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HSL market system is a scam

edited 26 October 2017 at 2:19PM in Praise, vent & warnings
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  • NOT being FCA registered knocks it dead for me!!
    The guarantees would be worthless, they sound great but are only words on paper is not backed as a legal binding guarantee.
    The guarantees they sent me do have an address of 40 Bank Street, London E145NR...Canary Wharf......
    :beer: cheers for highlighting the FCA situation.

  • I have just joined this forum purely to comment on the HSL system.
    I signed up in mid August and have only been paper trading and not used my online broker to buy anything, as yet.
    So far I have paid £499 to get 2 years worth of LSE data and £3950 to get the actual system that is sent in a welcome pack through the post. I can confirm that the balance owing of £4950 becomes due ONLY if i make the promised £30K in two years of trading.
    I haven't made anything paper trading but have been assured that i had too many different sectors and positions open and that I only need to get into the market with 4 x holdings of £500 and can juggle my way to £30K in the quoted 2 year time frame?
    Any Opinions welcome, good or bad!
  • I ended up pulling out of the scheme as I thought it looked too good to be true.
    If you can keep us updated with how you get on that would be great!
  • will do stevengate, thanks for your reply.
  • Hi, Could I ask how your getting on with HSL smart system
  • anyone else on here has any luck with this system. I haven't heard back from them since I asked for a refund??
  • I was contacted by HSL re Smart Market System in August. I tried to find out more about them but there is not much out there. Contacted Canary Wharf and they advised they do not rent any offices to HSL, they also contacted a subletting firm (as they refused to answer me direct) and they do not rent out to HSL either. I put this to them and they were adamant they rent a whole floor at Canary Wharf.

    I got as far as having the software sent to me (after paying a £100 deposit) but due to not finding any evidence of this scheme or company I returned it and requested a refund.It took approx. 3 weeks of constantly emailing and phoning but finally money was refunded.

    I also contacted various financial/investment advisors and they had never heard of the scheme.

    In the end I just went with the old adage, if it sounds to good to be probably is.
  • Stay well away would be my advice - I have been using the system for 6 months and despite so called support and I am quite experienced at successfully managing my own quite large share porfolios on a daily basis I havent made a profit yet on shadow trading - why would I want to invest real money and lose it when deling in a dummy account duplicating what they recommend to buy doesnt make money - I might have lost money buying the system at a discount ( seems everyone gets a discount ) at least I havent lost money on investing in their recommended shares. Best avoided and better to save your money and follow trusted share tippers / magazines I feel
  • experienced.. I have sent you a pm!
  • If it was really that profitable do you think they would be selling this information on?
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