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    edited 16 October 2022 at 2:16PM
    Quite chilly here now still a bit of weak sun but dark clouds heading in over the sea.
    Yesterday morning I woke up feeling very cold moved over in bed to get more comfortable in bed  and try to get warm to discover mattress, and protecter , fitted flannellette sheet , top sheet and duvet on that side were soaking wet as the hot water bottle had leaked and was empty of water.
    I stripped the bed but left dealing with the mattress until I'd had a hot drink and some breakfast. Plenty of clean warm bedding but the mattress was the main problem and I wasn't keen on man handling that.
    I spent a long time thinking and decided to sleep in another room. Remembering the unused mattress intended for youmgests bed which arrived just a few days before Superdoc rang to tell her to stay indoors  and shield and her moving to be with bF and the cats I decided to sleep in her room where the bed was stripped bare for the new mattress.
    Dragged the mattress off my bed and stood it agianst a wall in a spare bedroom on it's side .And made her bed up. Ordering both mattresses we never imagined that within a couple of days life would change.It did solve the problem and I've decided mine can go. I'll replace it at some point as in normal times various offspring would come to stay and often one or two of their original rooms would be used..
    Last night I checked the hot water bottle and an identical one. The leak had obviously come from the top not the rubber and I remembered a similar thing had happened with the other though it  had just  just leaked a bit. I'd had a good look at the time and discovered  a white plastic thing at the base of the cap seemed to be sticking out curious I gave it a push and everything has been fine ever since. tried it with the other one and that's ok too now. I've never seen a cap like that before but have two functional hot water bottles . I was surprised the foggy brain remembered the time the 1st one leaked.
    I  was glad to sleep last night and now feeling the results of the lifting, heaving and shifting already taken a precooked meal out of the freezer and planning an easy day.
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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    It was Lisa Nandy and so much of the focus was on her Manchester upbringing I'm not sure if Wigan was mentioned.There are a number of good women in the shadow cabinet but I;m not fond of the deputy she used to be quite calm but I remember her starting  to appear on TV question time and other programmes  and her manner changed screeching and shouting and talking over the presenter and anyone else was lucky to get a word  in.
    She seems to spend a lot of time now walking with Keir along the road or fluttering her eyelashes at him and tossing her hair during PMQs. She knows her stuff but everything seems to be all about her and at times is very shrill and shouty.
    Rebecca Long-Bailey is good and so are many others I just think the deputy is wrong for the role and before the voting was hoping it wouldn't be her.
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
  • Floss
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    ... I thought it sounded like Rebecca Long-Bailey, the MP for Salford - I like her. She's the one who was patronised by a tory MP sneering at working class pursuits and their ignorance of Opera. Her reply was that she had been at Glyndbourne the previous evening, as a guest of one of the singers, a friend from childhood who also came from a poor working class background...
    I thought that was an excellently executed put-down!
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  • MrsFarmer19
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    Morning all!

    Feeling quite positive today, have spent half an hour sorting washing & putting things away, my bedroom is now tidy & it just needs hoovered/dusted/windows cleaned tomorrow.  Then I'll start on the spare room I think - much bigger job as that's where everything that doesn't have a home goes to!
    Heavy rain again overnight, was worried about my daughter getting home from work last night as the roads are quite flooded here, anyway a nice young lad had spotted her in her car contemplating going through a big flood on the road and he'd got out of his car and guided her through!  She's only been passed her test for a month so still just learning and now it's dark when she's driving that's a whole new experience for her. 
    Nice and sunny here now, the doctor did mention the lack of sunlight where I work as there's no windows in the hospital basement so for my 10 hour shift I get no natural light at all, I'm soaking it up now though  :)

    Hope everyone is doing ok!
    Weak sun but cold here today,  It's nice there are nice helpful people who guide someone through a flood without even being asked . A relief for you and your daughter.
    Do you take Vitamin D? Youngest dd is immunesuppressed and on bright sunny days has to wear big sunglasses to prevent damage to her eyes along with her other prescribed meds Vitamin D and others are   are on repeat..
    She does stay out of the sun as much as possible but at times can't she'll go in the garden for a while wearing the sunglasses but isn't getting the natural sunshine vitamin and the supplement provides that.
    Ten hours in a basement without windows sounds odd no wonder you soak up the sun when you can though winter isn't so sunny.

    Hi Polly

    Yes, I'm also taking vitamin D to help me get better!  

  • pollyanna_26
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    gran3 said:
    I've met Lisa Nandy briefly and she was lovely. She doesn't sit with Starmer, that's Angela Rayner . It was a Question Time audience and she was the only one who came to chat with the audience. Quasi Quartang was patronising and in my opinion smarmy. BTW I have no political affiliations, just what I made of them on the night.
    I am aware Angela Rayner sits next to Starmer as the deputy however many in the party see her as someone who deters voters either at local or general election times.
    There has never been a Labour mp in the area I live  in since it was established in 1885. It was always Liberal or Tory mps in general elections. Later that became Tory or Libdem. Libdem had the power more in recent times especially in local elections but the previous Lib Dem MP who was pretty hopeless lost his seat in 2017 to a Tory MP aka The Invisible Man  as he is seldom seen and doesn't respond to constituents .  On his website it's always ready to help but those with serious problems never get a reply.
    During the most recent  local elections Labour won some seats from the Tores and LibDems they already had a few. It coincided with Labour voting on the shadow cabinet .
    We'd just heard which seats labour had gained locally when the result of the shadow cabinet vote came through. One of the  questions asked during the local election campaigns before  the new shadow cabinet was sorted was along the lines of " Who is that woman always shouting on tv and not letting anyone get a word in"
    It was very annoying so many good MPs but she was the one putting people off. I always follow PMQs but put the kettle on when she's in full flow.
    Question Time was where I first saw her shouting people down or talking over somone. It was a programme I watched reguarly but I'd mute the sound when she was on.So many good MPs but she seemed to dominate the media,.It was always a relief when one of those  like Lisa ,Rebecca or any of the MPs were on TV  who would give a calm, balanced reply.
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
  • -taff
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    Just going to wave at Monna should she be floating about like a weird untethered balloon, and say thanks for the mattress topper review Mrs CD....
    Shampoo? No thanks, I'll have real poo...
  • MrsCD
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    edited 30 October 2022 at 4:46PM
    @-taff we're still doing ok with the mattress topper  a few weeks on. My dad likes his too, so that's a win for us all!

    Hope you got your phonecall with OT sorted @MrsFarmer19 and can continue your getting better process. A short bit time outside works wonders, I've found. This time of year, with all the rich colours has a healing effect that nothing else has.

    Had my covid jab yesterday and feel rubbish today. DD was the aame a few weeks ago. OK on the Saturday then woke up aching all over, and brain fog started mid morning.  Keep falling asleep too. Hopefully it won't last long.

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  • pollyanna_26
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    edited 30 October 2022 at 9:50PM
    Morning all

    Been a bit of a lull on here for a few days so I thought I'd bore you all with my not very interesting few days!  ;)

    Survived the wedding on Saturday, lasted from 11am till 5pm then had to leave as I wasn't really feeling that sociable, luckily my other half is being great and totally understood so we both came home! (might have had something to do with him not particularly enjoying wearing a suit as he's used to wellies & farm clothes every day haha)
    Had a wedding guest staying at my house thurs-tues, was my other halves uncle that lives hundreds of miles away, never met him before and he was a very very quiet man in his late fifties, was quite hard work making conversation with him every day, luckily he spent quite a lot of time with the rest of the family most days so I just had to entertain him over breakfast every day! Anyway, he left yesterday and I now have the house to myself!

    Felt very anxious this morning, had appointment at vets with dog, she's stalled a bit the past few days so they've done her bloods and taken swabs etc this morning to see if she's developed resistance to the treatment that she's been on, such a worry as she's a lovely dog but she's really not well at all.

    We've just got home, so I'm having a coffee, got some stuff out of freezer for supper later - bacon, sausages, black pudding etc, so having a fry up tonight.  

    Had a phone appointment booked with work occupational health yesterday at 2.30pm, when they sent the appointment I replied and told them it was fine but they'd need to ring me on my landline as my mobile signal is terrible here.  Waited for the call and heard nothing by 3pm, then at 3am this morning my phone pinged with a voicemail from them (takes a while for me to get voicemails).  I'm so annoyed as I specifically told them to ring me on my landline, considering I'm signed off with anxiety/depression this has not helped at all as I'm now worrying that they'll think I missed the appointment on purpose! Ugh!

    Anyway, apart from all that things are fine here  :D the weather is a bit crappy, very heavy showers then bright sunshine and quite a blustery wind too.

    Hope everyone is ok, sorry for the boring post!

    Glad the wedding was ok. We're lucky not to have appts go wrong. Youngest has an app on her phone, I can't even begin to understand apps but she gets all messages and updates now so I'm not constantly hanging on the landline and she's good at keepig track. Iseem to have spent most of her life on the phone ad it makes a big difference not having to do that anymore. Ihave friends who are farmers or smallholders so understand the not enjoying wearing a suit it's very uncomfortable for many of them . It sounds as though you managed your anxiety over having a guest staying.
    I hope you get some positive  news about your little dog.
    One thing I found over the years was if one of youngest meds didn't seem to be working there is always other things to try and our GP would always find an alternative. Three of my dds have Labs and the vet has always managed to find a solution so hopefully yours will.
    We haven't had many problems with NHS calls. Until youngest went for the app calss here would be missed as a few would ring out of the blue. Back then my landline would pick up those calls so when I noticed the message flashing I could listen to the message.
    Hospitals were a problem as a lot of time it would show as a withheld no. Sometimes they would say ringing from so and so hospital and I could phone them back others they wouldn't say where they were phoning from so I began keeping all the hospital and clinic numbers in my diary copied from all the letters we'd recieved and sometimes I'd be lucky with the first number I tried or would have to try a few.. It always struck me as odd that those contacting somone with anxiety. depression etc would mess things up . That was why I became youngests appointee with both NHS and DWP as she couldn't cope with random phone calls . She has a degree of nerve deafness which made matters worse.
    Having the apps is something she can cope with. In your circumstances there should be a better way for Work OH to contact you.
    3 am in the morning is not appropriate when you've been signed off with anxiety/depression and should be resting in the early hours and trying to rest.
    I think it unlikely they would think you missed the appt on purpose but if they do I'd be voting with my feet, Not many people are expecting a call in the middle of the night;
    I don't find your posts boring,everyone has a story My youngest had a great deal of support from online freinds when she was struggling. It helps to know you aren't alone. I've been MIA for a while.
     Today is the first day I've felt in any way functional after  lifting and shifting big heavy mattresses to make up beds in other  bedrooms.
    My ribs have only just stopped hurting. Iwas wondering if I'd done some damage as I could barely move.. A friend emailed me why didn't you make up a bed on the comfy sofa? That was a real doh moment I felt like Homer Simpson. I was thinking if I still felt in so much pain today I'd phone the Drs tomorrow but last night I managed to chance the clocks which don;t change automatically even my bone china Brambley Hedge wall clock I've had since 1989 . Normally I lift it carefully off the wall always afraid I'd drop it.I cheated and just moved it back an hour. It's survived four children and a tabby who spent a lot of time balancing on top of the TV trying to reach it. It does show the harvest mice of Brambly hedge so not sure if that was his aim. Amazingly although he spent a lot of time climbing the shelves of the welsh dresser over the years and I used to have to run to rescue all the rest of brambly hedge everything stayed safe though I was exhausted catching thing he'd dislodged everything survived. I'd been collecting them for many years.
    The wall clock went on sale after Jill Barklem who wrote the books and did the lovely pictures of the animals of Brambly Hedge died young so it was very precious . Showing the Harvest Mice tucked up in their little home, a roaring fire their welsh dresser comfy armchairs and upstairs furniture.
    I bought the books over the years to read to my children the dds loved them. Son wasn;t so impressed more interested in football and I suspect as he was the oldest and tallest probably grew tired of me shouting quick grab Ollie Mog he's climbing the sheles again.
    I looked at the clock a few hours ago and it's keeping perfect time. When it arrived the instructions from Royal Doulton were to remove the clock from the wall and alter the time using the little dial on the back. I took a chance  and left it on the wall and moved the hands  and thankfully it worked. I've been remembering all the times I dithered since the late 80s afriad of dropping the clock. Everyone used to make themselves scarce twice a year clocks forward or back.
    I don't know if you are receiving medication or support from your GP  but ours would have words to say about work interfering when you are signed off,
    I hope the Vit D is helping damp and dreary here and the falling leaves are soggy.
    ETA Youngest has a very good signal for her mobile so the apps that work for her may not be suitable for you.
    Her bf has been working from home since the start of the pandemic in a support role for the NHS so it's like tech central there.
    I am wondering if contacting your GP may help sort out the problem with work.
    Let us know how things are with little dog./
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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