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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Lovely day here and not all of it spent at work.

    Eating the most delicious fruit scone. That I'd made!

    A few people that I knew were in today so a few wee chats. I still get asked 'how are you' usual response is 'okay thanks' but then I get the but HOW are you really? Are you going back to Australia? Do you think you will? HOW are you? And I just smile (outwardly) whilst thinking inwardly ' stop being so blooming I ask HOW you really are and need to know what you're doing next week? Someone I know who also lived overseas did this whole rigmarole today ( was trying to avoid her but couldn't quite) and then she said she'd done her time overseas and was over it and didn't I agree and I stood and thought I'm standing here because my husband died not because I was fed up! Anyway I smile sweetly!

    Finished at 12. Home and quick change and then DD and I went to see the niecelys. They had friends over who I've known forever so was lovely to see them. We all went a lovely woodland walk.

    Had a mooch round some charity shops. Got a dress for £1 and a pair of trousers for £1 . Both black will do work. A lovely sea/beach picture for £1.50 and a door stop for £3. Save the living room door slamming if the patio doors are open.

    We had takeaway for tea but collected it. Had a nice chat round the table. We have sorted a date to scatter my husband's ashes next month. It was never the right time before but it is now. We had all discussed it before he died so knew what and where he wanted. I quite like having him beside my bedside but know he would want to be 'free' .

    A colleague sprayed the last perfume he had bought me today and the intensity of emotion was overwhelming. I miss him so much. It was the perfume I wore as a wife. He had always bought me perfume and because I've lived life simply past 2 years it never occurred to buy my own. I've hardly needed it for pulling weeds and walking the dog. So just to smell it today was too much.

    Popped out to drop a friends birthday gift off and then went to park on way home and had a nice walk. Then walked dog and my ankles were bitten by blooming midges!
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Friday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) A morning of invigilation.

    3) Hens OK and I spoke to the allotment owner for a while.

    4) Tidied up a bit.

    5) More photos from bigger son, mainly of lots of school children gathering around him! And a mention of a girl in his class who is called Swostika, which is slightly unfortunate. (I know, it was originally a Hindu word and symbol).

    6) Chips from the van for tea.

    7) Lots of tv watching this evening.
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  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Tricky week over. New exhaust alread
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    'People don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."
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  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    y [email protected]£220, but after delivering further wedding greenery in Town of Gown, clutch went��. Didn't know that's what it was, but was stuck in access run-in, unable to reverse out/engage gear at all, at commuter homecoming/parking time.
    So, more jolly, with past month's unforeseen expenses in mind(mower,cooker, exhaust)+ planned ones: car tax, Devon last week, next week Scotland+3concerts+accommodation, Bastille Day France+4nts Lille, coupled with no Spits, thanks to thumb.
    Such is Life, but Mse ways keep things copable and & is grateful for Fenboys yet again. Elder S was luckily in phone range, diagnosed trouble, talked & through making engine turn, after 1st or 3rd gear engagement, then limping back, long slow journey and same again y'day oui, commuter hours again. Many, many cuttings out and restarts, but managed both, blinkers on throughout and following traffic generally forebearing.

    1. Amazement on reaching yard and there was younger brother., having discharged himself post-surgery! 'Too much work on. Can't stand hospitals. Now &, not another exhaust???....��.'
    Immediately, J manoeuvred all 5 other jobs I could see on both ramps, hoist, both pits, called up 4 due in, explaining delay. All affable. & watched, listened, during thorough, lengthy diagnosis. Fixable, DG, min. 3hrs' labour, once bits on site. Would this be ok?
    Ok? So grateful, all over again - & had feared new vehicle.
    Done, away in time for...

    2. Tutoring at 5. Missed last week (Devon) and will miss next. Again, such appreciation of & from whole family, but equally & sees education so much valued by them all. Increasingly, wish both girls had been able to stay at/attend St Benedict's. Teaching, ethos, behaviour standards and expectations are patently lower. It's grim, such a shameful waste, across all aspects of school life. Both girls are gifted athletes too, but being snubbed, despite recording fastest times during trials over last fortnight for upcoming inter-school events. More absolute wrongs in French and Spanish and English. No textbooks. No Library since last year! - while new one under construction.
    Yes, yes, thankyou Sheikh Mohammed, but this is not how your donation should be messed with, nor to sticky plaster savage government cuts. Girls' work regularly lost, unmarked, not returned. Constant supply teacher turnover. & will continue as long as poss./wanted. These children are gifted, parents emphatically supportive, involved, family life fun, sound and loving. Teachers have ignored bullying+abuse concerns, ignored questions from reports, which are shabbily ccp'd meaningless gobbledygook, even repeated 3x in one subject box! Nothing personally written. Marks/grades wrong. Where all of this is concerned, & is utterly with bop and bop's Mum re: standards and discipline. Teaching is a vocation! I see little evidence of it and this is rabid old Leftie & speaking. I see firefighting and makeshift desperation, and switch-off survival mode for self-preservation in operation.
    Enough, &.

    3. Enjoyed my rtc sole fillets.

    4. Canicule forecast in France. 40C. Yes, poses dangers, but UK summer has been a joke so far. & hoping for decent forthcoming month ici et là. NZ schoolfriends sending winter pics+temps, saying Brrrr!.....14-19.5C. Yes, D, higher than here.

    5. Cricket! What a result for Sri Lanka!

    6. Nurse removed another missed stitch. Thumb still swollen, tender, but mostly knitted, only half gappy now. Back again today/Monday.
    Thermoses soaking nicely with washing soda+boiling water, to de-tannin insides. Always an easy, shiny, feel-good result:-)

    Jumble sale later. On verra.
    Raffles, please sort it. Yellow thing.
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
    'People don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."
    Norman Kirk, NZLP- Prime Minister, 1972
    'It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere' François-Marie AROUET

  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Oh, Bohemian Rhapsody missed, thanks to clutch biz, but refund in process, which helps. Was all dressed up, ready to rock and swirl, vaguely Frida Kahlo, for fantastic Freddie-ness occasion. Might re-try, Fen Ditton upcoming.
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
    'People don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."
    Norman Kirk, NZLP- Prime Minister, 1972
    'It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere' François-Marie AROUET

  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Day off. House is tidy . Washing done and dried on the line.

    2. Some time spent in the garden. Did some weeding and planting plants out.

    3. Back is much better.

    4. Had a bbq and it was lovely for us all sitting and eating together.

    5. Warm and sunny.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Home now so recent pleasures,

    A little in love with Northumberland, it’s scenery, it’s cleanliness compared to here litter wise and how friendly folk are, we will definitely go back.

    For example a trip to Hexham and most of the parking there is free providing you have a disc, I approached a gentlemen in car park asking where one could be purchased and he promptly handed over his own with a smile and a comment to the fact that we were visitors to his town, such kindness.

    Walking through large park in middle of town and a couple of guys sitting on bench being photographed having obviously just got married in nearby council offices, they looked so happy just had to offer my own congratulations.

    Sitting in pub garden enjoying glass of local brew and got chatting to a couple of ladies from Sheffield who had two spaniels with them, all dogs much admired and cuddled especially our girlies dark choc colour.

    Final visit to Cresswell beach but a good amount of it’s sand seems to have come home with us!

    Better journey home than on the way up, helped greatly by listening to T Oberman reading You will be safe here, hard listening at times but oh my what a story.

    Our climbing rose is out in all its glory and the trellis is a blaze of pink.

    I changed the bed the morning we left so the never-ending pleasure of climbing into a clean bed and your own bed!
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    For yesterday
    1) Back to work - a morning of emails (bleuh) but all seems to have ticked over nicely
    2) graduation lunch courtesy of the Principal. Have been invited for the last 5 years as a member of senate and always been away. Was great. I sat between the Lord Provost and a retired GP.
    3) then off to the robing room but have own academic gown. chatted to the outgoing DUSA team (student union exec) till it was time for
    4) academic procession from city chambers across the square to the Caird Hall and up onto the stage for
    5) graduation. There are 6 ceremonies in June, medicine being the last on the Friday afternoon. A very good friend was receiving an honorary doctorate, and another a PhD. Plus of course all our medical students. then
    6) skies opened as we tried to walk solemnly out of the hall and back to city chambers, while a local pipe band played Scotland the Brave. then
    7) Global room for fizz and canapes with post-grad students then
    8) Garden party then
    9) pub with colleague and one of our masters students, over from Oz (!) but she does have a daughter here on a gap year. wobbleade was consumed then switched to water. then
    10) another pub where my prof doc was celebrating (i kept to water) then
    bed zzzzzzzz and not up till 12 noon today.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    The scent of roses in the sun.

    Goldfinches in the road as I walked to work at lunchtime, love their little red and white clown faces.

    A gruffalo book surfaced from donations in the shop which I have bought to replace the one the Grandpickles lost.

    A cup of tea in the garden in the sun which dear old HWK had ready when I walked in the door, bless him!

    Some really nice people who came into the shop this afternoon, some smiles, some happy finds and some generous donations over what we had priced things at, it's really a much nicer world than is usually portrayed!
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    PM2DD I am think that I could write about fires, diddlers and things this day. The profanity filer would stop one and … Oh, it seems that The Mariners are to be bought!
    Can't see me tears of joy for the rusting bus shelter down the A!8 in Scoooonts Town!

    The cat is out of the bag! And is not Raffles doing well YELLOW

    No on too other BoP ditties of the day!

    Was inn town yesterday. Our kids had again walked out of skool. But the litter and leaflets were strewn again! Had a wobbleade and a chink. Tasty.

    Watching the India Afghan match … Could be?

    Had pie and chips for lunch, oven baked topped with proper pan gravy.

    You can bet your life it was!

    That's is it today.
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