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  • :mad::mad::mad: Kittens, I'm so sorry about your mum! It's infuriating when they just won't listen to you, or your mum or your dad who have been dealing with this for years! I'm glad it's no worse than it is though.

    Do you think your dad is finally getting to a point of being able to recognise how much of a struggle the house is, while your mum is in hospital? We found with my grandparents that it was only after my grandma checked herself into a carehome (literally, she went for a visit to have a look around and meet the staff and decided that she loved the room they happened to have free at the time so she wasn't coming home!) that grandad was able to recognise how much of a struggle living in the house was for them. Though he still refused to move into a more appropriate accommodation, he was at least then willing to consider accepting outside help.
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    The list is going down slightly....

    The list:

    1. Laminate letters and do scanning. LAMINATING DONE, SCANNING still to do, but much less important.

    2. Maths TRG - work out my action plan MOSTLY and write governor report. WILL BE DOING IT ON INSET DAY WITH SLT

    3. Finish English for next week. DONE

    4. Write maths for next week - 2 DAYS WORTH, 2 MORE TO GO!

    5. Look through term folder and see what really MUST go in there. DONE

    6. LOTS of work on Science for next term. MTP, INDIVIDUAL LESSONS AND RESOURCES ALL FINALISED :)

    7. LOTS of work on History for next term. [STRIKE]Not yet started....MUST do by tomorrow![/STRIKE] Found previous incarnation of some lessons, have amended and added and done my MTP etc :)


    9. Work out timetable for my lovely TA to do interventions with specific children.

    10. Risk assessments for trip in December.

    11. Call venue to try and book in a trip in January/February.

    12. Read latest trendy behaviour management book and see what to apply/tweak to my teaching methods. UP TO PAGE 50 (I'm a quick reader, was reading whilst cooking dinner :) )

    13. Go into school and mark ALL the books that I couldn't face doing because of my stinking cold. Quite a few.....grrr MARKED MOST OF THEM, didn't realise I was quite so behind in every subject! Ah well....

    14. Work out exactly what's expected of me for school to earn the primary mfl award NOT MUCH THANKFULLY, I CAN DO IT BY EASTER I RECKON :)
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    Phew! Well, it's been rather a long time since I frequented my lovely diary....

    DD, KW and I are having a lovely Christmas, just how I dreamed it would be, relaxed, fun, lots of cheese, chocolate and presents!

    I'm seriously skint now though :( I've bought a dishwasher, which arrived this morning, so I'm looking forward to gaining 20 minutes or so each evening not washing up!

    KW and I are planning on making a list of things that we need to do around the house over 2019 - redecorating, buying new sofas as our current seating is pretty rubbish and falling apart....and are going to put together a savings plan so that Christmas and holidays don't take us as by surprise as they have done this year! Basically, we need to stop bleeding money...….

    The kittens are now nearly fully grown and are scrumptious. We love them so much and they've loved ripping tinsel and decorations off the tree just as much!

    I'm going to attempt to tidy my messy side of the bedroom today...it may take some time.

    I got a new passport through today, and am now itching to find DD and I a holiday for the summer. It'll need to be cheap as chips though :)

    We've got 2 birthdays to buy for in January and the rest of our Easter holiday to Dorset to pay off, but after that, we'll hopefully be saving!
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    Money saving - I bought a massive bag of kitty litter at 2/3 off, some dented tins of chickpeas and other beans and some fancy schloer to take over to KW's parents tomorrow when we go to see them.

    I've found a lovely bottle of prosecco to give to my chum who I'm just about to go and meet for lunch. Hope she hasn't gone mad on pressies for me this year....if so, I'll pay for her lunch!

    I've found one sheet of Christmas wrapping paper and nearly a full sheet of birthday paper, so was able to wrap a couple of pressies for KW's niece's birthday (beginning of January) and Christmas. The rest will have to go in tissue paper, as I really don't want to buy any more wrapping paper, as we've decided to be more eco-friendly, so I'm using up what we have :)
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    So glad you had a great Christmas. It sounds like it was wonderful. Hooray. It might feel as though you are spending money on the house with the dishwasher etc but it is something useful and will make your life and home even better. I am sure you will get a good deal so don't worry. I remember I panicked when I bought lots of new things when I moved in but now they are all paid for and still here eleven years later.
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    So, Hello! and Happy New Year! :)

    I've loved Christmas and the period after it - making new traditions with DD and KW. We've just taken down the decorations and KW has chopped the branches off the tree to turn them into a bug house in the garden.

    We spent a couple of hours yesterday going through every cupboard in the kitchen and the freezer and rearranging things, so that instead of booze by the hob, we now have herbs and spices. I made a very detailed inventory of food and we are hopefully going to spend a lot less in 2019, as we have a quartermaster's stores to be proud of :)

    Resolutions for the year???

    1. Dry January, not that I'm a huge drinker by any stretch of the imagination (apart from my rapid indulgence in prosecco, a bottle of wine tends to last me about 3 nights!)

    2. Learn a new skill, be it crochet or pottery or finally finishing a craft project.

    3. Keep up to date with my planning and marking for school.

    4. Work on my CBT techniques that I know helps me keep calm, happy and productive. For example, having a timetable set up for working at home so that I manage to get things done and also have time for me, DD and KW without feeling guilty about I t.

    5. Save at least another month's worth of bills money, so that KW and I can feel more secure in case of disasters! Just after Christmas we thought we might have to pay £500 to get the heating flushed through, and it made us both green about the gills.

    6. And the big one....as usual....lose weight and keep it off! KW and I are doing this together, as we've both put quite a bit on recently. As DD said, we could pig out until midnight last night ;)
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    Happy New Year, great resolutions. Here's to a great 2019.
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    Oh goodness, we also need a Christmas fund - and to learn from this year that we don't need quite so much food, especially cheese! This year was expensive, partly because we needed things like decorations as we didn't have very many at all (about 5!), a stand for the tree (we got a very posh one that was nearly as expensive as the tree itself) and to not buy things like fancy chocolates and Christmas crackers (we have 9 left for next year).

    Today was a no spend day - hopefully the first of many this year.

    I made a scrumptious cheesy vegetable bake for dinner to use up the last of the sprouts and some lame looking veg, which we had with some tomato and veggie sauce. It was scrumptious, even if I say so myself!

    I'm now attempting (and failing....) to get some work done. My plan is to get up at the same time as KW tomorrow (6am) so that when he goes to work I'll be settling down to do some planning whilst DD has yet another lie in!

    We're off to see Mary Poppins tomorrow afternoon - I can't wait :)
  • Let us know what the new mary poppins is like KK. I struggled to watch Paddington for the first time this year as he wasn't the real bear lol. I still enjoyed the film though
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    It's a brilliant film, we all loved it - the songs are catchy, Lin-Manuel Miranda does a great cockernee accent (much better than DVD!), the story is lovely and it was practically perfect in every way! (DD is a mahoosive fan of Lin-Manuel (not only did he write Hamilton but some other awesome musicals), so I knew she'd be won over straight away. KW and I really enjoyed it too.

    What was also great for my pocket and diet was that I got a ticket free using Meerkat Movies for the first time ever, and we took snacks and drinks; nothing like sitting in a cinema chomping on a satsuma!
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