been made to look a Donkey, fact is, we have all had the same misfortune!
    10% deposit on a credit card will give you the green light to do a S75 claim for a £1000 which you should be entitled to!!!
    I know it is only part of your money back but a £1000 is better than nothing.
    Thanks for posting!!
  • thanks for your timely Warning!
    I think it is highly unlikely that any on here will get caught out again!
    i will always answer my phone but vow never to make an Investment from any cold call again.
    I should have known not being FCA registered and still investing was such a foolish thing to do.
    However, they were SO convincing, I fell for it.
    I watched the Paul Connolly program on Channel 5 several days ago.
    the HSL System is the classic "Boiler Room" Scam.
    seems to be far more prevelent with land and property!
    Just like HSL you get a glossy Brochure, telling you how they have the greatest money making scheme!
    However, instead of of few thousand pounds these Criminals milk HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS out of innocent Victims.
    One unfortunate young Lady informed us that even her Solicitor was convinced by the professional looking Marketing material and bogus Claims!
    That's how sophisticated these SCAMs have become now!

    Hopefully, lots of people are reading this and will take heed of the Crooks waiting to sell you the next Scam.

    One final word, The Program mentioned that anybody whom had been successfully "Boiler Room" Scammed was likely to be contacted again in the future as their details will now be on a "SuckerLlist"
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