How to open a student bank account when studying at Open University?

I am studying at the open university fulltime and wonder if any bank account will accept me for a student bank account?


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    I am studying at the open university fulltime and wonder if any bank account will accept me for a student bank account?

    Highly unlikely because a condition of student bank accounts is that you pay in your student loans. Which as a part time OU student you won’t have.
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    Quite possibly - some of the criteria is...
    You can apply if:

    you're aged 17 or over
    You’re studying full-time on a course of at least two years’ duration, or a one-year full-time access course leading to a degree
    You've been a resident in the UK for at least three years

    When can you apply for a student account?

    As soon as you have a place confirmed, you can apply.
    If you’re already a student, you can still apply for a student account.

    Not all Student accounts require you to pay in your student loan. Some state that the overdraft feature will only be considered if you pay in a regular amount. This could be from another bank, savings, earnings etc.

    Have a look at the different providers and see which ones you meet the criteria for
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  • The criteria you’ve quoted states full time course. OU is classed as part time.
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    Santander only require you to be an undergraduate, no mention of full time so may be worth asking.
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    It highly depends on the bank, some have become more flexible with OU study. I looked into Santander the other year I *think* you need to pay £x amount in for that one and it can't be from another S account.

    I do know some people who have got one though, plus whilst for student finance reasons you class as 'part-time' you can even get council tax reduction for being a 'full-time' student.
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  • this is was precise information. i will surely refer one of my friends who was asking for such information here.
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