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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    A good day at the shop, hadn't intended to do the afternoon but was asked if I could last minute and made my best sale ever of £54 not bad for a charity shop!

    A lovely Mantaray top for me for £1.

    Chinese takeaway for supper last night as I was pretty tired and HWK said let's get something in, don't cook tonight.

    The sun is shining and it looks fair set to be dry for most of the day with just a chance of showers.

    In the shop again this morning covering another shift and looking forward to it as the people who come in are getting to know me and starting to chat rather than just shop, think I'm beginning to earn my 'village place' which is really a pleasure.
  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Saw earlier that it's rained again overnight, but
    waking thought was dreadful news, given late yesterday: a sudden death, young woman, within our rugby-watching group in The Alma.
    Nothing more known at present.

    1. & had been in The Alma earlier, cricketing, after delivering much h-g wedding greenery to someone in Town of Gown. NZ Captain's knock did it!, through choppy middle waters.
    &'s arrival caused Guptill to twirly-clunk his own stumps, then make us quickly lose 2 more....

    2. Gathering and delivering that herbage has been an osp - thyme, rosemary, lemon balm and many different mints, as requested by bride. Have been potting a fair few on for person doing these dec.s, for any future needs. She caters, decorates, has newly qualified to officiate. Newly elected councillor, too.

    3. NHS. Village surgery. Grateful again. Another nurse checked, removed last suture, also repeated severe warnings.
    Probably as well & isn't Spits-ing today. Thumb stingy sore, swollen, slightly open. Back again tmrw.

    4. Chatty catch-up with The Alma's D, just as he rtnd from week of Polish summer, 30C, wife and son remaining further fortnight. D is covered in swollen mosquito bites, hoped baby wouldn't be now their fave munch is back in UK.

    5. Fenboy jnr's Addenbrookes surgery, latest episode, 1 of 2 this time, is safely over.
    >Abbey stadium, for Bohemian Rhapsody outdoor screening later, &'s 1st on terra firma:-)
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
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  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    I see some robot on inkled with a red hair has taken away knowledge from others due to her perceived position. No, I is not talking all fours, but it seems those too educated seem to think they is immune from being fleeced. Oh bother they is not!

    Now where was BoP on his daily ditty!

    I hear that a Indian magician trying out a Harry Houdini stunt of being shackled into a river, is missing.
    Alright I has bin on the farcebucks again, and to think no Avon rep opportunities came my way this day! No, just a silly game of the six word horror stories.
    Yous no get BoP doing it?

    On other news, cake was excellent last eve, served with proper cocoa and crumpets. Proper buttered and marmite. No bored beens were eaten! Thre brewed curry, tasty. Rite tasty was it!

    The Bank of Engerland food coupon was spent last night, and BoP has change. That is what it is like to guard your hard earned dosh.

    Nows as yous knows that BoP does not like HR types, humane remains. Well at our mill we has rid ourselves of these evils. No longer do we has the HR. We has the People Services! No, I still prefer Personnel! Wander whens they will change the name again. Perhaps it protects their innocence!

    Now mes is reading about the 100th anniversary of the Versailles Treaty. I see that Soldiers off the Streets rehoused another fallen comrade the other day, and it is around 200 years since the vagrancy act came into force. This was to deter old soldiers from sleeping rough in the streets! Napoleonic soldiers, 100 years ago we had the same, today we are no further forward!

    Rite, I am chomping on the burger this day from the chuck wagon. We have a good one just up from the mill race.

    Enuff BoP ditties for this day!

    I am a 3 radical?
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Pleasures for yesterday

    1. Early train to London, got my favourite seat. Only one egg and one rosti though for brekkie, but two coffees
    2. Supervisor brought in thorntons choccies
    3. Which were nicer than the meeting itself. These are tough now as they are pushing to complete and it seems 'it'll do' will not, in fact, do. The pleasure is that they still really like the nature of the content and this is all, apparently, normal. I just need to keep editing
    4. Decent train back, ate my salad

    5. Salmon for tea and work, work, work

    Have a good day, folks. Mhags, enjoy DD being home
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    & look after that thumb please!

    I am so tired but have done lots today

    Woke earlier than needed but just got up. Hung out 2 loads of washing.

    Work! Sigh! Still loving it but day 14 in a row! Just worked till 12. Came home and picked up DD1.

    We had a supermarket lunch! I'd a toastie. Filled up on petrol. Popped in to town to go to bank and pay a cheque in.

    Then we hit the charity shops. I got a haul. I have to wear black to work and as I've said before it's not my colour. However I now have quite a few new tops. A couple of green cardigans and a blue and white stripy add to the others...never have too many! 3 pairs of trousers ( a size down and still a bit tight ) a lovely green skirt.

    Popped into florist and they'd just had a delivery of peonies. DD bought me a bunch.

    Niecelys had popped in so a quick squidge with baby.

    Stopped off at castle . We are getting a tree for OH birthday so we'd been sent a photo and went and found it.

    Having fajitas for tea. RTC veggies.
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    DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    hello all, DD is back.
    PM2BOP hosting Middlesborough 2nd August
    1) getting to Rhodes. Despite leaving the train before the train before the train that should have got me to Newcastle on time i missed my flight. (Combination of a very sad person ending their life in front of the earlier train, 2 sets of lines down and a broken down train had me arrive 4 hours later than intended) Was able to transfer to flight from Leeds /Bradford next day, stay at a friend's house overnight, then train down Thursday.
    2) fabulous hotel in Rhodes with sea view and balcony, swimming pool, amazing buffet breakfast and dinner.
    3) ex phd student was holidaying 10 minutes away so met him and his bf for coffee on his last day
    4) 2 museums, 3 churches, 1 monastery, butterfly valley, 2 boat trips (with stops for swimming in the sea), 1 city tour bus, 6.5 books read, several crosswords completed, swimming in the pool and of course lots of food, wine and laughter with the 3 friends i was holidaying with.
    5) back to Hartlepool very late, slow start this morning, walk along the beach and fish and chips, then train to newcastle then 1st class back to Dundee as managed to get a ticket for only £5 more :D
    Tomorrow is graduation :D
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Quick pleasures for today (Thursday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Did a morning of invigilation. Realised one of the pupils was the son of someone I went to school with.

    3) Hens OK.

    4) Went to Croome (NT) with smaller son.

    5) Stopped at the butchers (Narraways - of rugby fame) for some pies for tea.

    6) Watched Holby then Ambulance.

    7) 2 lovely videos sent by bigger son. He has been organising a sort of sports day so one video showed him racing the children (he gave everyone a piggy back!) and another video is he and the children doing press ups. All in near 40 degree heat. :-D
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Good day.

    1. Back much improved. Still feeling straighter.

    2. Worked with someone I like and someone else not too keen on. It was ok.

    3. Chat with a neighbour.

    4. Had a bonfire in the garden.

    5. Tried another new recipe and is one I will use again.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Again BoP was testing his beach ready body inn the gym last eve. Looks fab for the next live appearance soon at the JAM. More later.

    Nows BoP is watching the flix of net thing about roasts and the one with the plump Diana is a must see! See it now before it gets withdrawn in the uk because too many melts object! Jeff Ross Historical Roasts. Got it.

    Has the Warster big train booked for later as BoP is inn to town this eve, with red paint. Chink and wobbleades shall be purchased. More later. Bored Bins will not be eated!

    BoPsie raided the coop this morning and has bagged the last packet of crumpets. Later, after the big train to Warster has dumped BoP back home, one shall be toasted, buttered and marmite will be added. That is a proper supper and not like some of the carp foods I has red on here! Wobbleade will be drunk.

    PM2DD Dates set in dairy for the Scoonts and other games!

    Colleague at work is off to the kite show in Paris. He agrees that France is the world’s most boring country. So although I left my leather jacket there in 1984, BoP has no intent on going back. There, travelogues from BoP. Just like getting it from the horse itself! Yous do nots needs that adviser of trips to tell you that either!

    Just checked me matrass for me pennies and shuffle them around as I do every FryDay, and me top up pension is not too bad. That as BoP does looks after the pennies he is able to wander into town tonight on the Big Paddington train and has some decent slosh with BoPsie. Please do not treat that as financial advice, as next weak, the gains made this weak could be wiped off the bored! If that happens, there be plenty of hawks who will take more money off you in pretence of give inn you compensate, but in reality it is long term! Avoid!

    More on BoP’s night out tomorrow evening! Obviously he could do it earlier, but to be frank, today is POETS day and I don’t give too hoots!

    On abouts Raffles, he climbed up onto the garage last nite in search of a decent supper as well. He has now got his act together for the yellow thing. In case you has missed what the yellow thing is, it hangs most days in the blue yonda!

    Think not to be inhospitable to others, but an angel in disguise.
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    HWK is discharged from hospital care after his final hernia check this morning.

    Beauty in unlikely places in the form of a bank of mallow flowers beautiful purple in the sun growing long the roadside verge and in a not used carpark I walked through to get to Tesco some flower beds with St.Johns Wort in which had grown to 4 or so feet high and were covered with it's bright yellow flowers, it was gorgeous.

    Washing is dry on the line today.

    Had lunch in the garden in the sun, OH YES!

    Bought some local strawberries for my tea, all for me as HWK doesn't like them and they smell fantastic.
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