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    Yes, we're mostly a gentle supportive thread
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    hi , 
    hope everyone's OK 
    I seam to be on a mission sorting stuff over the last few days . 
    things I haven't had time to do till now .
    laptop reset to new and started again , to get rid of lots of issues.   took a few attempts and about 10 hours.  
    made seat covers for my facepainter chair from a pillow case cover , plus a bag for the side . 
    made a long sausage draft excluder for my front door 
    food shop done and meal plan made that's a bit flexible but should last about 7 days .
    getting back on track again after a summer of controlled spending 
    £223/ £250 GC
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    edited 5 October 2022 at 4:18AM
    Hope to catch up tomorrow totally exhausted after my first big shop tn the Coop since the beginning of last momth and a visit to the Post Office to pick up the second part of the COL payment unsure if my bus pass with a pre covid photo because they asked for photo ID due to the pandemic and requested the same photo would be ok. However the new owner of the Post office, haven't been n there for years just looked at the letter and my recent bank statement and that was it.
    It was pouring with rain and as I walked to the Coop I was passing the youngsters coming home frrom our local  high schoo; . Same look on their faces as youngest used to have, She's in her late 39s now so nothing seems to have changed.
    Memories seem to keep coming back. That young man with Autism finally being allowed home after so many years. During dds 2nd stay miles away from home in the Eating Disorders Unit I realised all she had learned  from other girls was how to fool the staff in to believing she was eating while she was fading away.
    I seemed to have voted with my feet a number of times but will be ever grateful for the young Dr who among all the different reports wrote query personality disorder.
    It wasn't noticed at the time until Superdoc requested all dds medical records when it jumped out at me .

    That young Dr has been based in our local hospital for many years and helped youngest a lot over the years.
    One little sentence changed so much. So many youngsters have been failed for decades.
    Got soaked today but did pick up Cocodamol and anti allergy/ antihistamine meds so fingers crossed I'll sleep tonight.
    I did get soaked even with the big coat , a brolly and gloves.Just watched the weather forecast and tomorrow looks worse both wind and rain wise. So I'm glad I bit the bullet and dragged myself out today.
    I haven't been able to get Kenco cappuccino in the Coop
     for a while and am fed up with tea and hot chocolate. Managed to find Nescafe Gold Cappuccino so will give that a go. I've looked over the years for Yorkshire Gold Tea but never seen it, there was some on the shelves today so will give that a go.

    I stopped the daily newspaper delivery years ago but picked up a copy of the I. Cant watch the T V news  It's too irritating.
    For years I used to buy 3 magazines on subscription and the Garden News which was like a small newspaper.It became a lovely magazine,
    DD1 put that on a gft subscription . The other 3 I got a special offer on. One of them used to bring out a seperate Christmas edition - Sorry GMN I will use the C word. Life is hard enough without Santa shooting elves if anyone mentions Christmas!
    It seems very American to me.
    I usually have to phone to order the Christmas edition but noticed it on the shelf in the Coop so bought it. I'm fed up with phones.
    After two years of not doing Christmas I think I will this year it should cheer things up.

    I've loads of decs and candles. However if neighbourhood watch starts standing staring in my window again it wont go well.
    Well it's tomorrow already I  need to drag myself to bed..
    Take care all. Hopefully I'll  have some energy tomorrow.
    There were lots of plans to go all sorts of places with friends from many years with three camper vans but we were all too tired. We were going to be based at my cousins and head for the Labour Conference. On the seafront so no need to go into the town. Visit a friend near Fife and another near the beach in Edinburgh. We decided we weren't up to it feeling our age and
    not sure we would cope with Momentum we had enough of them some years ago when there was a rally on the beach here.
    We do not need A4 sheets of the history of the Labour Party. I grew up with it as did the others.
    I was looking forward to checking the two Liver Birds were still on top of the Liver Buiding.
    Legend is if they fly away Liverpool will fall. I'm a long way from the city but I used to say hello to them when I was working there. Time to face the stairs.
    Night all.
    pollyx  ETA All the youngsters I passed yesterday were walking alone a few boys but a lot of girls i wish I could have watched out for her but I'd barely got home from work when she left school.
    I was finally falling asleep a couple of hours ago when I remembered  I'd forgotten to put the empty milk bottle and carrier out, I reduced the order a while ago, Mikman comes very early and only every other day but he will be here in a few hours..I'm still trying to figure out what day it is with Bank Holidays etc. Dragged myself downstairs and am now trying to get to sleep.
    I decided to try to find some positive news online and found James from Burnley. He's done well since I mentioned him a year or so ago. Reading the article on the BBC news site shows one person can change the world for many  elderly , disabled or too poor to have a boiler etc fixed and water problems sorted at no charge.
    Hugh Grant and his wife donated 10K. There have been many donations large and small reaching to other areas where diffeent tradesmen do the work and get paid.
    He's such a quiet man but a real hope of decency and caring through all the horrible news.
    I'd heard about him but when I went to switch the TV over when the One Show was starting I kept watching as I was sure it was him.
    He had a  bit of a Burnley accent but  I thought I could detect a bit of a Liverpool  accent it turns out he was born in Liverpool;he shows the type of levelling up we need.
    I'm going to try to find one good thing each day and ignore all the noise .
    Hope the sleep  fairy turns up Steff willl be leaving the milk about 7am. Dairy have had some problems with milk going missing but not in this area so far.
    Perhaps neighbourhod watch has his uses.

    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
  • grandmanerd
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    Hoping you get some sleep polly
  • pollyanna_26
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    I've just written a veryl long reply to your post GMN, It seems body is 6 six charavters too short although it was very long  Reply has now gone in to the ether.
    Now I know how monna felt when her pearls of of wisdom disappeard never to be seen again
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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