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    Good to hear from you. Glad the switch over is progressing.
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    Afternoon Folks...

    The switch over to the 8 legged provider went well and I am now up n running without any further issues.

    Been enjoying the good weather and been oot n aboot, hiking, biking and camping with assorted nuts and the dug  :)

    Have switched away from MONZO to STARLING... after having used MONZO for quite a wee while I was suddenly being hit by charges for cash withdrawals. At first I though it was the ATM that had applied the charges but no, it was MONZO. 
    So, long story short, I'm not paying charges to access my funds and I'm switching to STARLING.

    Reading - Now on to the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde.

    Seen that Ben Aaronovitch has teased that next book will have Scottish influences (Deeside) and I'm hoping to see an appearance by Clutha and family  :)

    Otherwise, plodding along as per...

    Hope awbiddy is doing grand

    Much love fae me an the Dug 
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    Good to hear from you, glad all is ok. Bit of a cheek to charge you for cash withdrawals, don’t blame you for changing. 
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    I would have changed too0.
    Blooming cheek.
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    Hi. Long time! Glad you're happy with the changes, and it's a flipping cheek to have to pay to access your own money! Shops have stopped cashback for so long now, I've almost forgotten about it. I liked those that would give you what you wanted instead of insisting on a £10 minimum, when all I wanted was to take up to the next £10, like being given the change for a cash payment. Does that make sense? Bit dopey today, lack of sleep catching up.
    I haven't handled the very warm weather well, it's set off the joint pain from the arthritis, also my garden is full of dried ex-greenery, all that hard work for nothing. Some of it may revive if we get some decent rainfall but I don't have much hope.

    Reading - I finished the first eight London books, plus Abigail's Summer (?) and one of short stories, some of which left me confused, and am waiting for book 9, in the same series of editions as the first lot. I think it's due in September. I'm taking some light relief with a pile of Jack Reacher doorstops, and they'll be returned to the charity shop when I'm done.

    My cat 🐱 said hi to your dug 🐈 
    Bye for now, Chris 😀
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