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  • HairyHandofDartmoorHairyHandofDartmoor Forumite
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    Oh dear what a start to 2022. I hope you feel better soon, someone gets back to you with a good boiler quote and DD and DGS don't feel too unwell.
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  • DrawingalineDrawingaline Forumite
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    Sorry your new year has started so badly.
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  • OnebrokeladyOnebrokelady Forumite
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    Still no boiler and no prospect of getting a new one any time soon. I phoned the company that gave me the quote to replace the boiler and they didn't know when they would be available so said they would look at the diary and phone me back today, surprise surprise they didn't phone back. They emailed me on Wednesday asking if I wanted to go ahead and I mailed them straight back and said yes so I've been waiting for them to get back to me, I decided to phone them today as I'm wasting time waiting for them to contact me and they have let me down yet again

    I got hold of another company who sent someone out and he also told me I need a new boiler they quoted £800 more than the first company and they want to fit another Glow worm boiler so I told them no too. I have now run out of options I've called three different people today and non of them can do it or they say they will get back to you and don't. 

    The house is freezing and everything is damp,there is condensation running down the doors and windows and my lovely new floor is getting wet. I've put towels down to soak it up but I can't get them dry so that's not a good option. There is also wet washing that won't dry .

    I went to work yesterday but had to come home because I was ill with a stomach bug, I'm still ill today so can't go to work tomorrow so I will now be put on formal sickness monitoring 

    I would have been meeting friends today for coffee but couldn't go due to being ill so I spent the day at home freezing my backside off trying to find a reliable plumber 
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  • foxglovesfoxgloves Forumite
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    So sorry to hear this, @Onebrokelady. It's just absolutely the worst time of year to have this kind of problem. Could anyone lend you a decent dehumidifier to help with the condensation problem just until the boiler problem is sorted? They can take a surprisingly large amount of moisture out of the air. It's infuriating being let down by workmen when you so desperately need the job doing. I really hope you get a lucky break with this soon & that you start to feel better soon too.
    F x
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  • CherryfudgeCherryfudge Forumite
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    That's terrible OBL. :( Sending hugs... I wish we were local and you could come round here.

    I see dehumidifiers are also available for hire, would that be an option? I bought a very small one a few years ago and it makes a big difference to the air quality upstairs, but I don't think it would be effective in more than one room.

    It's really tough about the sickness monitoring especially as you've tried so hard to keep going in and this isn't your main condition. Does it make any difference if you are sent home? You can't stay with a stomach bug, I know.
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  • Deni_debt-free_dreamerDeni_debt-free_dreamer Forumite
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    Morning OBL
    So sorry to hear your struggles with getting a new boiler.  Would BG be an option?  I got a mailshot from them about getting a new boiler although i do have the service plan with them so i'm already a customer.  My parents (in their 70s/80s) have been without heating since before Xmas as BG is waiting for a part before they can get their boiler repaired.  I hope you feel a bit better today
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  • Sun_AddictSun_Addict Forumite
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    What an absolutely dire start to the year. What a nightmare you’re having with the boiler. I know tradesmen are very difficult to get hold of at the minute, especially heating engineers. Is it worth looking into a bigger company like BG or Boxt? I went with BG service plan for my boiler, the bloke who fitted it wanted me to stay with him but he’s really difficult to get hold of and at least I know BG would come out straightaway. 

    Good idea about hiring a dehumidifier as you could get a good industrial one that would dry out your house and your washing at the same time. 

    Sorry to hear you’re not well too, annoying about the sickness monitoring when it’s something genuine. 

    I really hope you can get something sorted out soon 🙏🤞
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  • WinterWarriorWinterWarrior Forumite
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    That’s so horrible, you’d think there would be measures in place to stop people being without heating and hot water for so long. Do you have plug in heaters? I know they aren’t cheap to run, but it would make a big difference in the short term.
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  • DancingInTheRainDancingInTheRain Forumite
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    Delurking to comment on the boiler situation, I would highly recommend Boxt.

    We woke up in the early hours of a Sunday morning last summer to the sound of all the water leaking from the bottom of the boiler. Went on Boxt website at 815 and by 8am the next day the boiler had been delivered and the engineers had arrived. All fitted by 2pm.

    The prices are very clear on the website and there were no hidden extras, the after care service was also excellent (no I don't work for them 😉).

    Hope you don't mind me commenting but just wanted to let you know that there are other options if you're struggling to get the boiler situation resolved 😊
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  • milannmilann Forumite
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    I’m sorry to hear about the boiler shenanigans. It’s no fun being cold…..especially so for you as it affects your condition so much. It must be a nightmare with wet washing…..not sure if it’s an option, but do you have a laundrette where you could get the washing dry….just to stop the dampness in the house…..which could cause damage to both the house and your health.
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