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    Just tried a post on another part of the forum and that has gone in to the ether
    I'll need to look at laptops once I've tried the local news to see if there are problems or flooding  on the Coastal Road. Ever since they tore down the big Homebase I used to shop in a lot and planned to replace it with an Big Aldi on the coastal road we've had a few years of internet and other problems.
    Sometimes I can hear heavy plant but according to my friends at the RSPB site opposite the proposed site for the store very  little seems to be happening..
    Homebase was better than B&Q  which wasn't very popular and i picked up some low price plants , shrubs, homeware and curtains there along with many other things.There are three white metal tealight holders two on the mantlepiece and one on the ledge of the small window near the front door they hold 3 scented tea lights each in the festive season and the room smells very festive.
    Looking at Mars decorated for Christmas room a few years ago she had something very similar.
    I'm beginning to be glad I'll be moving from the eye of the storms. The three in a row caused damage and all sorts of problems.
    It isn't far from our Drs DD2 is still a patient there although she moved further than I will be.
    The ante natal care for the two youngest was done by the original female GP in the practise. She moved abroad after telling youngest not worry she was leaving her in safe hands and she did. It was to be kept quiet for a while until she was finally leaving
    as she wanted to spend time with the new straight from qualifying GP. She;d made the perfect choice. I think youngest would have walked over hot coals  if he'd asked her but he ended each last appt o the morning leaning back in his swivel chair asking OK what do we sing today?
    He had a particular dislike of some members of the government especially Unt as he called the then health secretary so he;d say Born to Run today. The staff must have wondered what on earth was going on but soon got used to him.
    All through the worst part after the news of the pandemic broke I was thinking don't let anything happen to him. He was head of the nearest of two hospitals in our trust but found himself responsable for both until they finally found a woman Dr to take charge of the further away one.
    Apart from what shall we sing days  he;d be off on his rounds as soon as we headed for the door . I remember one morning an ambulance parked in front of the doors when the waiting room was full an ambulance man rushed in spoke to the pracitice manager on the  reception desk . Shw was lovely very calm and helpful but surprised us all by running down the passage to the consulting room a long corridor on the right to the end where the consulting room is, She came ruuning with Superdoc behind her carrying his black bag.
    Youngest asked what's happening  mum? It's like a scene from Chariots of Fire without the music A few of  those in the wating room  started giggling so I said an ambulance with a patient on board wouldn't stop en route at a GPs surgery on their  way to the hospital. He had his Drs bag with him.She glared at the gigglers which settled things down a bit.
    A while later the Practice manager came in and gave us a thumbs up.Later she told us he was in the ambulance after an emergency call for an ambulance for a man with a serious heart conditon and history of heart attacks his condition  had grown worse not long after setting out so knowing they would pass the medical practice of the head of the NHS trust they'd pulled in to the car park and parked outside the doors. Superdoc got him breathing again and  gave him gave him an injection.
    It turned out he was a patient at the surgery. The hospital is  a fair distance away  and the crew weren't sure they'd get there in time with a lot of traffic on the roads and lots of roundabouts and busy side roads to navigate.
    Later that day youngest said it was lucky he was a patient at the surgery so got help . I told her patient or not your Superdoc  would have helped. You should know by now the oath Drs take look it up on line Your Superdoc and all those around him took that oath when they become different sorts of Drs.
    Mind you  the idiot Child Psych who'd discovered Tony Attwood and diagnosed every single child and teenager with Aspergers probably had his fingers crossed behind his back taking the oath. He was the only medic that didn't have the certiicate on his wall
    like Superdoc and the other medics. Sometimes I wondered if he'd just wandered into CAMHS one dayand no one had checked him out.
    I just thought him so appalling he wasn't fit to be a child psychiatrist, When our previous GP, The head of home schooling and her husband the EU funded home tutor social services and every one else walked out of that big room which was airless and had a lot of uncomfortable chairs arranged in a big circle so he could walk around the inner circle clutching the book written by his guru tossing quotes at us and we all voted with our feet heading downstairs and out in to the sunshine and all burst out laughing vowing never to go to those weekly  meetings again I still wasn't sure if he was real or fake and it was against medical ethics to ask our then GP. I believe she would have told me but it wasn't right to ask.
    It was a few years later when I read he had been struck off the medical register for life and never to practise again in any capacity. That made me smile until I read of the children and teenagers whose lives had been badly damaged by him and his book  the majority never were never Aspergers though they tried, You did try yourself though it wasn't the diagnosis you needed and it was many years before you got that.
    I kept wondering when you would snap but Superdoc was on the case when he came along and none of those in meetings believed his diagnosis was correct so it was pointless being there.
    I'd bought a copy what became known as the damn book by all and sundry and it no way related to you or many of the youngsters he put through those long hours all eyes had to be on him and all ears listening
    telling youngest she could take the damn book into the back garden and   tear it apart or set it on  fire helped. Tony Attwood seemed to beieve he was 1st to discover Aspergers but was so busy writing more books he seemed to have no knowledge  of Hans Asperger.
    When it was revealed Tony Attwoods son had lived under his roof for over 30 years struggling with Aspergers but the great guru hadn't noticed that it seemed unbeilevable. The books kept  being written and I never knew if was a plan to be famous wealthy or both.
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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