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UPDATED with Link! There's a new Broadband Tool coming to MSE and we need YOUR help!

edited 19 July 2017 at 5:45PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • TigsteroonieTigsteroonie Forumite
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    Is this an MSE tool, or a MoneySupermarket tool?
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  • Richard_T_Richard_T_ Forumite
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    I'm very soon to be out of contract with plusnet - Plusnet retentions have offered me these deals:
    ADSL Broadband ( upto 17mb) £28.98/month including line rental and fibre for £34 month ( upto 38mb inc line rental) Was told that the deals on the website are for new plusnet customers only and not for existing customers, when I asked about cheaper deals eslewhere and quoted a few prices was told take it or leave it, other providers may offer better prices.
  • chas49chas49 Forumite
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    No PM received. Has anyone had one?
  • MSE_MatthewMSE_Matthew Former MSE
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    Has anyone received a PM with a link or have they just set Matthew up? ;)

    Hey Colin,

    Apologies for the delay - I couldn't access the forum from home over the weekend. I've just sent another batch with you included.


    MSE Matthew
  • MSE_MatthewMSE_Matthew Former MSE
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    Is this an MSE tool, or a MoneySupermarket tool?

    Hey Tigsteroonie,

    This is most definitely a MoneySavingExpert tool!


    MSE Matthew
  • Roger1Roger1 Forumite
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    Thanks, Matthew. I was away and have now tried the link.

    Our situation: we are with BT Fibre Infinity 1, expiring August. Our street has recently been cabled and Virgin should soon be possible. We have no interest in Sky, except possibly Sky Atlantic which is unavailable on its own. (We also watch Swiss and German TV via satellite.)

    Your link confirms the lack of Virgin at our address, unlike SimplifyDigital who apparently can offer Virgin!

    We have decided to continue with BT with minor adjustments - upgrade to Infinity 2, reduced sub, BT Sport for £1.75 p.m. for a year (my interest is just for the Ashes Tests)
  • ThemeOneThemeOne Forumite
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    Could I have the link please Matthew?
  • AnnieP6AnnieP6 Forumite
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    I've just subscribed so look forward to link.
  • mac.dmac.d Forumite
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    I'd like to have a try at this too, please PM me the link. Definitely looking to see what other options are available without having to go through haggling to get a reasonable price every year.
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    A.Penny.SavedA.Penny.Saved Forumite
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    edited 12 July 2017 at 4:34PM
    With a bit of a limited test so far, I can say that I am very disappointed TBH. Testing for broadband only results ie no phone line contract, only gives me the virginmedia option and no separate broadband only deals. The options for broadband and phone also seem very limited.

    I did find some broadband only short contract at higher prices with searches I have done in the past. The type of deal you might use to get a newer deal at a provider if you are a customer, move to another supplier and then start a new sign up with the cheaper deal shortly after.

    One such deal is by freeola who can offer ADSL2+, the only broadband offered in my area, with a 30 day rolling contract for £15.95. Sky are charging me £17.50 for a lousy connection with 6Mbps down/600kbps upload. These estimate 3Mbps down which is what all providers estimate for my line, 2 to 6Mbps possible and up to 1300kbps upload which is close to what I expect on my line as I did have 1300kbps for a long time with Be Broadband. I have had 7Mbps with Be Broadband and 1300kbps upload, more than twice the upload than what I have with sky. They do also offer a broadband only phone line for £9.98 also with a 30 day rolling contract.

    This does not show up on this test Broadband tool. There might be other similar deals but this is one that came up with a quick search. I did find something like it a long time back but did not really investigate it further. It might of been this one or it could of been another but ATM I cannot remember.

    They do have fibre deals in some areas but those have a 12 month contract and cost a lot more £32.99 for 76Mbps. There is also the broadband only line for the same £9.98. With that line only freephone and emergency calls are possible outgoing but incoming calls do work.

    Is there a reason why things like this are not shown on this broadband checker? So far I have not had time to check it fully but the results do seem a bit limited TBH. This is my feedback so far.
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