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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Good Morning all, Happy New Year to all of you!

    1) A good nights sleep, we didn't stay up for the celebrations but were in bed by 10 o clock and I surfaced to a couple of very loud 'thumps' at midnight but got off straight away and surfaced at 7.30 this morning, utter bliss!

    2) Both girls made contact last evening to say Happy New Year.

    3) A brand new, squeaky clean year to play with and although we don't make resolutions we do have ambitions and they are to stay on the eating plan that has let us drop the excess weight, for me to lose another half a stone if I can and to push ahead and actually get us moved further west and closer to the girls and their families.

    4) The decision to make two main meals a week vegan, two vegetarian and the other three varied protein to make food more interesting.

    5) Decision to try to cut down on kitchen waste (most of which goes into the compost heap) and use everything we buy and to buy less in the first place.
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    Good morning. It's somewhat pleasing that this New Years Day is on a Minday, a new day, a new week, a new month and a New Year.

    My day started rather early when Mr Dog had a vomit as he does, luckily on floor rather than carpet . It was the cat toy from 7 days previously! Hu-blooming-rah! Seriously that dog and his grazing habits!

    The oddest of evenings and waiting for the bells . My first one ( bar 2000) without my husband. Just odd and rather , I'm trying to think of the word, unnecessary? I could just have easily went to bed at normal time but had 2 offspring expecting something ...though they just came out of their rooms at the appropriate time, did the countdowns and happy new year'd and back to bed.

    I need to go and stick some meat in the slow cooker which I'd intended to do yesterday but just felt bereft for much of day.

    I'm thinking once everyone's up a drive to the sea and a stirring walk at least a little invigorated!

    Have a good 2018 everyone. Let us make the most of what we have, may we see the good in what we do and may we continue to make those pennies stretch as far as we can.
  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Thank goodness for you, he.
    Yes, 'the young' must learn by their mistakes, but but but...
    Contrast with bigger son of our special Frith and her wise managing....not that either of them will probably recognise or accept this paeon right now:-)
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
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    DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    Happy new year one and all. Dd2’s bf dumped her by text New Years evening, what a ratfink! She spent it with her Best friend whose bf had walked out just after Christmas. Oh dear, young love. Hoping they both have a better 2018. Then at church found a friend due to marry 2018 had also been dumped, by text :-(
    1) Church with mrpiano degendering god rest ye merry gentlemen next to me. Got the giggles
    2) came back here for lunch with mum - the cheese mountain we didn’t even start to scale xmas dinner
    3) walked her home with the 3 dogs then went onto the park. Mrpiano’s beloved Bertie slipped his collar eek but I managed to grab the little Houdini
    4) Donned my new posh frock for Chinese banquet with mrpianothen tickety boos complete with its mcgonagall quote on the walls, mrpiano’s sister and friends
    5) they went clubbing, I went home. Not a taxi in sight, but I love walking home new year, and particularly magical this year with such a big moon.
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Happy New Year to all, get well wishes to our poorlies and gentle feel better wishes to all worried or with bruised hearts.

    Pleasures for yesterday,

    Standing in the pouring rain, grazing Lulu in hand as she is confined to stable due to waterlogged paddocks, muttering 'I love my horse, I love my horse' and I do.

    Since we have all been given notice at the yard by volatile and erratic owner there is much scrabbling around to find 18 horses new homes, pleasure is the camaraderie with my felllow owners.

    Brunch out with Capt S and the hollowlegged ones plus a young lady, youngest was already hung over from previous soir!e, goodness knows how he is this morning.

    Afternoon on the sofa dozing and trying to ignore sinus pain.

    Glass of something bubbly at 7 but in bed by 10pm.
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    Happy New Year to all you lovelies. Hope poorly people feel better soon and big hugs to those who need them.

    1. DD and I celebrated NYE in my bed, watching Chic and fireworks :)

    2. I had a tumbler of Baileys by my side, with tons of ice in it.

    3. We pinch-punched 2 minutes early as our laptops obvious have a different time to the BBC!!

    4. Lovely messages from KW, who has been up at the allotment since the crack of dawn this morning (probably)

    5. Deciding to not make resolutions but ambitions for the year and will be recording them in one of my 2 gorgeous new journals. Was given the Dawn French one for Christmas and bought myself a lovely 5 year Bible journal in eager anticipation of the new year.
  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    Bless you all for your pleasures over the crazy season. My heart goes out to all in grief &/or ill health - may health return & some measure of new-forged peace.

    OS pleasures over Christmas & the New Year
    Oh gods, three diseases identified in an exam answer at school "the plague, salmonella & Ribena" (I think some pupil meant rubella...)

    Katee Sackhoff - female actress, notably in Longmire, manages to avoid weeping beautifully & instead manages it credibly, heart wrenchingly, movingly.

    End of term reward for 100% attendance by prefect? Big chocolate stocking! Very happy lad...

    Storming day training - riveting stuff even if I had to stop to take pills. If we're ever allowed the freedoms required to implement "agile" in full, life will be glorious but tho unlikely it's an interesting idea just the same. Plus the hours & the travel & subsistence will all need formal documentation in the new year, arggh.

    "Watch me do it again!" Ah, little cousin has a foot of snow just in time for Christmas & her tech savvy parents captured three blissful minutes - not just for the raw exuberant delight but to share with our somewhat housebound mum who is a doting great aunt!

    Reading about happiness research & how spending £20 on other people was more happy-fying than spending it on oneself, I rather wryly wondered so how come I'm not ecstatic? But the making others happy made sense - I scout though none of my sons are still under the woggle. Seeing scouts exultant after a ski & snow experience is a gift that I didn't realise I wanted til I saw those grins, that extra tilt to the chin of I can do that.

    Son has had Teapig teabags, chocolate bars and Christmas cards from hopeful universities. Sadly none that teach nursing so I'm getting the teabags & "it's just good old fashioned milk chocolate!"...

    Youngest has his Nino through "you're a man!" comes the cheerful cry from older brother. Carefully inscribed into altzheimers diary.

    Lancashire Hotpot is glorious - I must remember to thank the butcher for his patience & deft knife work. As an Occasional dish, it is fit for Gods. [Indeed when I next venture out of the house, I will both be thanking him & asking him to reprise the knife-wielding talent.]

    Himself cutting a sartorial dash in cricket whites, the green Woolly pulley & a gorblimey hat. Sort-of festive, eccentric, very right-for-him!

    Home-made from home-grown-sage & onion stuffing. Lads awed at my authoritative response to lack of packet mix and unexpected prowess making breadcrumbs with a stick blender as Himself salts mix weeping as he chops the onions. [I hope to wean them off the packet nonsense for next year.]

    I keep forgetting how much we eat at Christmas. Says she, sprawled replete & eyeing the Healthy Walk dubiously!

    Dive bombed by a 2' balsa plane at breakfast. The rubber perished, the prop fell off & thud - plane dumped self (& dust!) across breakfast. One jar of jam definitely unusable, cream & Nutella whisked out of radius stat (look fine on inspection but sons may have 'cleaned up') & spot hoovering deployed to permit life to continue.

    "Somebody has to inject a bit of sanity into this household, says the man painting miniature space ships" aw I love my family...

    One son was given a game of thrones direwolf's head model. After a vigorous hour of sticky tape & harsh language he abandoned the project (& I carefully removed the tape). Eldest is now into his third tightly focused hour & it's beginning to look terrifyingly convincing. Awed.

    The penalty for not doing the washing up the first time you're asked is that as the sink fills higher & higher, it still has your name on it. As a son is unwillingly finding out, & us parents are chortling over somewhat. Always good to hear vigorous scrubbing action....

    Listening to a granny being taught how to use her smartphone & during a videocall asking her famous son if he'd had breakfast - it made me chuckle that no matter how 21st century the kit, you cannot erase the granny driving it. Makes me chuckle & blink a bit at what shape the future will look like.

    Well done Alastair Cook on his century! Splendidly played, sir. [Egad, and then a second century!]

    "He doesn't know where Bolton is!" "Can't blame him, I'm hazy m'self at times." Getting us all up dressed fed & pointed in the same direction can be effortful some mornings.

    "Perpetual motion of carried too far" - for some reason my hindbrain is misquoting Iolanthe. Then Google leads me further astray with "You shall sit, if he sees reason, Through the grouse and salmon season;" and breakfast is lost in a fit of coughing & toast crumbs as my imagination distracts my digestion. The power of an earworm!

    Eldest has another game of thrones animal cardboard construction awaiting & is downright ebullient!

    Boys thank you letters written with relatively little screaming. Although I am ready to head butt the wall, the joy of it Being Done.... [Really Must Post Them.]

    Promo code in email saved son over a pound on photo printing & he was much impressed!

    Son pinkly in from knife throwing in the snow. Wearing a sports leader sweatshirt I hadn't seen - turns out official issue from some event last year with "Team Leader" across the back.... I'm amused at his casual attitude to the leadership role.

    Frozen planet with David Attenborough and bathing whales - you can see them enjoying the loofah-effect of gravel & warm less salty water! Sons utterly unaffected & Missing The Hint. [My turn, then..]

    A heaped plate of burger, beans, onion rings, hash browns & the rest hit the floor - plate broke but we still got folks fed. Cooking onion rings up on a cooling rack made them all nice & crispy all round, so I am to try that with the hash browns as well next time!

    "Lack of explosions, one feels." And with that, any hazy plan to watch some emotional TV thing floated out of the window. My chaps like the stuff that goes bang...

    Oh gods. Son confusing Pol Pot with Beatrix Potter. The killing fields of the Lake District, anyone?

    Aww - fireworks of the least disruptive kind - NZ celebrating new year with fireworks I can only see on TV so no animal is startled & only those who want to see them bothered. No idea who wired that lot up, but ulp impressive.

    Visited mother-in-law in a gap in the weather, dodged sister-in-law by dropping in on new-to-us shop to find smoked salmon massively discounted. [My inner bear went moderately amok & I have smoked salmon for breakfast for several days.]

    "Mum's Doomsday weapons are going downhill" - youngest is unimpressed by the ultrasonic cleaner. Initially I wasn't overwhelmed either, but the colour of the water has changed my mind! The silver does have an extra sparkle, too.

    New Years Eve - Happy New Year, all! I made champagne cocktails & son took one pensive sip & headed at pace for the cocacola. Shrug - they do now all know How.

    BBC Korean expert on TV again & we're watching the door behind him, hoping toddler & baby & ?wife make a reappearance...

    Son has asked why major cities see New Year in with fireworks but Liverpool burns a carpark? He has a valid query but I pointed out his aunt was partying there, & he shrugged acceptance.

    I was going to get MS Office using son's school ID but he failed to extract a digit so I've bought it on my work ticket (same discounted price), installed it & am pondering ways to teach him that it's smart to make a pound do the work of eight.

    Right. Health, strength, courage, clean handkerchiefs, hwbs, employment, happy travels, warm hearts, tolerance, compassion, and splendid meals to all as need (with extra snorkers as wished for) to all throughout the coming year!
  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    My daffodils are popping up in their usual locations, Mhags, flowers for St David's Day, I hope.
    I think I mentioned before how a lovely lady told me that her daughter when small, loved to see my daffs fronting the footpath and referred to my house as 'the daffodil house'.

    1. Snow all gone. Underfoot/tyres will be safe again.

    2. DSis picked up her Christmas present from the sorting office - open this morning! - and was thrilled with it. She can be extravagant with her favourite perfume once more. Chat on phone.

    3. Lovely chat with Dr C. on the phone. (Dr C. is my son, new readers, who is the spitting image of a dark-haired Dr Christian Jessel, hence 'Dr C'.)

    4. The pleasure of some new crockery.. well, okay, ahem, cough, it is a Minions children's ( for 'children's', read 'espresso') mug, plate and bowl.

    5. Your pleasures, thank you, and the pleasure of knowing that a difficult year has gone, and is behind us all.
    Erma Bombeck, American writer: "If I had my life to live over again... I would have burned the pink candle, sculptured like a rose, that melted in storage." Don't keep things 'for best' - that day never comes. Use them and enjoy them now.
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    Dundee does nursing Dfv though don’t know if we give out teapigs lol
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    1) found a fiver on the way back from nye. Thought oh goodie that’ll go towards the taxi. Couldn’t get a taxi for love nor money, so instead it can go on plasters for my blistered toe lol
    2) Christmas pud and cream for breakfast :-)
    3) taken back to bed and watched Victoria. Then Jane eyre my all time fave book.
    4) finally got dressed about 3, finished off the xmas pud, and took the boys for lovely walk. Moon stunning. Mrpian9 and I found a lost dog and were very pleased to reunite dog with her owner
    5) steak pie mash veg and gravy for traditional Scottish welcoming in the new year. Then an evening of candles, fire and murder mysteries.
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
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