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Cooking for one (Mark Three)

edited 13 January 2018 at 8:51AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    Brambling wrote: »

    Caronc I like where your mind is going :rotfl:
    Needs must and all that ;)

  • Novice_investor101Novice_investor101 Forumite
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    Verdict on the sandwich thins - ok, but wouldn't bother with them again. I took two to work as they're bigger than they look once out of the packet. But really not as cost effective or filling as a simple loaf of bread. 80p for the warbies ones, pack of 6.
    I'll finish these for the next two days lunches then go back to bread (also can't exactly make toast for breakfast out of them either...)
  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    Good morning everyone,
    Still wet & wild here so I'm not planning on going out until it's time to go to my sister's for dinner later. I've no idea what she's making but I'm sure it will be good.:)
    Egg salad wrap for lunch I think as loads of eggs in the fridge so best use some.

  • edited 7 November 2018 at 11:13AM
    FarwayFarway Forumite
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    edited 7 November 2018 at 11:13AM
    Wet & windy here as well Caron and I'm staying in today

    I did enjoy the baked spuds& salad last night, nice change, added some cheese in the spud, and two of the very last yellow cherry toms from the conservatory. I've got one marble sized one left, not quite ripe

    NoviceI101, seems you have independently reached the same verdict on sandwich thins as PN & myself. Much better value and choices in a loaf.

    Breakfast, usual porridge & banana combo

    Made more yoghurt and put a wash in. That will be about the limit for the day. If it weren't raining I'd like to sprinkle some self saved Love in a Mist around, if I did it in this wind it would be in next door's;)
    wort wrote: »
    Dug out a swathe of allium, as they are multiplying at a rate of knots. Put some in pots the others will be dished out to the other gardeners in the family.

    Lucky you, no matter how many times I've tried mine always die after one year:(

    Update, it's now hammering down, and it will be another fried egg sarnie for lunch, using one of my freebie eggs

    LO HM chicken soup out of fridge for tonight's dinner
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I had a banana, some nuts and about half a cup of coffee before my very blustery walk today!

    I was starving when I got in and have had the last of the soup with seeded toast and marg and a packet of crisps.:cool:

    I need to put the washing away and clean the bathroom.

    I have got my mental health workshop tomorrow and I am getting a cake for my husband's birthday. I'm not sure whether to order one from the cake shop or just get a shop bought one. He isn't that fussy so probably would be happy with a swiss roll from the shop.:p

    I haven't got him anything for his birthday either, he said why don't I get myself a wonder woman outfit. I'm not sure what he is expecting. Lol!:rotfl:
  • One of my dancing days today - so out for lunch and mine was Welsh Rarebit and salad. Followed by snack of toast later - as I didnt feel that was enough.

    Rest of that potato and spinach curry later.

    That's another DOD day then (ie Day Off Diet).
  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    Good evening everyone,
    I had a lovely meal at my sister's - curry + all the "bits", I'm stuffed so happy to be back home and changed into my pjs:).
    A spot of vegging out in front of the telly before an early night is on the cards;)

  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    Evening :)

    Wednesday are to tempted to surprise hubby with a Wonder Woman outfit :rotfl:

    Horrible weather today really wet and windy with hail at lunchtime, it's suppose to be fine tomorrow then four days of rain :(. I didn't mind working through lunch :cool:

    I met my deadlines at work and was able to leave on time :A I had to pull out of a couple of meetings to do so but my manager knew that it took priority so it wasn't a problem :)

    Lunch was HM scotch egg and salad. Dinner was a quick one as I needed to pop out, so it was scampi and HM chips
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  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Yesterday I had a tomato sandwich.
    For tea I had baked spud, beans, cheese and some choccies (bought two bags of my 'favourite' ones at Home Bargains).
    Late evening was a tomato sandwich.

    I've the final two sausage rolls in the fridge (didn't have any yesterday), so they'll be lunch today.

    I've got a tomato sandwich already made up in the fridge, so that'll get scoffed.... more chocolates will be consumed.... and I bet I have a jacket spud/beans/cheese as that's easy.

    Must make that kebab, the lamb mince has a date of 9th and I want to use it, not freeze it. Maybe tomorrow... after all, it'll be Friday. I've pitta in the freezer too.... that need to be used.
  • wortwort Forumite
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    A bit of groundhog day here too.
    Cheese salad roll for lunch at work , with warm rice pot with apple. They were on offer 12 for £3 in Mr T.
    Then the 2nd of the cheese and bacon puff pastry things for tea. With mince pie and last of the cream.:o
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