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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    2 paper backs, one from DF of an original Down with Skool from 1955, a Terry Prachett book and a Kindle yup issues concentrating.

    I had a Seventies edition of Down with Skool and now have The Complete Molesworth. I always thought Theresa May bore a remarkable resemblence to the skool dog.

    I've read all TP's adult books, and most of his children's fiction. It's one of the YA books that is my favourite - I Shall Wear Midnight, with Hogfather a close second.
    Erma Bombeck, American writer: "If I had my life to live over again... I would have burned the pink candle, sculptured like a rose, that melted in storage." Don't keep things 'for best' - that day never comes. Use them and enjoy them now.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Exciting times, Kittikins!

    Pleasures for today (Saturday).

    1) A lie in.

    2) Hens OK.

    3) Went to carpet town where bigger son spent his Christmas money on a new pair of trainers and a rucksack. Smaller son bought some new computer headphones.

    4) Smaller son then went to hire a football pitch with his friends and onto McDs for tea.

    5) Made a huge casserole for tea plus 2 portions (complete with a dumpling) went in the freezer.

    6) Watched Casualty.
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    ampersandampersand Forumite
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    1. & is in lane 82b, ready to board a little boatie asap, sailing @2bells :-)))))).

    2. Don't look in &obile. In the end, just heaved heaps in. Lots is being given anyway. It doesn't matter. The main thing is to be O-F-F.

    3. & notes your book and b'day mentions, McCulloch:-). Have The LPB with me; t'other, & edition, is mercredi prochain, which is rather why & is proceeding>big big sud, back to old and happy stamping ground. Will rtn to UK a year older.

    4. Managed to squeeze time in for SRUFC v Dorking 2nd half and 57-24 is a You Beaut! early pressie result, merci millefois:-))). Some absolutely cracking phases of play and tries. New young Captain/coach is having real effect. Our 3rds walloped loathed local rivals, too, 59-11. Good good good. & has hopes of seeing her beloved Rouges et Noirs play at Stade Mayol samedi prochain.

    5. It's very cold, wet, very blowy here in Dover. Conscious I am travelling on 3rd anniversary of Charlie Hebdo attacks. The madness of jaffahead's 'stable genius' self-evident insanity actually gives me hope.
    Not feeling great, so am glad to be on my way to warmer climes, my old stamping ground, my oldest nthn hemi friend. Surprised to find self declaring anniversaire here, but recent events have ramped up &'s already not inconsiderable Soddit levels:-)

    Right a DFDSer is striding about.

    Let's board! Let's sail! On y va))). Should get down into my beloved Var late Mon, early Tues.
    CAP[UK]for FREE EXPERT DEBT&BUDGET HELP:[URL="tel:01274760720"]01274 760720[/URL], freephone0800 328 0006
    'People don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."
    Norman Kirk, NZLP- Prime Minister, 1972
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  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Couple of days behind so here goes:


    1. Recycling collected & should all be back to usual collection dates next week

    2. Large sm own brand meaty pizza devoured with extra toppings added (sliced mushroom & green pepper) yum yum tum tum!

    3. Finished last of the apple & berry crumble (warmed) with custard - yummy.

    4. DH had enough paint to finish walls in spare room - looks so much brighter.

    5. Picked a box to start decluttering & found some really old workplace swimming club paperwork & articles + workplace cricket club paperwork (I was a scorer for a few years & the first female invited on tour!). It was lovely to reminisce about being fit, swimming 500 yds in rivers (the paperwork is REALLY old) & remembering that I was s.c. Secretary for several years.

    6. Also in same box found mementos of a couple of holidays - one to Boston, U.S.A. & the other to the Lake District - more happy reminiscences!

    Unfortunately the box is nowhere near sorted!


    1. Did the shredding from yesterday’s box - half a black bin bag - our council class shredding as rubbish not recycling.

    2. Took down XMas cards - made a note of who sent then shredded, recycled but kept 4 special ones.

    3. First attempt at hm soup - leek & potato but tweaked by grating in carrot & parsnip lurking in the fridge. Used my hand held blender (won in a comp many years ago) for the first time in several years.

    4. Hm Stilton & walnut scones. I surprised myself, the scones rose properly & were delicious with the rather tasty hm soup.

    5. Plenty of soup left for Sunday + only cooked half the scone mix so warm scones for Sunday as well!

    Positive vibes & virtual ((((hugs)))) to everyone but double doses to those who need or want them.

    Mrs SD��
  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Have a great time!
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    VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Hello from my bed in the Atlantic..

    Pleasures for Friday

    1 we collected the 'new to us' car after DS wrote off the old one on Boxing Day. We had made provision as we knew it's days were numbered. I want to call it Buddy, but DD wants Belle
    2. Had soup from freezer for lunch
    3. Good train journey to gatwick. Still quiet out even tho it was 5 o clock on Friday.
    4. Had excellent meal in premier inn at gatwick. Most unexpected
    5. As everyone there was travelling to or from holiday the atmosphere was great

    And yesterday

    1. Arrived at airport to find Wetherspoons is closed for refurb so had breakfast in a Lebanese restaurant. Most delicious
    2. Flight was exceptionally bumpy at times :eek: I am not a great flier despite having done so much of it (edit, why has this been given as a pleasure??? Probably because we arrived safely)
    3. Island (La Palma) looks beautiful. Can't wait to explore
    4. Lunch outside in warm sunshine.
    5. We hadn't thought about it being epiphany and all supermarkets being closed so we have little food. Luckily our local restaurant was open and our meal there was excellent. Hoping to find something open today, otherwise it's crisps, nuts, biscuits and half a pizza each....

    (I am glossing over the fact that it rained yesterday, definitely not a pleasure

    Have a nice day all
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  • house_elfhouse_elf Forumite
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    Bon Voyage to & and Vjsmum very envious, as work looms for me tomorrow :(


    1. Pressing the button to submit my assignment.

    2. Rearranging the dining room for a buffet Saturday.

    3. Decided to go out for tea at Ed’s Diner. 50% off.........Restaurant closed at 7pm! :mad: .........continued on to Grand Central.......takeaway only :mad:.......ordered takeaway........took so long, we asked to sit in a booth........when food arrived, waiter suggested we stay and eat it, as it seemed silly to move :rotfl:

    4. Finished watching the Feud. Now need to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

    5. Booked our holiday.


    1.Mr A was empty. Got some kitch Xmas crockery rtc for silly presents.

    2. Pottering about making buffet food.

    3. Silly Christmas with the Kranks themed buffet. Re arranged from last week, as people were ill. It did mean keeping the Xmas decos up, but was silly and fun. The gauntlet is down for more film inspired meals :rotfl:

    4. Silly Xmas crockery presents were a success.

    5. Used up lots of food in the fridge, but now have leftovers :rotfl:

    Have a lovely day :)
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Enjoy holidays. Wishing you all warm, sunny weather.

    1. Met a friend for coffee. Had a long chat and caught up with lots of news.

    2. Did more ironing. Trying to iron more often rather than having an enormous amount to do.

    3. We all went to my sister's for a family get together. Lots of talk and laughter. All received a present from a roll of toilet paper, an old pound coin to box of chocs to a large bar of toblerone. All sorted and wrapped by my niece and nephew.

    4. A quiz and then charades.

    5. DS2 managed to fix his own dislocated finger so no A and E visit required. He did it playing rugby.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Happy holidays to & and VJSMUM also enjoy your birthday whilst you are away Ampersand!

    Saturday pleasures,

    Thick, thick fog at home disappeared half a mile from yard so Lulu went out into cold sunshine.

    Eggy bread and fried tomatoes when got home.

    The peanut bird feeder had fell from its branch and one of the woodpeckers had claimed it for his own.

    Meal out with pals, my friend and I were the only ones not driving so shared a bottle of wine, the pasta helped soak it up.

    Started the third book in latest R Hobb series, you know when you can't wait but in another way don't want to because you know it's the last one.....:o
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    1) Coffee out at the garden centre where I also found in the sale some Sophie Conran dishes in the style that dd2 loves at a price that I could afford. They came home with me for her birthday in February.

    2) Reduced bread pudding too! (and maybe, just maybe a couple of reduced macaroons fell into the basket too!)

    3) Trip out to a local antiques emporium that also has a traditional toy shop resulted in 3 lovely Melissa and Doug presents for the grandpickles for next Christmas, a floor puzzle of Animals in alphabetical order and a wooden tray puzzle for Oreo and a set of vehicle stamps and an ink pad for the Zebra.

    4) Found sticker books yesterday and pop up Christmas cards for them both at half price.

    5) French Onion Soup and crumpets had for lunch a few minutes ago, I used some damaged onions that hadn't kept terribly well in storage and made the soup. was 'licious!

    I've just got back from a glorious walk along the footpaths in the sun and I found the first snowdrops out and open shining in the sun, so lovely so there is a 6th pleasure today and I can smell Spring snapping at the ankles of winter and you can almost feel the trees holding back their buds with an effort. Many many catkins wide open and 'lambs taily' on the hazel bushes too, lifts the spirits beyond belief!
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