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Incomplete vrn entered

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  • Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
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    Beginning to understand what people say about Gladstones. Just received my information letter back from them after sending off the tear off slip in their first letter. 8 pages; 2 FAQ, 2 asking to list my financial situation, ( dashed that one off to them immediately LFH! ) 3 tick box pages to agree, disagree, almost agree that I owed the debt, and advice to get debt councilling, and the 8th page saying "Please find enclosed the information that you requested" on a whole page to itself. And my title, the( Mr ) in lower case letters, mr Pxxxx.
  • IbcusIbcus Forumite
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    Hi Pjr1525, as you know I'm in the same boat as you, same car park and similar time scale.

    I received the reply to the tear off slip asking for paper copies of the information sheet and reply form today, the same 8 pages it would seem.

    I'm curios about what you received on the 20th July when you said you received a bumper pack from Gladstones, I assumed it was the reply to the tear off strip but as you only received that on 1st Aug it seems to be something else.

    I've only had one letter from Gladstones before todays information and reply sheets.
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    Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
    148 posts
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    Hi, ibcus. Sorry about the confusion. The bumper pack that I received on the 20th was the same 8 page one that you received. I only got 'round to dealing with it on 1st August. I have only had the same 2 letters that you have from them, nothing containing details about the claim. In my reply to their LBC I'm going to mention that the main sign on the way in says "full terms and conditions are on sign(s) at pay and display machine" when they are not at, on or anywhere near the p&d machine and I have photos to prove that. Good luck.
  • Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
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    Hi, just received a second reply to my SAR from HX. I asked why they had not included a letter I sent them in their first reply and included proof of posting, they claimed they had not received the letter.

    They also confirmed that they were pursuing me for the charge as registered keeper even though I advised in my initial responses to their PCN that I was the driver. The reason for saying I was the driver is explained in post 60. Can I now use non- compliant pofa as defence. Regards.
  • Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
    148 posts
    Further to above. In their reply to my MP refusing to cancel the charge they said as a gesture of good will they were reducing the charge back to £60 for 14 days, yet I received a further demand for the increased amount of £85 dated only 5 days after the dated letter to my MP. I Included this information with proof, asking was it because of solely automated decision making, they said that they don't use automatied decision making but did not explain why they had increased the amount after informing my MP there would be 14 days to pay £60. Regards.
  • nosferatu1001nosferatu1001 Forumite
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    You can, but they might just go through their correspondence and realise your error,s o I wouldnt bother.

    That offer is mostly meaningless, but it doesnt make them seem like they come at this with clean hands.
  • Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
    148 posts
    Many thanks for that.
  • Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
    148 posts
    They actually acknowledged that I'd advised I was the driver in the initial appeal, but still said they were pursuing me as keeper ?
  • Pjr1525Pjr1525 Forumite
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    Just paid a visit to HXs new website. There is now no mention of them " allowing for human error" and that they allow a " digit or two " wrongly inputted into the P&D machine. I wonder if they've changed their policy ( if they ever really implemented it ) I planned on using that fact in my defence, they recognise human error and don't issue PCNs but not my human error. Fortunately I have a screen shot of their original webpage and also a letter to my MP stating that they allow for human error "a digit or two" Regards.
  • UmkomaasUmkomaas Forumite
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    Fortunately I have a screen shot of their original webpage
    Yep, good 'catch' - might come in handy at some stage. Let them explain why the change to the detriment of the motorist. :)
    Please note, we are not a legal advice forum. I personally don't get involved in critiquing court case Defences/Witness Statements, so unable to help on that front. Please don't ask.
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