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OK guys, I'm back and I'm ashamed to admit that I've fallen off the rails. Had a massive financial rethink last night and now that I've got a new fella and the prospects of him finding out how [EMAIL="!!!!"]!!!![/EMAIL] I am with money has scared me senseless.

So I've cut up every bit of plastic that was in my freezer and today is the day I start to get things sorted - again..... I'm too ashamed to tell you all how much I've spent again but the thought of a future with this new man has got my butt into gear.

Not only have I cut up the cards but I'm going to concentrate on paying them off one at a time. I'm going for the one with the lowest balance first so that i can get shot of them quickly. The first card that I'm concentrating on is my Asda card.

Have got £19 so far and have just managed to get £35 mortgage exit fee back from the Halifax so that's £54 towards it already.

Wis me luck guys and sory if I've let you down x


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    Well done. Just think this is the first day towards your financial freedom.

    Sounds like you've found the right guy ... certainly got you focusing on some important things in your life right now. Congratulations on the mortgage exit fee.

    You haven't let anyone down - glad you're back on track. :T
  • At least you've seen the light and you know what you have to do! Good Luck!

    How much is the Asda card?
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    Welcome back hun!!

    You haven't let anyone down, and we are proud of you for coming back..... much is on that ASDA card??
    Successful women can still have their feet on the ground. They just wear better shoes. (Maud Van de Venne)
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)
  • The balance of the card is £491. Not too bad I know and should be able to clear it very quickly. Not having problems paying back the debts just want to get shot of them. Am just going to count my copper jar and hopefully pay that it in Monday!
  • Hi gr, i wondered where you had got too :think: great to see you back though. I agree with you at tackling one debt at a time while paying the min to the others, that way you can see your progress much better and a sence of achivement... keep it up hun :j
  • thanks PAP and Hypno, great to hear from you both. Got £5 in the copper jar so that takes my total up to £59 to go to the Asda card. Have written to 2 more mortgage companies to see if they owe me any mortgage exit fees so hopefully they do and that will add to my total.

    I'm pretty much sorted for Christmas so I know I wont get myself any further into debt and bf's birthday is in January and I've been saving for that so hopefully I can concentrate on getting rid of these cards. I know my outgoings are cut to the bone as I done that at the beginning of the year so there's no savings to be had there.

    I've booked a table at the local table-top sale on the 28th October so am going to have a good sort out this afternoon and tomorrow and see what I can get shot of there. Also got a payrise at end of October of £24 per month - whooppee!!!

    Will keep you all posted on my progress
  • Just traded an old mobile phone into envirofone and got £58 cashback.... I'm on a roll now
  • Am feeling really [EMAIL="!!!!py"]!!!!py[/EMAIL] today. Can't believe I'm back here again with debt! When am I ever going to learn.
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    Welcome back GR. I am intrigued to know what your CCs were in your freezer though??
  • Thanks Lenny, CC's = Credit Cards. I froze them to stop me using them but soon realised that by pouring hot water over them they still worked!!!!!
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