Money Moral Dilemma: What should Baby do about Johnny's stalk?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Should Johnny keep his stalk?

Baby goes shopping with her new boyfriend, Johnny. While Baby grabs the milk, she puts Johnny in the veg corner to get the Broccoli; as she walks back she’s surprised to see that he is removing the florets and leaving the stalk behind. He says he doesn’t see why they should pay for what they don’t eat.
Should Johnny keep his stalk?

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  • I remove the stalk all the time!
    If I wanted to pay for it I would buy pre-packaged broccoli but it is loose and marked up as £xx per kilo. I think I am quite entitled to buy what suits me!
    I must admit that I would never have done this in the past but after a brief stint working there for a couple of months I saw hundreds of people snap off the stalk and nothing was ever said.
    If I want to make soup though, I buy the stalk as it is the best bit for soup.
  • ClowanceClowance Forumite
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    I dont snap anything off but I do look for giant florets with small stalks. Hence nobody loses. Sometimes they have a batch with very long stalks though, is this immoral from the supermarkets point of view (especially when you consider that broccoli in the supermarket is TWICE the price of frozen broccoli, which may well have more vitamins)?
  • unrichunrich Forumite
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    I see the stalk as keeping the florets fresh and its part of the deal. Its not really the done thing to pick bits off. I think you'd get short shrift from a real live grocer if you stood there and did it. They'd kick you out of the shop.

    Because the supermarket staff do not "own" the produce they are less likely to get into confrontation with "shoppers" doing this kind of thing. Easier to say nothing than risk a complaint or worse, abuse/assult.

    If we all did this then the price would go up to take this into account.

    The price on offer is for the whole thing and the invitation to treat is for the whole thing. The shop accept your request to enter into a contract when you take the stuff to the checkout. It would be nice to see the checkout operator/manager issue a summons for damaging stock rather than the price for you picking the best bit.

    Its one of those things that if we all did then the system would break down. Like queues, it relies on having a social conscience.

    It is the same as buying a chicken at £5.00 a kg, chopping the breasts off and expecting to still pay £5.00 a kg whilst leaving the rest. Nice filleted chicken breasts would be £12.00 a kg. Nice little selected florets cost more than the whole head.

    Johnny should keep and pay for his stalk.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    unrich wrote: »
    If we all did this then the price would go up to take this into account.
    Or, the supermarket would start shipping fresh florets as a seperate product at a slightly higher price than whole broc's.. those who now only want the florets have the choice of what they want. Everyone is happy
  • It never occurred to me to break off the stalks until I was picking them over one day and having a moan about the lack of florets and the women said "here" - I couldn't believe it, she took the brocolli and broke off the stalk.

    I do it all the time now but only when the stalk length is unreasonable (which is most of the time). I don't mind a bit of stalk - as someone said, its great for soup but I object when you get more stalk than brocolli - that is taking the p.

    I take the squashed mouldy grapes out of the bags too.

    As for a real live grocer, surely they wouldn't choose brocolli with long stalks and minimum florets as they would soon go out of business.

    And social conscience, do the supermarkets have one of those - its a 2 way street this trust/conscience thing, don't you think?
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  • Agree totally with Unrich. I would never dream of doing it, never crossed my mind.
  • unrichunrich Forumite
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    I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    No, no, no ... you go first!!!!

    Ha, ha. Look at the size of it!!!

    Oh sure, its only that size because you're in Tescos. What? You mean it gets bigger when you walk into Oxfam?
  • the stalks are very good to use in stock, it's a waste of a perfectly good bit of veg to rip it off and only take the florets.
    Maybe Johnny should stick to his jujubes
  • Jamie Oliver says to snap off the useless bit of asparagus at the supermarket and only buy what you can use! So i dont see why not!
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  • Swan_2Swan_2 Forumite
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    it's never occurred to me to do that! but I actually prefer the stalk to the florets :D

    although I would pick out mouldy grapes or any bits of anything that was obviously past it's best

    morally, he should buy the whole head stalk & all
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