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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Evening all

    Pleasures for the last coupla days


    1. good visit to ICT. Finished my marking on the train
    2. House wasn't too bad but was pretty much perfect when I left
    3. Did two loads of washing that is draped around the kids bedroom and the bathroom to dry
    4. Did have smoked salmon after fancying it - with scrambled eggs
    5. Bought myself a superb fillet steak to have for tea. Only DD and I here to eat, but she wanted fish cake...


    So, yesterday was dad's funeral :( but there were still pleasures to be had.

    1. Our journeys there and back were good, and uneventful despite storm Eleanor
    2. The service was lovely - my poem went down well and raised a couple of laughs. It started "there was a young lady from Itchin" :rotfl:
    3. Went back to 'our' pub - it had been owned by my auntie and uncle for about 28 years and we all kind of grew up there as well as it being the place that mum and dad met. It hadn't changed that much and has been well cared for.
    4. The distant family members that came - dad had been pretty well housebound for 5 years and hardly seen anyone. He could also be a grumpy bu88er, so I am really chuffed that people turned out. And seeing his grandchildren - especially FN :o (favourite niece for the uninitiated)
    5. Just the feeling that we did him proud..

    Such a hard day and I am reeling much more than i thought I would be. I know it is early days but still...

    Pleasures for today

    1. Woke up at 7 after 8 and a half hours sleep. I haven't been sleeping too well since christmas so this was much needed
    2. went back to yoga - i was a bit pants but I really enjoyed it
    3. did the shopping - there is proper food in the fridge once more :T
    4. Took all the christmas stuff down. House looks a little less cluttered.
    5. OH cooked sausage and mash for tea - oops sorry BoP SNORKERS and mash. Proper food <<rubs tum>>

    Have a good evening all - I am off on holibobs tomorrow.
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    For today : there is much noise upstairs. GN is staying and in the bath and much hilarity and shrieking is coming from the bathroom. Supervised by my girls!

    Early morning delivery of shelving for the garage. Somehow got a discount at checkout I wasn't expecting! Thank you!

    Wet dog walk.

    Be impressed , be very impressed. Parked in a supermarket carpark whilst son was at bank. Read my book and was just reading the last page when he returned. I did not go in said supermarket! That's the impressive part.

    Made macaroni for tea. Using up cheese from a cheese platter thing someone had given me pre Christmas. Then niece , great niece and her daddy came for tea....didn't know that he was coming. Just as well I'd made plenty! Had made a crumble using up a jar of apple sauce and a tin of pears. A serve of crumble mix is in they freezer for next time. One of our Oz girls had bought the apple sauce to go on her turkey for Christmas. It would have languished in the cupboard. I think all in dinner for 7 cost about £2.50.

    Wedding photos are finally here! Had a lovely time looking through them all.
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    FrithFrith Forumite
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    I'm glad yesterday went smoothly, VJsmum.

    Will try to do pleasures for yesterday and today.

    Yesterday (Thursday)

    1) Survived an early start.

    2) Hens well though they were still in their pen when I got there (9ish) due to the gale then they realised I was there and shot out looking embarrassed!

    3) Sons back to school and college and smaller son came home with a praise postcard for good English and another sort of letter (not received before!) for getting 1s and 2s for effort in every subject.

    4) Spent an hour or more sorting out a trip for us during half term. Smaller son supports Man United so we are stopping there overnight plus going to Old Trafford for the stadium tour! So I've booked the hotel, stadium tour and the trains. Also reading the Guardian's helpful series of cheap but decent places to eat so will narrow the choices down before we leave (did this very successfully for our Brighton trip). Just need to find something in Manchester that bigger son will really enjoy too - IMAX?

    5) Cooked a massive amount of Jamie Oliver's veg chilli recipe so had more than enough for tea plus six servings for the freezer.

    Today (Thursday)

    1) Popped to town to see my school friend and found a lovely top from the charity shop (I had a credit note to use there anyway). Turns out it is from a rather expensive Danish designer.

    2) Pork rolls from the butcher in the village for lunch.

    3) Bumped into the pupil I used to look after at work outside Homebase.

    4) Collected bigger son from college and he was quite jolly today.

    5) Bigger son is now at games evening with my brother and brother in law.

    6) Tasty tea of pizza and HM potato and sweet potato wedges.

    7) Just watched DIY SOS.

    8) Had to laugh that I had Amazon send a Christmas hamper to an old college friend of mine. 17 years after her wedding, I accidentally sent it to her maiden name!
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  • KittikinsKittikins Forumite
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    1. Had a lovely day with the children :)

    2. Kept smiling all day :)

    3. 70p for the sealed tin.

    4. Feel chuffed that I'll only be keeping 1 item from an online shop, a shrug, which I think will go very well with a dress I already have. A virtual saving!

    5. A friend is trying to organise a short break for a group of us, KW included, to the Lake District next summer. Yay! I've never been to that part of England.
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    Vjsmum: Your post has inspired me to post, I wasn’t going to as I’m feeling it. I’m so glad yesterday went smoothly.

    So inspired for today.
    1 We went shopping for the first time since the 23rd for some fresh bits and bobs to Lidl.
    2 DH helped me food plan, as I can’t even seem to concentrate on making a cuppa at the moment.
    3 The traffic was kind as we travelled back from DF’s.
    4 Lovely phone call from family friend who unexpectedly will be travelling down when we know dates.
    5 I’ve just written down a rather long list for tomorrow as I’m not remembering a single thing, however I must remember a bacon sarnie in the morning.
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  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    Hugs to those who feel they can accept them.

    I want to share this with you, it was something I heard on Lisa Tarbuck's show on Radio 2, and it's kept me chuckling for days.
    She was reading out some of the listeners' messages highlights of her broadcasting year, and this was one of them.
    Although I'm not 100%, I think Lisa said the contributor was from Sedgefield, which is just a few miles up the road from me.

    The man concerned was out in Asia as a tourist, and was in an area famed for urban monkeys. Enterprising traders sell peanuts to the tourists, so that they can feed the animals.

    The guy duly bought some, and fed a happy, but greedy, monkey by hand.
    When the peanuts were exhausted, the little monkey got really angry and grabbed hold of the man's hand to bite it, demanding more.

    The man naturally jerked his hand back at speed out of the monkey's grasp.

    However, the evil little simian held on. Karma was instant, it was then catapulted over the man's shoulder and flew through the air behind him, before hitting a man on a motorbike riding past at that moment.

    As the contributor said, "I then had to apologise to a total stranger for throwing a monkey at him.'
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  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Thanks for the story :rotfl:
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Long delays on way to work but as on bus I carried on reading my book and texting a friend and didn't become stressed. Only arrive 40 minutes late and I should have been 35 minutes early! So long delays.

    2. Work was ok in yet another place. People were fine. Been moved there to reduce my driving but the chair i have makes my back hurt. I thought it would but was told it would be fine! My boss didn't contact me yesterday to see how things were.

    3. Used up lots of veg for tea and had with some sausages. Actually very tasty and all eaten.

    4. Have meal planned for week including different says to use up veg.

    5. Enjoyed Death in Paradise. It is the Caribbean setting which makes me want to go.
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    ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Hope page returns to normal size soon. &'s screens just white out and show nothing.
    Seeing comments, assume some oversize pics posted.
    1. Spits done. Conditions foul. No rain till M11, then heavy most of day. High winds too, so horrid for unloading at 4.30a.m, getting drenched again, despite coat, on walk back from Brick Lane parking. Just kept going, which is how day mostly felt, for most apparently. 2 late sales made it just over break even.....which is when one feels one's age, wonders Why Do This? Yet again no lighting, hence gloom and near darkness, worsened by stupidity of redesign. Yet again, people asking what had happened to market, asking why historic status hadn't protected it from such 'redevelopment'? Answer: greed. So, tiny banking before France, better than nothing, if only just.

    2. Again, as rain resumed during pack-up/reloading, Freddie appeared miraculously to help lug out boxes and awkwards e.g. rocking chair, which normally would have gone early. Footfall continues to drop noticeably, and in spend type. Had delayed crimbo £hanks for him, which he had to be pressed to shyly accept. Didn't understand concept at all. & explained same done for postie. "But you older lady work long, long. I see. I help you. I like. You nice lady.". Well thankyou Freddie. & grateful, esp. after a poor day+ returning lurgy, shared by most fellows y'day. Some patently ill, should not have been out, & too, prob.

    3. Grateful for bed, warmth on return, with hwb, hot milk+new local honey. Cricket on radio in time for miracle catch dismissing Malan. Slept till 7.

    4. Debadgering appt 11bells. Osp in advance. But that means unloading first and & still achey, racked in bed, writing here.....

    5. If hearing Frank Gardner on R4 just now is permanent, excellent. He's long been another of &'s heroes.
    On other (usual) hand, Hurrchrrrs generation change storylines+Lilian/Justin damp crimbo squibbiness is in silliesland....again.
    Are we supposed to anticipate Freddy actor following Graeme Seed/Nigel off roof, chemically induced? Hear, too, the clunkiness of Pip storyline debate.
    Councillor Emma is one bright spot.

    Vjm, you did well and yes, ambushes do and will occur. Still do for &.
    Pk - & will not be in posting territory during your farewell to your df. As with Mhags, thinking of you all.
    Frith, good sons' news. Yet more credit to you.
    DD -& remembers your £50 find too. In fact, one of &'s sales y'day was due to chap putting foot on a flyaway £20note on Aldgate. He'd looked hard at, wanted, an old East German passport earlier. As he told it, he looked around for some moments, had a coffee while looking onto street, saw no-one, so came back to buy:-)
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Glad all went well as possible VJsMum and your poem obviously resonated.

    Thursday pleasures,

    Up early and into horsey town for fresh food, emporium was very quiet and positively whizzed round.

    Over to the yard and the pleasure of seeing my horsey girl in her paddock, apparently she was one of only two who whizzed around in the mud, no surprise there!

    We had the yearly house financial review, books balanced and list of possible purchases required for coming year ( nothing that exciting, think toaster and wheelbarrow) Guess it is only natural for two ' bean-counters ' such as ourselves to enjoy keeping control :)

    One of my presents was a willowwick candle, wasn't sure on fragrance, warm wool???, but it's smashing and looks fab on hearth.

    Turkey and ham pie for tea with roast parsnips, mashed carrot and swede.
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