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HSL market system is a scam

edited 26 October 2017 at 2:19PM in Praise, vent & warnings
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  • nickravenickrave Forumite
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    Yes! It has been really painful to admit that I've been screwed over. I thought I was better than this. but we have to accept it. And we have to do what we can to stop these people now, as they are still trading, under a fake name, and a fake address. So if you are reading this, do as I have done, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, report it to ACTION FRAUD, to FCA, Stop wasting your time, and if anything go do some investigative work, as the Police aren't going to help you. I'm always here if you need someone to back you up, But FORGET IT These guys are somewhere in the estuary spending our money cos we got duped.
  • AdamW61AdamW61 Forumite
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    Hi, despite thinking I was going into this with my eyes open - I did a lot of trawling the web prior to parting with my cash, it appears I have been had. The data is worthless. Interested in joint action against them.
  • Vance1Vance1 Forumite
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    Hi I joined hsl last year about 6 months ago cost me £4500 for the package + £799 for lifetime share dealing was promised full support of how to use there system with over phone assistance however not one trade they have placed for me has made any profit still in red manager salesman who signed me up will not respond to any calls I have made ? Would I recommend this system no there system daily report comes up with the top trades but all the trades thay made for me have lost me money (my advice do an isa you might get a profit)
  • hi guys,
    been reading everybody's views, unfortunately I have also been had. There was a written agreement back in September 2017 that if I don't make back the money that I had initially invested, I would get the full refund (£5000). I should have thought about it then, but I didn't and went with it. Now like the most of you, I'm trying to get my money back and have left a stupendous amount of messages/emails, and nothing. I paid for the system via debit card.
    Is there anything we can do at all? I'm absolutely gutted about all of this, some of us work very hard and earn honest money to provide for our families, and thought this would ease my ever growing bills! How wrong was I! I have seen a couple of us newbies have posted today, think weve all been fooled around about the same time. For those who have some experience in this, please advise? Some of you have mentioned about reporting. Please help. Thanks in advance,
  • Hi imran10, Vance1, adamw61
    How did you find this thread, was it a Google search, if so, you have come to the right place?
    i started with HSL in mid august 2017.
    i wont repeat my story as its all in the above thread for every member of the public to read.
    You should get together with "nickrave" as he was talking about some class action.
    Follow his advice and report to the FCA and action fraud, details in previous posts.
    I would be willing to give evidence of my experience if ever action was taken against the director of Highway software, a Mr Martin Trent Brown?
    My bank are after him and they have the resources to pursue him forever, if they think its a worthwhile use of their time.
    we shall see?
  • nickravenickrave Forumite
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    There is no HSL, no Trent Brown... no action can be taken as the whole company and director was made up.
  • Hi nickrave
    if thats the case, then how can this be?
    surely you have to have some sort of evidence of name and address to set a ltd company up.
    Same with a bank account? they need driver license and or passport.
    if it is possible to do fake office, company reg, director name etc... then the whole country would soon be overrun by fraudsters and no one would trust anyone?
    there must be some recourse, my bank have the details of their bank so surely they would share that info as fraud has plainly been committed here?
  • nickravenickrave Forumite
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    Sixth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    The man listed as company director has been sending back mail from Companies House since September, they just stole his identity, found his name in the phone book. His first name isn't even 'Martin'. So there's no one listed under the company at Companies House, who has anything to do with the company. For all we know they may as well just stolen that name too.

    So we have no address or contact person. It's true, it is harder to open up a bank account, but it wasn't say 20 years ago. There must be lots of bank accounts you can buy on the black market that have no real person connected to them.

    Yes banks have some power, the police have more. But as far as my bank is concerned, I was sold a product, all be it a product that doesn't work, but a tangible product, so they can't treat it as a scam. They have committed fraud, but we have no idea who 'they' are. The police wont do anything unless £100k has been lost.
  • hmmm , very sad world we live in today, knowing whom you can/cannot trust is very difficult these days.
    I have never made money on stocks and shares and this unfortunate episode has mean i probably never will.
    so what Nick has said above is that clever devious people can carry on scamming and there is not alot we can do about it.
    I will never trust anyone whom cold calls me again no matter what now!
  • See below, strike of has been suspended. Info direct for companies house website-

    "24 Mar 2018 Compulsory strike-off action has been suspended
    View PDF Compulsory strike-off action has been suspended - link opens in a new window - 1 page (1 page)
    13 Mar 2018 First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off
    View PDF First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off - link opens in a new window - 1 page (1 page)"
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