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    ooh forgot to say I'm going to use the bbc bitesize sites for both of them, perfect!
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    ...and of course the BBC linked pages....
  • I used to work for an educational charity called the Development Education Centre, or DEC for short. There are DECs all over the country which can be accessed by anyone looking for educational resources or training courses in Development Education (a broad term that covers all sorts of things from multi-cultural education, to Environment and Sustainable Development and everything in between,). If anyone needs any help with resources for teaching Geography or anything about other cultures, Peace & Conflict, Fair Trade, or about the environment, I would recommend getting in touch with your local DEC. Some have websites, some don't.

    To find your local DEC, visit the Development Education Association's website.

    The DEC I worked for (in Hull) has books, CDs, DVDs, posters and maps to name a few things. The most fun resources they have though are big boxes full of items that you might find in a person's home in another country. For example, cooking utensils, decorations, clothes - all sorts. They also have contact with lots of other people in similar work, so if they don't cover the country you are teaching about, they probably know someone who does. Each DEC is different, but all are worth their weight in gold.
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    Here is a list of resources that I have found particularly useful for home-edding my 2 ASD kids: - They have an extensive free lending library, including software and sensory equipment. Also now have a purpose built & adapted holiday home for disabled children & their families (no charge for the week's stay but your application has to be approved first). In addition, they will provide help with things such as claiming for Disability Living Allowance etc. Well worth joining (free). - US website - great for free comprehension worksheets etc. - from middle to junior high (american version) kids - US site - loads of free worksheets for kids in upper elementary/middle school (american version) - UK site with loads of free printables etc. to use - US site with loads of free worksheets, games etc - one of my favourite UK sites - tons of useful free worksheets - another of my fave sites with loads of free worksheets - great for making your own customised Word Searches, Mazes etc. - another US site with loads of free printables/worksheets - particularly good for creating customised maths worksheets but they also have other free resources to use - create your own customised rewards chart - can be maintained online or printed off

    Some interesting links/resources on Social Stories etc. - new US site with many reasonably priced customisable social stories to buy for classroom use - well worth a look (download their free "Waiting" book from the site) Also have some very good resource sheets to download which can be used independently or in conjuction with their books. - Useful Social Stories you can adapt - Very good books from Michelle Garcia Winner dealing with social skills - loads of social sentences/social stories to use and adapt - Some general free worksheets and good social skills worksheets/pictures etc. - excellent strategies for improving social skills - most classroom based! - book link "How Rude!" - great for teens - more social stories to use or adapt - conversation starters on every subject imaginable!

    Best wishes,

    Karen DB

    I would love to be lazy but can't find the time:exclamati
  • My kids love 2Simple software and use them at school.

    I have also bought 2Paint a Picture, Simple City and Maths City so they can use them at home....brilliant

    Will check out the videos...........

    ahopkins wrote: »
    Fantastic Award winning software that is so simple to use.

    2Simple produce software for numeracy, literacy, animation, typing, music and mindmapping amongst others.
    All of the software can be used independently and contains short vidoes with extra tips and ideas as well.

    My daughter has been using 2create a story, Music Toolkit and Simple city since she was two and loves them.

    FREE videos of what the programs can help your child to do can be viewed at

  • WOW!! This thread is brilliant! And I have to agree with the others that mentioned it..........a Home Education forum would be brill as we seem to be increasing in numbers.

    Ive been home edding for a year now. It wasn't through choice. Long story but my daughter had a bit of a breakdown and point blank refused to go to school. After 6 weeks of hell and her threatening to kill herself at one point , we decided to look into home education and haven't looked back. I now have my daughter back and its great to see her making progress.

    Was only thinking yesterday that I should find some sites on here as I lost all mine when computer went haywire and now I have lots to look at.

    Thankyou Martin :kisses3: And everyone that has took the time to post links. :D
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  • Thanks to everyone for their useful links/invaluable information. : -)

    My 13 yr old son walked out of mainstream school the week before Easter due to bullying and complex learning difficulties (Scotopic Sensitivity and Dyslexic) which led to the bullying (incidentally). He does not have a statement of special needs - apparently far too bright *sigh*

    He is being homeschooled by our LEA with the view to slowly re-integrate him back into the building. I say 'building' because he has very negative feelings about being there. Moving schools is not an option because he is so reluctant to attend school as it is and everywhere else is miles away.

    Needless to say its a long and arduous process and in the meantime we need to keep him interested in education. This is an important year - SATs. I will scour through the links provided to see if there are any specific sites that can help.

    BUT - I would like to ask parents and educators of KS3 for additional help. Your assistance will be much appreciated and virtual fruit cakes are on the way!
  • Hi all this website has some good teaching resources, I have downloaded some of their worksheets and the people at the other end have been really helpful and have answered some of my questions. You can also buy equipment from them.
  • Posted by Kantankrus Mare
    Ive been home edding for a year now. It wasn't through choice. Long story but my daughter had a bit of a breakdown and point blank refused to go to school. After 6 weeks of hell and her threatening to kill herself at one point , we decided to look into home education and haven't looked back. I now have my daughter back and its great to see her making progress.

    I was sooo upset to read this and am so glad she is doing well now and that you had the courage and conviction to take control of an unhappy situation and turn it around. Lots of luck.
  • For the younger ones! The link below gives you 81 printable phonic worksheets from basic letter sounds, consonants and vowels, Long and Short Vowel Sounds to Diphthongs and Reading Multi-syllable Words. Hope you find these some help Thanks Tom
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