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The Lose Weight The Old Style Way Thread.



  • frogga
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    Hello and welcome doorstep :D

    Frogga -do i have to come over there and slap your legs ???? :naughty::D

    Can I just say, encouragement is one thing, but threatening violence is never acceptable. I would like to point out that it is an offence to slap the legs of a frog and you could be reported to the RSPCA. Please think on, poster.
    Say it once, say it loud ~ I'm an Atheist, Anti-Royalist, Socialist, Tea-Total Veggie Frog and PROUD!:D

  • furrypig
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    Was trying to catch up with you all and saw the lose 7lbs by 14th Feb, but can't find whee it is discussed??

    Would some kind soul point it out to me where it is?? Thanks

    I go on Holiday on feb 14th so it would be perfect to lose half a stone by then!!

    Been really good today and have only had cottae cheese and salad and having pork loin steaks cooked up with veg in the slow cooker for dinner yipee!
  • Hello everyone.

    Frogga - I'm no one to give advice because I am such a bad example but one thing I know for sure is that if you focus on how much you have to lose and how long it might take it is a sure way to sabotage your efforts. I am 10 years older than you (46) and so have been doing the yo-yo dieting/bingeing for 10 years longer than you and EVERY time I start a diet I get despondent at how long it might take me and how awful I look etc etc. I have spent the last 25 years saying to myself that I will do this or that as soon as I am thin and I have missed out on so much. My best friend is very large but she doesn't give a toss and goes out dancing, goes swimming - does everything with great enthusiasm and woe betide anyone who makes any type of negative comment. But the thing is that most people never mention her weight - they don't even notice that she's fat because she is so bubbly and friendly. I wish I could be like that but I can't. Think of Fern Britton - she looked just as nice when she was fat and it didn't stop her doing anything.

    Anyway I am back at it again today and trying not to think beyond a day at a time... Today I have eaten:

    Breakfast - cup of peppermint tea
    lunch - 2 thin slices of dry brown toast with half a tin of tuna in water, three tomatoes and some baby spinach, an apple and a banana. It was a bit dry as I didn't have any salad cream or anything but it was okay.

    Dinner - just had some boiled rice cooked in Kallo chicken cube, mixed with chopped red pepper, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peas and spring onions. I made enough for all of us and wonder of wonders both DD's said it was nice. I just had the rice on its own, but I did pork ribs for DD's to go with. Afters was two tinned peach halves in juice with a scoop of Sainsburys BGTY virtually fat free iced dessert.

    By my reckonings I have had less than 10g of fat all day, which is good, and about 1500 calories -though I am not going to get bogged down with calorie counting.

    I have a historical romance to read tonight (how sad is that????) which I will enjoy.

    hope you all have a pleasant evening.

    ENDIS. Employed, no disposable income or savings!
  • saversarn
    saversarn Posts: 528 Forumite
    I'd just like to say that i thought you had all turned into lusty wenches due to food deprivation- but reading more of this thread I've decided nah, you're all just that way naturally:p
    I took the plunge last night and joined Rosemary Conley, I know its not very old style but I figure at least I'll get a proper reading each week- it's amazing how I can lean on one leg at just the right angle to knock about half a stone off if I feel like it- and then unbeleivably convince myself thats the true reading:rolleyes: Also the exercise bit is great and worth the money on it's own.
    I have decided Rosemary is a bit of a comedian, those that join at the moment get 'portion pots' they are for lilliputians, the porrige and pasta pots are bad enough but the wine measure caused my heart to race and I came out in a cold sweat:eek:
  • taplady
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    Anyway I am back at it again today and trying not to think beyond a day at a time... .

    As I was lay in bed last night thinking about dieting and healthy eating this was just what I decided, to take it one day at a time and not to think about all the things i shouldn't eat. It is depressing to think that you can never enjoy chocolate or cake or puddings again if you want to be thin so I decided to take it one day at a time and if I fall off the wagon to get straight back on the next day.
    Do what you love :happyhear
  • pigpen
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    saversarn wrote: »
    I have decided Rosemary is a bit of a comedian, those that join at the moment get 'portion pots' they are for lilliputians, the porrige and pasta pots are bad enough but the wine measure caused my heart to race and I came out in a cold sweat:eek:

    Maybe all the calories burned up laughing hysterically at the measures is meant to help?? :confused:

    I've decided to just sleep I think.. and waste away in my snoring state.

    I actually left some of my dinner last night because I decided it was silly to eat it just because it was on my plate when I was already full.. :D.. I was quite proud of myself!
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  • AliBow
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    Thanks MrsM. Will give that ago this weekend I think. Might have to subsitute lamb for something else if sis is eatting tho as she doesn't eat lamb.

    RS - What are you reading? Historical romances are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Especially if they involve time travel and scotland :o

    Saversam - I'm good at that too. Have discovered that if I lean forward when on my scales I weigh less :rolleyes:

    I didn't really fancy dinner tonight (wasn't feeling great) so only had a small slice of pizza and half a jacket potato. Have since had a small piece of christmas pud and a small slice of bday cake tho, oops. I'm going to make my self a shopping list tomorrow tho and get some stuff thats healthy and won't make my alergies act up. Found a good list online earlier of what food contain high ammounts of salicylates so planning to work from that and see if it makes me feel better. After mentioning it on here earlier I decided to google it and see if there was more information on it than there used to be. Found loads of helpful stuff and discovered that it can also cause a lot of the things I suffer from besides migraines (sinititus, stomach pains, aching joints, swelling of hands, periods of high energy then really low to name a few!) So maybe if I get my diet sorted around that I'll have more energy for exercise.

    G'night all.
    I'm through accepting limits
    'Cuz someone says they're so
    Some things I cannot change
    But till I try, I'll never know!
  • Gingham_Ribbon
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    Hi everyone.

    Time to get this thread back on track again! I just wanted to remind everyone that the daily chat stuff is best placed on the daily thread. There are lots of people who don't post who are looking in for help and tips for losing weight and getting bogged down with the chattier stuff.

    I don't mean we have to stick to strictly weight loss stuff only but we do need to keep it more on track than it has been!

    So I'm going to start a new year's new weight loss thread so people aren't too overwhelmed with this monster of a thread! (I knew it would be popular!)

    Edit: here's the new thread!
    May all your dots fall silently to the ground.
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