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Make £10 a Day February 2017 - Everybody most welcome to join



  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    Brilliant:T. I'm really glad that someone found my alert useful:j

    Don't forget to put your zeek referrals on the zeek thread.
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    Hi all and welcome to February thread.

    Keep posting and reading. You will pick up ideas and keep yourselves motivated.

    We love reading your success stories and ideas.

    Please don't post referrals on here, but do feel free to post your referrals on the referral thread.

    Back later.
  • new_leaf_88new_leaf_88 Forumite
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    Could I please join for £5 day. I havent done this before and hope I can manage it. I am starting by selling unwanted items on ebay and can report £40 so far for February.

    Well done everyone you are all so inspirational.
  • I'm back for £10 a day please. I smashed it last month and went quiet.

    Starting with £25 from selling an old TV stand.
    Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150
  • lynnejklynnejk Forumite
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    Afternoon folks

    A warm welcome to new peoples, returners and constants :hello:

    I have up-dated the challenger list (post 3) up to here :D

    Good luck with the challenge and hope we all have a marvellous month - despite the atrocious weather grr.

    Back laters
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    OS WL= -2/8 ......CC =00......Savings = £13,140
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Just received my payment for the online focus group on Tuesday evening. £40 in Amazon vouchers:j

    Have just completed a survey on PopulusLive and see that my total is now 52 points. That means I've hit their only payout level of 50 which is worth £50:j. Took a looooong time to build up to this much and the surveys are pretty repetitious and boring:(. All worth it in the end though;)

    They pay at the beginning of the following month by cheque (how old-fashioned:rotfl:)if I correctly remember the last time they paid me so I won't be claiming the money in my total this month. Thought I'd mention it now though as I'm over the moon to have reached an eventual payout:rotfl:
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Aesop wrote: »
    Don't forget to put your zeek referrals on the zeek thread.

    The one I posted on here wasn't a referral, it was the code from Martin's email for £10 off.

    I've just been into my new Zeek account and posted my own referral on the referral thread. That one is for £5 for everyone who signs up using it plus £5 for the referrer. I never think of doing referrals so I'm always pleased that you remind us to do it, Aesop. Thanks:T
  • Hi everyone, Please count me in for this month. My target will this month will be £400
  • killielilakillielila Forumite
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    hiya can i come and play ... put me down for £10 a day please

    and ill declare for yesterday 9.52 so im on my way ... though if im being cheeky OH bought milk from his money rather than household so can kinda add an other £1 what do you all think lol ?
    finances disaster but baby-stepping back to security:

    2021 let's do this !!
    Jan £10 a day 47.50/310
    Jan grocery challenge 18/ 100
  • bloomfeltbloomfelt Forumite
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    Another £10 fb sale to add for today going to have to get myself in gear sorting through some more stuff to sell to keep up the momentum
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