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The Lose Weight The Old Style Way Thread.



  • Hello Kippers,

    Do you have the recipe for the pilaff you make??

    :j Started my weightloss journey, its neverending!! :j

    Weightloss challenge 2/14

    :p "Life is like a box of never know what you are gonna get":p
  • Toonie
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    As I'm a fussy eater, I find that cooking from scratch does help when trying to lose weight. Also, as my blood sugar tends to drop quite quick (been checked for diabetes-nothing showed up) I tend to snack a few hours after eating a meal. The best advice I can give is, make your own...I've made dried fruit and seed mixes which are lovely and help with your five-a-day and also some of those good fats. A mix of sultanas, currants, chopped apricots, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds is a great snack and so very portable, either in plastic bag, or plastic box.

    I had a very lovely simple lunch fresh corn on the cob, chicken breast and baked potato. It was fab. Tomorrows is looking like "quick veggie stew" which is

    Tin toms
    Red Onion
    Any veg you have (frozen, fresh)
    Tom puree
    A little plain flour (to thicken)
    Any leftovers

    Last time it was... soften onion, put toms, squeeze of puree, chopped carrots and onion in pan. Add any leftovers (remainder of roast, leftover baked beans, etc). Leave to stew for as long as you have (as long as your don't mind the occasional crunchy veg), thicken stew with a little flour paste. Eat. Thats the important one!! ;)
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  • kippers
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    Pilaff rice:

    Fry onion (i dry fry the onion to be more healthy)

    Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and put in enough washed rice for the number of people eating it (approx 2oz per person).

    Add water until the rice is covered and then boil until cooked (adding more water if reqd). When the rice is cooked turn up the heat and boil until all the water is gone and then serve.
  • Thanks for the new thread - bad timing on my part though as I'd just typed out a longish post on the old thread and lost it all, hehe. I do agree with the reasons for the thread - no offence to those on specific diets but for me its all about trying to cook more from scratch, revisit some old fashioned food values and cut out on my weaknesses rather than compare points or calories. I do want to lose weight but my prime goal is eating well and healthily, feeling better within myself and reducing food/packaging waste.

    So today I didnt do very well really. slept badly and have felt exhausted and nauseous all day, despite napping in the afternoon.

    Breakfast : 3 digestive biscuits and a glass of water ( run out of milk so no cereal, have dried but can't face it au naturel ! )

    Lunch : 1 wholemeal roll with mustard and cress ( again couldnt face having anything else in it ) handful of grapes, big glass of milk ,half a packet of roast chicken crisps ( sadly the other half ended up in the bin as after eating partway, guess what, couldnt face the sight and smell of them )

    Dinner - bit better. Lamb leg steak that I should have had yesterday, ovencooked in garlic oil and herbs from the garden, jacket potato, and a plentiful helping of tenderstem broccoli. Washed down with homemade smoothie - apple juice, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries ( all last few berries from punnets bought earlier in the week ). Not feeling too bad at present - am waiting for all that to go down before I tackle kitchen floor ( mum visiting tomorrow ! :P )
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  • hope weigh day goes well for u mrsmcawber:D

    wheres frogga got to?:rotfl:

  • vixtress
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    I have lost 1st2lb in the last 5 weeks, simply by cooking good old fashioned meals, eating sensible portions and cleaning OS.... no specific exercise so far... it makes me hungrier :rotfl: - i can't be the only one :p

    well done :T on youre weight loss so far, thats fab. i too want to make long term cooking changes rather than 'diet'
    i actually think portion control is the key for me, i must stop thinking i am a 22st rugby player when i'm dishing up :rotfl: (or i may find i become one):p
    - prior planning prevents poor performance!

    May Grocery challenge £150 136/150
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    Hi Kyle

    We have been pm'ing, and she popped up on the OS daily earlier, but im sure she will pop up here when she spots it...

    Thanks for the "good luck" for tomorrow....with the amount of house work i have been doing again this week, i should have shifted something !!! Mind you i have been cooking up a storm too... but have managed not to eat any extra.... finally have the portion control sussed :T

    Hi Vixtress

    I have done all the other "diets" many times.. and it never lasts.. this time i have decided to shrink the portions - " i can eat a pea more than a pig":rotfl: .. and this last 5 weeks i have still been eating -toad in the hole -with HM sausages, casseroles, roasts with all the trimmings, HM cornish pasties HM pies the lot... and for the first time in my life i have no cravings at all:eek: ...
    The minute i say the dreaded "D" word.... my mind starts thinking of food - and the moment i think i "shouldn't have that"... i want 2 :rotfl:

    I think this thread will be a big hit, its great that we are all trying to lose the extra weight - without resorting to ready meals, etc....

    Good luck to all:T
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  • floyd
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    kippers wrote: »
    We are having chicken zorba with pitta salad & pilaf rice & natural yogurt as well, what a co-incidence.

    Pinched your idea after reading it the other thread and it made my mouth water! :T
  • Guapa1
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    Veggie chilli

    A small tin of baked beans
    A large tin of any other beans (If you're really money saving soak beans from the night before.)
    A tin of chopped tomatoes
    Half a red pepper
    2 carrots, chopped
    Handful of string beans
    A pinch of Chilli powder
    A pinch of Cayenne pepper.

    Put everything into a pan and simmer down for about 40 minutes and serve over rice. It is truly delicious.

    Also keep a vat of soup in your fridge for those peckish moments.
    I have a vegetable soup made of string beans, red and green peppers, tomatoes, veg stock, carrots, broccoli and pumpkin in my fridge at the mo.

    Here's a article about soup I got from the BBCs truth about food show.
    Can water help fill you up?

    There’s a common dieting myth that if you drink a glass of water before you eat you will feel fuller for longer.
    But is there any truth in this? We took it upon ourselves to put the water theory up against the latest idea in the science of dieting.
    The new buzzword in dieting is satiety - it’s less about reducing your calorie intake and more about eating foods that will keep you satiated for longer.
    To illustrate our study we conducted at Nottingham University we took two teams with a love for classic American automobiles and sent them on a road trip through the lonely Nevada desert to see which group would give in to their hunger pangs first.
    Both teams were given an identical meal of chicken and vegetables with a glass of water. The only difference was that one team drank the water before they ate, and the other had the water blended with the meal to make a soup.
    Then we sat back and waited for the hunger signals to kick in.
    In the original study the group who ate the chicken and vegetable soup were satiated for 60 minutes more when compared to the group who drank the water before the chicken and vegetable meal.

    But why? When we drink a glass of water with our meal our stomach is able to sieve the water from the solids passing quickly from our intestines into the stomach. However, when we combine the water and food in a soup this sieving is prevented and ensures that the water and the nutrients from the food stay together, homogenised, thus entering the intestine at the same time.
    Because of the increased volume of the water and solid combined the food stays in our stomach for longer, activating our satiety signals and delaying emptying, which, according to the scientists, can reduce our hunger by up to a quarter.
    Getting there... A deal at a time. :T
  • Hi all,

    I must admit that when I was on another well known weightloss programme last year i thought the point aspect was a bit too restrictive so all i decided to do was cook everything from scratch and cut down my portion sizes, i still went to meetings to get weighed but i didn't follow the plan exact and the weight still came off at a steady rate. I just couldn't afford the 20 or so quid a month i was spending so this board is a god send for me, i love cooking and with the abundance of great recipes from you guys i think this could be my year!!!

    :j Started my weightloss journey, its neverending!! :j

    Weightloss challenge 2/14

    :p "Life is like a box of never know what you are gonna get":p
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