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The Lose Weight The Old Style Way Thread.



  • frogga
    frogga Posts: 2,217 Forumite
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    Would be V interested to here of the books too xxx I'm going to try and PM all the other FAWLC members later to tell them about the thread xxx
    Say it once, say it loud ~ I'm an Atheist, Anti-Royalist, Socialist, Tea-Total Veggie Frog and PROUD!:D

  • I'll have to start again! Have been good most days, but did have a cheat day on sunday.

    I've got chicken stock on right now, and we are having friends over for dinner, so will be having dessert tonight. It will be too scrumptious not to!

    One thing I do is cook chicken with the skin on but I don't eat it. Keeping the skin on (unless its already skinless ) helps keep it moist.

    We had chicken wings last night, but I didn't eat any of the skin.... yuck.

    Broth soups or tomato based are tons better for you than white/cream of/ flour thickened soups!

    HAve a good day, everyone!
  • Well done everyone for their persistence so far :) whilst I wouldn't join one or buy the products, I think a lot of ww recipes are very good, so thanks for posting those ! Would definitely agree with the soup helps eat healthily the OS way + also lose weight - thats my justification for being such a soup fiend then ;)

    As for low fat chicken soup - I don't have a recipe as such, but what I do is just cook everything directly in the stock without bothering with frying stuff off - have done this for years and tastes just as good ! also letting it go cold and taking off any solidified fat helps. I will use a mixture of stock from the carcase and/or Swiss Marigold Bouillon powder, which isnt cheap but its delicious and very good value for money.

    So, onto today ! am feeling somewhat better but everything a bit skewiff today, due to the 'rents coming over at lunchtime - but they don't actually want any lunch here so I don't feel I can eat anything either. So, have no idea what time they are staying to and therefore what time I will be able to get out to the shops after they've gone ! The loose plan is ( work permitting)

    Breakfast : cereal ( as have milk now, woo hoo )
    Not-lunch ( heh ) a banana and handful of raisins around 12.30ish.
    Dinner - probably pitta bread with leftover lamb from last night chopped up, salad and greek yoghurt, and I'm going to be making broccoli and cheese soup ( lots of broccoli, not much cheese ! ) and fruit after.

    Fingers crossed !
    " Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.. "
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  • Morning all!

    Well it's day one for me and I have just had some sugar puffs with a small amount of semi skimmed milk, DD (15) is having her mate from school over for tea and to watch High School musical 2 tonight so I have to accomadate her mate, well she doesn't eat ANY type of veg so i am going to make a HM lasagne with courgettes and carrots from the garden along with onion and tomato (oh she likes tomato! lol) and blend into the sauce so hopefully she won't notice, I am making them and hubby homemade garlic bread but I will just be having the lasagne with salad, I used to make this when I was slimming before and I used to lose weight even though i had had this so i know it's ok.

    Don't know what to have for dinner, probably a sandwich or something but i am feeling postivive about this!!

    Congrats on the weightloss MRS M!!:T

    Good luck everyone!! :j

    :j Started my weightloss journey, its neverending!! :j

    Weightloss challenge 2/14

    :p "Life is like a box of never know what you are gonna get":p
  • floyd
    floyd Posts: 2,722 Forumite
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    As for low fat chicken soup - I don't have a recipe as such, but what I do is just cook everything directly in the stock without bothering with frying stuff off - have done this for years and tastes just as good !

    This is pretty much what I do, sautee onion, carrot, swede, celery and very finely shredded cabbage (or whatever else is lurking in the fridge) and a bit of garlic in enough Marigold stock to just cover then make up the volume and season with lots of white pepper.
    I also give 3 or 4 pulses with my hand blender to just break down a few bits but it still has chunky bits in.
    The next morning I add 100g of soaked and boiled broth mix to give it some slow release carb.

    Its very nice if you add a handful of shredded roast chicken too :D
  • taplady
    taplady Posts: 7,184 Forumite
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    Well done MRSMCAWBER:T thats a lot of weight in a short time!
    Do what you love :happyhear
  • Well done everyone who's already on the right track to weight loss....

    I'd like to 'join' if that's ok - I have all the knowledge up here *taps head*.....just find it difficult to apply in the day to day, esp. as I am a born foody!

    PS. WRT the 'dry frying' I find the 'low fat cooking spray' you can buy is fabulous, and it lasts for ages....I know you can make one up yourself, but not sure of quantities etc....
    Is it payday yet?:rolleyes:

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    :T Thanks to all posters!:T
  • Hello Curlywurly,

    I am the same!! Have the tools but find it so hard to apply!!

    :j Started my weightloss journey, its neverending!! :j

    Weightloss challenge 2/14

    :p "Life is like a box of never know what you are gonna get":p
    MRSMCAWBER Posts: 5,442 Forumite
    Hi there Taplady

    Thanks for that :D .... this is the easiest i have found it so far.....With ww etc i can lose it a lot faster, but never keep it off:o and i get obsessed with food... this time im determined to adopt "a healthy lifestyle" rather than become manic and eat loads of synthetic low fat ready made stuff....

    I have loads to go....but at least im heading in the right direction;) .... congratulations to you are doing really well:T .... Hopefully this thread will help keeps us all on track:D

    Hi curlywurlygirly (my fave choc bars by the way :p )

    You don't have to make a low fat spray, you just decant your oil into a spray just comes out soooo fine... you can make your own flavoured oils to and then put them into the bottles....
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  • Morning all

    well done on your loss mrsmcawber:j :j

    had porridge with a spoonful of rasp jam, mmm normally cant stand porridge so will do until shopping day which is monday.

    today i have made spicy chicken with peaches in the sc, smells lovely mmmm

    I am not following a diet as such, just reducing my portion sizes, nothing restricted and i have upped my exercise levels, well its working anyway, since late august i have lost 1 stone and 1.5 lbs:D also for a good cause as shown in my sig, raising money for jdrf as my son has type 1 diabetes.

    it is giving me the well deserved kick up the bum!:rotfl:

    good to see u found us finally frogga!

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