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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    #RAF100 in 85 Days!

    Now what is it with you lots and that Jim wag? Is he some wander cook or has he got any skills? Proper food is done with what you have, and making it into something tasty! Enough of this dismal debacle around here! Away!

    LaineyT wrote: »
    Turkey and ham pie for tea with roast parsnips, mashed carrot and swede.
    Ah, proper food swede and carrot mash!

    5 Good at the club last night, first time banter was back since just afore easter. Bloody projector problems though with sound so I will have to sort out again! Usual rules, no one noticed!

    4 Down at mill and the end of the week is nigh upon the furnaces! New bales of cotton are sourced for the coming months. Always slow thirst week back in the ponds!

    3 Inn BoP’s lunch box today we still have a supply of cakes of Jaffa, as well as Salad, cake of xmas

    2 Nite BoP will be watching the latest Grand Tour. More later!

    And again the Life of BoP is varied!
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  • house_elfhouse_elf Forumite
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    BoP Grand Tour :rotfl:
    & Archers :mad: I hope you enjoy your trip. It sounds like you need a break with some R&R.
    VJsmum Glad all went well.

    Hugs to all that need one.


    1. Working on my assignment. I have dreaded having to finish it, but on the other hand, I have really enjoyed the luxury of being able to concentrate without interruption. I have submitted it, and now I am worrying it is not right!

    2. Good shopping in Mr A. Got everything on my list.

    3. Day dreaming about holidays........looking at cruises.

    4. DD has got a trail shift at local pub. Extra money for driving lessons and holiday.

    5. DS2 back to cadets. Looks so smart in his uniform. Lots of activities planned to keep him away from his computer. :rotfl:

    Need to celebrate finishing my assignment. May be a guilt free trip to the coffee shop!

    Have a lovely day :)
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. Starting to feel a bit chilly out there. Just walked my friend part of the way home with the dog. Brrrrrr.

    A bit of a up and down kind of night as Mr Dog must have eaten something he shouldn't (there's a surprise!) and needed to be sick. At 3am. At 5am. At 7am!

    The little person was still fast asleep at 9am ( having been still chatting at midnight!) when I went walking with friend and old dog.

    She made pancakes with DD2 for their breakfast....I had a bath and some peace and quiet.

    Nipped to supermarket but did get a few RTCs ( ...some 35p napkins may have been added to the collection , however they will be for DD2's upcoming 18th)

    Made nice BLTs for lunch. Niece popped up with some extra supplies and wellie boots for DN who is staying another night. Her and DD1 were being scientists and making gloopy stuff ...I was told I could be the cleaner, thanks girls!

    They went to the park, I took Haggis a walk , we met friend and old lady dog so wandered with them. Went to park to bring girls back and then had just sat down when my lovely, wise friend called round for an hour. So that was lovely to see her and have a catch up. Walked her halfway back home with haggis.
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    glad to hear your day did your dad proud vjsmum
    i was lucky enough to go to the caribbean a few years ago villagelife and have very happy memories every time i see death in paradise
    well done mhags on avoiding supermarket
    1) poor mrpiano ordered a rather smart red leather computer cover - 13" whilst his is 15". guess whose 13" mac is now adorned :-)
    2) spaniels have both had a hair cut. i swear they are half the size!
    3) clean sheets
    4) hearing ruth archer telling david archer to shut up
    5) 12th night party at the rectory. wore the dress i bought for new years, and now it's draped over the exercise bike. and now cinderella must to sleep (of course leaving at 12 would have meant more sleep than leaving at 2!)
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Some for yesterday.

    1. Christmas decorations are down and have been put away. Some have been thrown out of looking tatty without any memories attached

    2. Poinsettias are still looking good. I got them from a local garden centre this year. It was well worth the extra 50p each as I have had problems keeping them alive until Christmas day in the past.

    3. Managed to get to the bank and paid some money in. Some cheques from Christmas.

    4. Received money from a survey site and quidc o money was confirmed. Good day for extra money today and it's needed after Christmas and holidays.

    5. Took some bedding and towel to the local RSPCA and more stuff to charity shop and didn't but anything while out.

    6. Cooked a new recipe for tea. It was a Jamie Oliver one and was tasty but would put more chilli in next time.
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Friday pleasures,

    A lie-in to 8am when Tilly decided time I was up and sneaked upstairs, first I knew was spaniel breathing heavily in my face. She is v fluffy DD so can imagine actually half the size under there!

    Checked on new yard for horse girlie, very nice and have paid deposit.

    Capt S chopped up tree and put in green bin, yes it was that small!

    Bit of CBA moment when it came to tea and we decided on takeaway treat of fish and chips, out fav shop takes the skin off for me so that I can eat the whole lot, even the dogs had a couple of chips.

    Final of Christmas Uni Challenge, whitewash.
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Yet another night of up and down with dog! 11.45pm, 3am and 5am by which time I brought my pillow down then son was up and at 'em at 6am to head up north! So feeling rather tired out this evening. A disgusting regurgitated piece of blankie has been the culprit! Sookie blankets have been thrown out. I cannot take the risk of serious damage to my dog.

    Nice dog walk with friend and old lady dog. Same again in morning. Blooming cold wind but stunning views to Arran.

    Was just relaxing in the bath...can I stay another night Auntie M? Really? You will have to ask your mum and if she says yes ( but of course she did!) then you can. So a day of keeping a 6 year old occupied.

    Tinned tomato soup for lunch ( because that's what she eats) but we squeezed 4 serves out of 1 tin. Eggy sandwiches too.

    Did a bit of recycling from garage.

    The girls made cakes & cookies.

    Pizza (RTC) for tea.

    Some stories, a bath and then hopefully bed for a little one and I don't think we will be that far behind her!

    Floors swept , floors washed, bathrooms cleaned, washing upon washing and 3 pairs of son's trousers hung out on line. It was cold and windy. Not dried but finished off on radiators. Rest on clothes horses.

    My bulbs are peeking through the soil.
  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    A small collection.
    A NSD unexpectedly, what was a downer - tummy trouble forcing me to miss a shopping trip, turned into a bit of a pleasure, when I didn't miss delivery of a parcel that was a lovely new waterproof jacket.

    It was a sale bargain, and much, much better than expected. I've got so used to [email protected]'s made in China lower quality clothing that a quality item was almost a shock. It will do for spring, early summer, and autumn and all but the coldest of winter days.

    Putting the decorations away slowly and a return to normality.

    Making plans for this year.
    In May I have a significant birthday, it's a Tuesday, which is music club night, so I've arranged for a birthday bash there.
    I will pay for the guest performers for that night, which will help our club funds, and make for what should be a really enjoyable evening.
    I'm hoping my DSis will come to stay, my DB had previously mentioned my going down there, but the journey would be near impossible for me with my current levels of mobility.

    Plus, it's always me who travels, DSis has visited me twice in this house, my brother once, overnight, and my sis in law never. I've lived here nearly thirty years.
    I hope that doesn't sound self-pitying, but perhaps they could make an effort for me. My friends and my close family are all here, and I want to celebrate my birthday with them.
    Anyway, it's not until May. Plenty of time.

    Reading a couple of good books - and one on the way which has been compared to The Little Paris Bookshop, &.

    Your pleasures thank you. Mhags, glad that Haggis didn't need an op after his blanky-eating session. Walter is a chewer, rather than an eater, destructive, but stays out of the vets, touch wood.
    Erma Bombeck, American writer: "If I had my life to live over again... I would have burned the pink candle, sculptured like a rose, that melted in storage." Don't keep things 'for best' - that day never comes. Use them and enjoy them now.
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    A mix for the past few days.
    1 The Christmas decorations and lights are down and packed away, I love them up, but also reach the point it’s nice to pack away.
    2 Various calls with DB.
    3 Cleaning up and starting to integrate DF’s things.
    4 We treated ourselves to lunch out at a caf chicken salad was lovely.
    5 I’ve got about 3 books on the go at the moment, 2 paper backs, one from DF of an original Down with Skool from 1955, a Terry Prachett book and a Kindle yup issues concentrating.
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    KittikinsKittikins Forumite
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    edited 6 January 2018 at 11:01PM
    1. Made yummy lentil lasagne at KW's last night. We both ate rather a lot :)

    2. Grated frozen brie to help eke out the sauce! (We bought a mahoosive wheel of brie the other day in Mr M's and froze most of it, but now we've discovered how melty and yum it this space!)

    3. Lovely leisurely breakfast, even if it was at 7am!

    4. Great end to the school week, happy to be back in class :)

    5. Inspired by KW, I have been clearing out tons of paperwork and getting stuff ready for him to scan (at his suggestion) so I can ditch more! It's amazing how much I have, that might be useful one day (but in reality I've not looked at in 4 years, so I'm doing my best to be ruthless)

    6. Have added KW on as a joint applicant to the mortgage, the HA and the Help to Buy scheme!

    7. Planning a trip to the Lake District with KW and some friends over the summer, very excited :)

    8. Bought a few more YS/reduced bits in MrT/MrW's this morning on my way home; a couple of Christmassy bits and much needed tubs for break-time snacks, as they are like socks, and either the lid or the tub disappears! Still spent less than £10 on them :)

    9. DD had a brilliant time at a cinema visit with some friends. They are all really delightful girls and I'm so pleased she has such good friends at this stage in her life. Now that the bullying incident seems to be becoming a distant memory, she is much happier, which is a relief.

    10. Watched episode 1 of the China documentary with Michael Wood that was on a few years ago and it's inspired me to look into getting tickets to see the Terracotta Army whilst it's in Liverpool.
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