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Cooking for one (Mark Three)

edited 13 January 2018 at 8:51AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    Just poking about on Nimbus, seems there may have been a "ransom strip" next to my garage, but too late now as I know one of the neighbours tried to find owner, so he could expand his garden

    No luck, so he just expanded, as did the people from the other way.:)

    Not that I minded, the fences stop any possibility, apart from a JCB, of people taking a short cut, climbing on my garage roof, general mischief making or dumping things nearby. Wins all round

    It was beans & eggs on toast for lunch, I'll be heating the soup up for dinner shortly
  • Isn't there also the possibility re an odd little strip of land that it's a "service strip" - ie got services to the properties buried underneath it.?

    The fact it's not owned by anyone meaning no problems with utility companies getting at any of their services they need to.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Could it be a ransom strip?
    No. There are two on there that look just "forgotten".

    One is right against the boundary, just a few inches wide and the other bizarre one is "the spot outside the front door of number 7"...

    So, just some daft errors they made in submitting plans.
    I'd say it would be nice for those nearby residents to you to know about the specific bits they owned
    Not my place, not my business - I'm selling ... the problem is that for land to be owned, everybody needs to understand who owns what and restrictions... and they don't. Especially renters...

    Here there is a terrace of three that have an access path down the back just big enough for their wheely bins, it's just a 1m wide 2-slab wide footpath to their back gardens. As each house is 12' wide and it goes to the 3rd one, it's only about 24' long.

    Nimbus showed me which house owns it, which is "interesting" to me... but the occupants are renters so won't even think about who owns the path ... even if/when they're irritated by 12 kids hurtling up and down it on skates and screaming and shouting at each other.... they're sitting indoors thinking "bl00dy noisy kids, wish I could stop them doing that" .... and it's their land and they've no idea.
    I've got the reverse situation here. I've got neighbours making out that a bit of land is theirs and I've found it's Council land - so it's good to know I can use it too if I wish to (which they certainly weren't letting on about).

    Knowledge is power isn't it. Such a smug feeling to know something and know you're right :)
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    Well - it means I've got noticeably more parking space available for my visitors than I thought I had:D. The neighbours have been making out only they can park there and now I know that's not true.

    I don't really actually have to use any of my front garden for my visitors to park in in the event then (now I know the land concerned isn't theirs) - which gives me a good bit more leeway on how I'm going to have it when I can afford to sort it out better.
  • wortwort Forumite
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    I picked up a bacon and cheese puff pastry tart which I had for tea. With mince pie and cream after. Now considering a packet or 2 of crisp!!
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    PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    edited 4 November 2018 at 7:02PM

    Although, if it's Council, there's the SLIM chance they rent it under licence :)

    I've run out of things to look at on the site now... done every house/address I could think of... that I've ever lived in, or siblings lived in, or parents ... and anybody else I could think of.


    I did notice though it's handy to see the mix of private/council across an estate as all the council ones are obvious... of course that doesn't mean the private ones are owner occupied ... but I'd rather not buy unknowingly into the sole house in an estate of 1000 houses and be the ONLY owner occupier :)
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    I was checking that out too - for public sector accommodation here - and was surprised to see what a high proportion of it still is public sector here (ie hasnt been bought under Right to Buy). It was gobsmacking to see the vast vast majority of it is still public sector. Thinks - I'll have a check on a council estate in my own city for comparative purposes then....

    I'd not heard of "renting under licence" in that context - what exactly would that mean?

    Though - yes...indeed even if it were possible they wouldnt do that. With their attitude to money and they are certainly in the "Who is going to know/care what anyone gets up to over in the Back of Beyond school of thought?" I can't see that as at all likely...

    They're more in the "If I carry on as if I can/insist I can - then people will believe I really can or be too weak to stand up to me" school of thought.

    I'm not popular with them because of my "normal"/law-abiding/"how are things done across the whole country?" way of thinking.....:rotfl:

    EDIT; I just did type in "the" most notorious Council House street back there - and a quick glance of the number of properties with a red line around them and it's about 50% (here it's more like 5%). Back for in-depth look....
  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    wort wrote: »
    Brambling, people with house cats often grow catmint inside! If that's an option! Not trying to set you up as a drug farm or anything!:rotfl:

    Thanks Wort :) I haven't though of doing that, may be worth it if it calms him down when he's stressed. If I suddenly disappear I've been raided :rotfl:

    I enjoy a port as well GP, I found a bottle in the spare room when I was tidying I was given last Christmas :D

    Lunch out today at friends, it may be my sister birthday but I seem to be benefiting :D they're mutual friends of both my sister and I. Lovely lamb roast lunch which is my favourite roast and a white chocolate and raspberry cake :) an afternoon of gossip and board games. No room for dinner tonight :)

    The diet starts again tomorrow ;).
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  • flubberyzingflubberyzing Forumite
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    A phone call from my agency this morning. A school I worked at a few weeks ago have requested me back to work in their nurture classroom for the day again. I must say I do prefer it when I get to go back to the same school repeatedly. You get to know the routine, and build better relationships.

    I must remember to do my meter readings when I get home later... I meant to do them over the weekend... I hope it's not to late to submit them.

    Dinner tonight will be the pizza I didn't eat last night... Yesterday evening I ended up eating nearly 3/4 of a chocolate brownie pudding thing that's meant to serve 5, according to the packaging... That was glutton-ish, even by my standards!!
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    Thanks PN.

    A different set-up there then - as the land was originally owned/still owned by the Council.

    In this case - the land used to be owned by the neighbouring house concerned. But then the Council got it - one way or another.

    Hence the neighbours treating the land as if it's theirs - when it no longer is.

    Looks like I'm still fine for parking any of my visitors there that I wish to.
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