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    Use cooled boiled water, @burtha
    It freezes clearer. Have fun! We have to enjoy the simple things, don't we!😁
    #33 Saving for Christmas 2023
    Fashion on the ration 2021 ... 6 over Fashion on the ration 2022 ....53.5/66 Fashion on the ration 2023....100g acrylic yarn 1 coupon = 1/78
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    When I posted a few days ago I meant to ask if Mrs Farmer was ok and her work had made contact to help sort out when she would be well enough to return to work rather than feel pushed into doing so.
    I hope either way she is ok.
    I think there are a number of regulars with ereaders. I've been wondering whether to get one rather han more and more books. Years ago dd1 offered to buy me the new paperwhite kindle she'd just bought one to replace her original model. It always surprised me as her career was in selling real books.
    I had a try of hers but didn't take to it.
    Over the years I've downloaded quite a lot of ebooks to my cloud some all the way back to Elaine Colliar who was Memory Girl on Mortgage free in 3 on MSE and smaller ebooks by Rhonda Hetzel in Australia whose big hardbacks I still have.

    Most recent one I bought was for the new Windows update. I'd meant to buy the book but ordered the ebook by mistake. I can see the titles of the ebooks on the big river site in my cloud but am unable to read them.
    I'm beginning to wonder if I should buy a Kindle or something similar to access those books.
    Had an email from youngest dd earlier. She's been struggling to concentrate on books and that 2nd to last Rebus still isn't finished. She'd normally whiz through that overnight.
    So she emailed to say she was knitting. Along with make up toiletries etc her boyfriend bought her a Kindle for Christmas/ Birthday her birthday is just a few days before Christmas day so she tends to get combined presents.
    She was saying she 's knitting a cover for a Kindlle using some of the Srdar Crofter I took down to her *early in shielding  at the start of the pandemic. I'd almost forgotten filling a very large bag with yarn.
    It has reminded me of Mrs CD mentioning downloading Round about a pound a week by Maud Pember Reeves then knitting or crocheting some lovely wrist warmers from an online pattern
    Our local Hospice charity shop and the Lifeboat and Air Ambulance shops are good at collecting donations left at the end of the drive.Especially books.
    I'm wondering if anyone would recommend an e reader. There are some books i wil keep they're all shelved, organised and dusted but I don't want to leave it to someone else to have to dispose of them some time in the future
    Deliveries from the big river site are more difficult now due to unreliable couriers. Royal Mail strikes have affected the post deliveries and binmens strike followed by those at the tip taking action has meant nothing seems very normal.

    I'm not antistrikes. My own son a senior mainline train driver is on strike today as a member of ASLEF. his late dad would be horrified . He never went on strike but would never cross an official picket line.
    No winter walk to watch tonight. Just another wet and windy weather forecast though friends in Scotland have had worse. Times like this I start thinking Wind in The Willows and can humans hibernate- it didn't work last year. The fieldmice on my Brambly Hedge china wall clock had the best idea. High above the corn stalks in their snug winter quarters
    Two comfy armchairs and a roaring fire. Mr Mouse toasting his toes in his comfy chair by the fire and Mrs Mouse carrying supper in on a tray.
    I'll be so glad when spring arrives. The Christmas Gift Hyacinths I planted after various Christmases as they give me a headaache are about to flower in the front garden where i used to rehome them . So are the earliest of the Snowdrops so reasons to be cheerful on the dullest of days
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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