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Make £10 a Day February 2017 - Everybody most welcome to join



  • Hi all, Just a few pennies - 35p to report. I have other things in the pipeline but they will go on the March figure. Just shy of £80 which is great. Well done all and we'll see you in March! :-)
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    I have been absolutely rubbish this month as I've been far too busy, and my Quidco payment didn't come through due to delays from the retailer.

    Will join for March because I should have more time next month!
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    Evening lovely peoples :hello:

    Well done everyone for all the efforts and money-making in February :T :dance: :T

    I think we will all feel a bit brighter when Spring arrives - won't be long as it's just around the corner :j
    I was too scared to sign up for this challenge, because I didn't think I could do it. But I totally made £285 this month. Feeling a little full of myself. Where do I sign up for next month?
    Couple of days tips......£10.75

    Wont be adding any more of them for a little while as I have the whole of next week off with no major plans except for a few social get togethers. :D:j:D:D
    Hope you enjoy your week off and get some sunshine and a few :beer:

    I'm guessing Aesop is still having probs with tinternet, else the March link would have been up already. Meant to have new router t/m so I'm sure it will happen as soon as poss. Meanwhile keep on keeping on and check back for the link :D

    I lost track a little with DS visiting and am still checking to see what my totals are for this month :o

    Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday
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  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    sorry folks, here is March thread.

    thanks once again to Lynnejk for all the support in keeping challengers updated.

    and big thanks to carbootcrazy for her supportive posts. and thank you to all of you who post, talk, spur on, motivate, etc :A:T:beer::j
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    router arriving tomorrow via courier... roll on tomorrow.

    lost internet connection twice already trying to create new thread!
  • Thanks for the new thread Aesop. Just adding a couple of last minute bits which take me up to £87.28 for Feb.

    Heading over to March thread now - see you all over there xx
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    Sorry I haven't been around for the past week or so. Real life has been a pain and my internet has been out of action most of the time. I feel really sorry that you've had/are still having similar problems, Aesop. It's a killer isn't it?:mad:

    Only had the time to set up my new supplier's broadband/router this afternoon. All seems to be well so far (fingers crossed). On here at this unearthly hour because I can't sleep, raging toothache:(. Not read back through all posts I've missed, there's probably hundreds:eek: but will catch up later.

    In the meantime, massive congratulations to everyone who has made their targets (or passed them):T:T:T and congratulations too to everyone else who has joined us along the way this month.

    My 'system' has gone to pot, I've no idea what I managed to make in February:o but I'll try to work it out. Being without internet has scuppered my activities no end:mad:
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    Just remembered i'very not updated this month. £547.92, would have just scrapped in for the month but had birthday monies to add ��
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