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HSL market system is a scam

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  • Stay well away would be my advice - I have been using the system for 6 months and despite so called support and I am quite experienced at successfully managing my own quite large share porfolios on a daily basis I havent made a profit yet on shadow trading - why would I want to invest real money and lose it when deling in a dummy account duplicating what they recommend to buy doesnt make money - I might have lost money buying the system at a discount ( seems everyone gets a discount ) at least I havent lost money on investing in their recommended shares. Best avoided and better to save your money and follow trusted share tippers / magazines I feel

    experienced.. I have sent you a pm!
  • If it was really that profitable do you think they would be selling this information on?
    fair point!
  • The following info is for all to see on the companies house website -

    Registered office address
    40 Bank Street, London, England, E14 5NR
    Company status

    Active Active proposal to strike off
    Company type
    Private limited Company
    Incorporated on
    28 May 2004

    Accounts overdue

    I had to get my money back via a successful section 75 claim with my credit card provider.
    Initially, I contacted HSL to ask for a refund due to losing money whilst paper trading for 90 days.
    I could never get anyone at HSL to call me back, unbelievably, my bank had the same problem!!!
    I would think that seeing as the company is subject to a Striking off order, the chances of them honoring any performance Guarantees would be very slim indeed?
    I would love to hear from anyone whom achieved anywhere near their performance targets??
  • nickravenickrave Forumite
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    This is urgent for anyone who is owed money from HSL, which I imagine is anyone who was foolhardy enough to buy into their useless program.

    Search for Highway Software Limited on Companies House. On 13th March the company put in a notice that they would be dissolving in 2 months.

    I will be putting in an objection to Companies House immediately. Please contact me if you are in a similar situation ie you are a creditor.
  • Hello,

    I have also grown ever increasingly apprehensive about buying into this software.
    I have invested a fair chunk of money and got nothing in return. I was offered a 'guarentee' but I'm not sure it's worth the paper its written on.
    Is it possible for me to make a compaint to an organisation to try and get some / all of my money back? I've never done something like this before and don't even know where to start.

    The money I paid was via a bank transfer (Natwest)?

    Any help would be much appreciated via PM.

    Thank you!
    Anyone whom bought into HSL should be looking into their options right now!
    if Highway Software ltd is struck off, then surely all the Money back Guarantees would be invalid??
    I was lucky as my Credit card Company refunded me, but they assured me they will still be taking action against HSL.
    Personally, if i hadnt used a credit card, i would be taking professoinal advise first thing tomorrow morning.
    if you cannot afford professional advice then the Citizens advice Bureau would be a good start as it is FREE!
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    nickravenickrave Forumite
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    I went down to their offices yesterday they are long gone, yet are FRAUDULENTLY using this address at Companies House.

    Anyone that has done dealings with this company needs to report it to Action Fraud now, the more reports they get the more likely they are to act.

    Highway Software Ltd were renting a Virtual Office through Servcorps, this is the message I got from them :

    "Thanks for getting in touch.
    We are aware that this company is illegally advertising our address on Companies House. Unfortunately, as they are not specifically advertising Level 18, we cannot have the address manually removed; rather frustrating.

    We are limited by Data Protection regarding what information we can give out to members of the public, however I can advise that the company was terminated due to becoming bad debt at the end of 2017."

    Obviously no fixed address makes it impossible to take legal action.
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    clubconsolesclubconsoles Forumite
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    couple of useful sites, the forum will not let me post links sorry -
    actionfraud dot police dot uk/
    fca dot org dot uk/
  • nickravenickrave Forumite
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    OK So I've tried contacting the director from the Companies House address. It's not the same person, they stole his identity - either that or the man who answers is lying - I don't think he is.

    Companies House are in the process of dissolving them due to non-compliance. There is no address.

    We've all been had.

    Not much we can do.

    Painful to admit, I never really believed them anyway... I just had no idea it was so easy to start a Ltd company with fake information. A virtual office...

    Pretty much all we can do is learn from this... But DO report to Action Fraud. The irony is the Police do have powers to trace this, but they wont be interested unless there's a murder, or over £100k has gone missing.
  • Nickrave
    You need about 23+ people to come forward.
    At the loss figure of £4500 each it would total the £100K required.
    I really hope you get a result.
    Please keep posting on here, you never know as more people get wind of this!
    It is TOP of a GOOGLE Search for "HSL Smart Market System"
    Some people are understandably embarrassed about being caught out and will not put their losses on a public forum.
    I think it is such a awful thing to do leading people to think they are doing the right thing by investing in their retirement.
    I can tell you there are a few that are still not convinced they have been scammed and are diligently downloading the LSE data everyday.
    I do not understand this, it dosen't make money, period!
    There is no money back Guarantee to claim against.
    I am using the HSL disk as a Coaster for my Coffee.
    That's all it is good for.
    At £3950 it is definately the most expensive coaster that i have ever bought!!
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