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HSL market system is a scam

edited 26 October 2017 at 2:19PM in Praise, vent & warnings
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  • I've just made a blogg on Blogger under Jethro Black about HSL. I have been with the company for 5 months. Bought their programme and was told that it cold make £30,000 in two years with an initial investment of £2000. The programme cost £2000. I was given a guarantee that if after 12 months I did not gain the cost of the programme (£5000) I would be refunded.

    I was also told that it had a 70% success rate. Well, After 5 months I have lost more than £500 so there is no way I will make £5000 in the next 7 months. Not only that but they did not reply to my letters for the last two weeks and this morning I called their office on the two numbers and both were invalid. So they have run off. Probably quite a few people have lost money. The Programme analysis the last Share price of the day each day of nearly 1040 stocks. Yet still it gets it wrong and the top 5 or 6 stocks which should produce a good profit 90% of the time fail and you lose 5%.

    Anyone else been scammed by this company please let me know.
  • Hi Jethro black
    do you have a link for your blog, could find nothing on Google??
    Is the blog on this site??
  • I am afraid that I am another one that can be added to the scammed list. I signed up last August, had regular contact but have had radio silence for the last week.

    Like others I had paid £4950 to HSL and £799 to Value Stock Data. I am working on the basis that this will not be recoverable but happy to take advise from any people with more knowledge than myself. It is the first time I had got involved in any investments, so it is all very regrettable.

    We live and hopefully learn.
  • kit26kit26 Forumite
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    Hi, you can add me to the list also I joined HSL in November then decide I didn't want to proceed so cancelled my order and was told a refund wouldn't be a problem, over the next few months I had many email conversations and I was promised my refund was to be sent after 4 months I decide to make a court judgement against them which has been served ,but today I have found out that the company highway software Ltd has been dissolved and they longer have an office in 40 bank st.

    So it looks like I have also lost £4950........I paid the £495 by credit card so hopefully I can get this back.

    How many people spoke with people like Austin in support and William Patterson and Scott Taylor?disgusting people who are sealing peoples hard earned money.

    live and learn hey
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    Moving thread to praise,vent and warnings
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    I did some installation work either at this company or one operating a similar scam a couple of years ago.

    I will happily give out the address via ddm of their sales office via dm (Obviously it may have changed since then).

    When I get time I will post some of the things I heard them tell customers.

    They have 8+ salesmen and make many sales a day.

    They have two different intercom doors you need to go through as I assume they want to buy time if they are ever raided.

    The claims I heard them make are ridiculous but in the context of the very high pressure sales tactics they will fool many
  • Owena1Owena1 Forumite
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    I to have been had.
    Paid £3k to HSL in October last year. My portfolio hasn't been doing anywhere near what i was expecting....
    Now suddenly they've vanished.
    Telephone number says incorrect etc..
    I'm fumming to say the least.
    I've been in contact with the FCA.. and Action Fraud next.
    I paid it via bank transfer. Do i got to the bank about it....
    With thanks
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    Owena1 wrote: »
    I paid it via bank transfer. Do i got to the bank about it....

    You could try - but it's very very unlikely you will get anywhere. Banks do not vet bank transfers, so they won't take responsibility for your actions.

    It may be possible to take legal action against HSL (or to take part in a form of class action as a group) but if HSL are any good at the business of scamming, they will have made sure that any remaining company assets are out of reach of the UK legal system.
  • I bough this system Sept 2017 after reading good reviews and thought it would be a very good investment tool. To my dismay since Monday the 9th of April I have had no contact from my account manager and cannot get through to their London Offices.
    i would urge anyone who is having the same problem to get in tough via the forum. After investing over £5000 on the software and the data package after six months of very good support it is now non existent -so what on earth is going on?
    I need people to come forward so we can try restitution legally if this does not improve !
    Barry Atkinson
  • Hi Nic
    Please can you get in touch re HSL
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