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  • this sites got some great stuff on it too, from birth, all free, its got original nursery ryhmes on it as well, so not everyone has gone pc mad (politically correct, not personal computing) :rotfl:
  • I don't home ed but a year and a half ago my son's teacher told me that his maths was "not up to standard for his age". So i decided to invest in some a private tutor. This proved to be very expensive at 25 pound per hour every week. Than a friend of mine told me about an online maths tutor called Maths-Whizz. My friend gave me a code (UK-0000869) which allowed us to try it for 13.50 for one month. We tried my son on it and he absolutely loved it. It is fun and educational and much cheaper than a personal tutor. I have my own section which gives me a report on how well he is doing. He also earns points for doing maths exercises which he can use to buy things like pets and plants from the virtual whizz shop.

    Then a few months ago, he came back from school informing me that his school now uses Maths Whizz. Apparently, there is a school version which they use on their interactive whiteboards. So everything he does with Maths Whizz at home supports his school learning.

    The best thing i find though is that it gives my son lessons which are tailored to his ability rather than his age. So when he was below standard it assessed which areas he was behind in and gave him exercises which would improve these areas.

    The website is and you can watch short demos and even do some sample exercises. To try a month for half price just click on BUY NOW and type in the code uk-0000869 when requested.
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    Just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone who has posted on here. It is greatly appreciated. It has certainly widened my resource pool now, although my son isn't very happy as it now means a lot more work for him!!
  • Hi, for those people looking for resources to help with homework, try the following
    lots of subjects covered some are inter-active and good age range covered- all free!!!!
  • Eduscan was produced as I got feed up going throught the same sites trying to find info for Design Technology (Ks3/4)
    Eduscan scans the best 12 websites containg highly relevant subject matter for students not teachers manuals.

    Educsan (Technology section) introduces a new concept of targeted keyword searching, so students search from a list of subject headings rather than random words. This stops unmanagble results using global terms such as Textiles.

    The Science section is being developed to mirror the National Curriculum.

    If you have a list of good websites for other subjects which have only relevant content rather than teaching material, please let me know.
  • My hubbie is a secondry school maths teacher and set up his own blog with a few links to other sites. He puts lessons on that he's taught and helps with homework. He replies to emails and has helped kids from other schools around england. it covers all exams (SATS,GCSE and A level). His blog address is

    hope this of help to secondry school kids
  • Hi

    I wrote this program while on nightshift back in 1998.The web page explains everything and it could be useful for your children.It was awarded 4 cows at Tucows originally.
  • Having been a Primary teacher, Local Authority Adviser, and University Teacher Trainer I would suggest you make good use of the wealth of resources at the Government standards site. We have all paid for everything on there; it takes some searching as its a hugely comprehensive site with lots of 'layers' to plough through. But the more you use it the more familiar you can become with finding things. For example within the mathematics content there are many downloadable/printable resources provided for teaching; and ideas for activities for shape/space and problem-solving. similarly in Literacy if you search deeply you can get past the teacher file-publications for training and in-service learning and into practical resources. The basic website is from which you can delve deep!
    Another good one is where resources are downloadable/photocopiable and ideas are provided to use with them.
    Try also recording the Teachers' TV progs for later viewing.
    Organisations likeATM (Association of Teachers of Maths) have wonderful resources available to all; don't be offput by the Name- many of us have discovered the fun and beauty in maths via such sources.
    If you key in simple things like '100 square' into your computer's browser you may find routes to all manner of free resources other than the dreaded worksheet type which frankly merely assess what's already learned and don't teach anything except perhaps that learning is paper-based! Dreadful thought!
    Various universities, colleges and schools have resources on their websites; I came across one, Loughborough I think, which was offering free revision prompt cards. They proved very useful to a GCSE student this year.
    Having taken the opportunity to HE I do hope you can tap into the masses of resources that give visual and practical learning styles their chance and restore the fun in learning.
    Brilliant thought Martin to open up this thread.
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    learning spellings using the 'look/say/cover/write/check method

    Lots of school advocate the above method of learning spellings and while exploring the crickweb site (thanks to those on this thread who suggested it) I've found they have an excellent program for this where you can input up to 10 spellings of your choice (maybe ones given for homework) and do all sorts of things including play at own pace, test and compare and print flashcards:
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  • Try for children aged 9 to 16. Lots of free science information and educational games...
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