Atrixa's Saving Diaries

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    Payday yesterday so added £595 in total to my savings pots. I have £1,616.26 in my 'redo the bathroom' fund, but I'm not sure I'll end up bothering now. Me and bf were discussing moving in together in a few years time after the fixed rate on my mortgage ends. We'd be buying a larger house together rather than keeping mine. He's renting at the moment in pretty much an identical property to mine. We've done a bit of a window shop and are quite impressed with the properties on offer for the money we'd want to spend around the town. Of course, we'd need to take into account prices and interest rates in a few years time, but if the house prices go up, mine will too so shouldn't be too much of an issue. My bathroom is perfectly functional so I wouldn't want to renovate unless it would add significant value to the property. I'll get an estate agents view closer to the time.

    We've discussed a bit about how we would organise finances if we lived together and I think we can come to a sensible arrangement which would free up quite a bit of cash for us both. The unfortunate thing of course is having to sell the property if we ever broke up, but as long as we both have liquid cash for deposits we'd be ok. Plenty of time to think about all of this, my fixed rate doesn't end until 2025, which I'm very grateful for given the interest rate hikes. The plan is still to fill my emergency funds then pay down the mortgage.

    Treated myself to a lovely new pair of summer pjs from sainsbos the other day, very light and comfortable :)

    My wounds are healing really well and I'm moving around much more easily than I was. Back at work on Monday so I've already filled the freezer with homemade soup. Planning on making some pasta sauce tomorrow and a curry for the freezer at the weekend. The less I have to do when I'm back working the better.
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    When the time comes have a solicitor draw up a declaration of trust as that details who put what in and how everything gets split if things don't work out.

    I'd suggest BF moves in with you for a couple of years. Living together 24/7 is a bit different to sleep overs. If everything goes ok, then buy together.

    Keep taking things slowly, don't rush to be back and working how you normally would, take each day as it comes and ease into your routine.

    Freezer food sounds great, one less thing to do!
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    It's exciting that you are thinking of buying a larger place. I hope the recovery from the appendix removal is going well it is v serious. Rest as much as you can. 
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
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    Thanks :) Feeling much better now and I've gotten back to a decent level of activity.

    £645 put into my savings this month, determined to keep up the momentum with my saving.

    I've been driving my myself a bit, and the mpg on the car is really good, so I'm spending less on diesel than I thought.

    Plants update: I've got a fantastic looking cherry bomb chilli plant I'm just waiting to ripen. It's a sturdy looking thing so I might try to over-winter it then move it into a bigger pot outside. I've got a good ring of fire chilli plant that might get the same treatment. Those ones are ripening and they've got a decent kick, so I might try to grow a few more next year. My horn chilli seeds seem to have been mixed with some sort of hybrid seed, so I'm getting rubbish pepper things with no heat on some of the 'horn chilli' plants. I do have two plants that are genuine horn chillies so I'll see if I can keep them going. The ghost peppers I have found impossible to fruit - they flower then the buds fall off. I've got a few good looking Bolivian Rainbow plants that I'm keeping for decorative purposes. Might try to keep the biggest one for next year.

    I'm getting loads of good harvests off my french dwarf beans, I'll definitely grow those again- a very low maintenance plant. The garlic is looking a bit feeble, but they aren't quite ready yet. The leaves have all fallen over, just waiting for them to go brown.
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    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Well done on savings. Chillies sound good as long as they are not too hot 🥵😁
    0% credit card £1360 ~ paid in full
    0% Car Loan £7500 ~ paid in full
    JAN 2020 = NOW DEBT FREE

    House sale/ purchase costs
    EPC £55
    First house purchase offer accepted 20/5/22 fell through 8/7/22 due to sudden serious illness of seller Insurance 2 x £90 Searches £300. Survey cancelled/refund received
    Offer accepted on another property 2/8/2022
    £90 solicitor insurance
    £300 searches

    Aiming to retire early age 60 🥳
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    So pleased to hear you're recovering well.
    Very impressive savings!
    Plants and garden is coming along, you've got the growing bug 😀
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