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The Lose Weight The Old Style Way Thread.



  • Guapa1
    Guapa1 Posts: 890 Forumite

    Sauté some half an onion a tomato and a clove of garlic in olive oil and remove from pot. Put the washed and cut greens into the pot and put the lid on and leave to steam. When the greens have reduced in size add the onion mix and stir in. At this point I usually add smoked mackerel or salted cod to this dish and so don't need any salt.

    I usually eat it just like this, or with some pumpkin or a sweet potato.
    Getting there... A deal at a time. :T
  • lynzpower
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    Loads of the WW recipes are OS, Ive been making ( and raving about!) a moroccan veg caserole from the WW book . it comprises

    tinned toms
    tinned chickpeas
    assorted veg ( courgette, onion, mushroom, aubergine, peppers, squash etc)
    spray oil ( dont need this)
    chili powder.

    Dry fry veg till tenderish. then add to the saucepan passata & chopped toms. Add chickpeas, teaspoon cumin * i like more* half teaspoon chilli powder. Simmer for about 25 mins med heat till the veg is *right*

    Serve with cous cous, rice, jacket potato etc. Lebanese flatbreads are good for this too, or pittas, wraps. whatever! Grill a bit of chicken on the side if you fancy, I hardly ever bother. :D
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  • vixtress
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    Guapa1 wrote: »

    Here's a article about soup I got from the BBCs truth about food show.

    ooh thats interesting, looks like soup is the way to go!!!!
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  • Yeah, I think I will be making soup tomorrow!!
    :j Started my weightloss journey, its neverending!! :j

    Weightloss challenge 2/14

    :p "Life is like a box of never know what you are gonna get":p
  • frogga
    frogga Posts: 2,217 Forumite
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    Hi guys , I'm here!

    I've been "being good" since 1st Sept and will only weigh way once a month. I don't have a very good relationship with the scales as we argue everytime we meet! I can only face them once a month and also it means that I will hopefully have lost a larger amount ~ we'll see!

    A quick fitness tip that a friend told me was to run up and down the stairs everytime the adverts are on until the program comes back on again! It saves you "vegging" ALL night without moving and helps with the fitness as well as stopping you going for the biscuits!:rotfl: Doesn't help much if you only watch BBC though!

    Good luck with weigh day MrsMxx

    How about other people putting their weight and targets et.c in their signiture? Don't be shy , no one really knows us anyway:rotfl: I'm really only a size 10 !:rotfl:
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  • kippers
    kippers Posts: 2,055 Forumite
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    Morning all, i survived my first day of healthy o/s eating. My hubby was hungry yesterday evening but had an apple and seemed to live to tell the tale.

    Todays menu is

    Porridge with chopped banana and raisens
    Low fat chicken soup (out of a tin i'm sad to say) & a homemade roll, yogurt
    Chicken zorba, salad, pilaff rice, pitta (homemade), and natural yoghurt as a dip.

    fruit and hot milk for snacks

    Yum yum

    Does anyone know how to make a low fat chicken soup?
  • frogga
    frogga Posts: 2,217 Forumite
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    :rotfl: OOOOOPS should have done a menu too shouldn't I?

    Today I'll be having:
    Breakky : Fruit salad ( banana, plums, pear and black grapes)
    snack : apple and dries apricots
    lunch : spinach and watercress and peanut butter wholemeal sandwich
    tea : jacket pot , runner beans , carrots, peas and spicey beans

    Can you tell I'm a vegan?:rotfl: It's much cheaper to be a veggie you know! and nobody died!
    Say it once, say it loud ~ I'm an Atheist, Anti-Royalist, Socialist, Tea-Total Veggie Frog and PROUD!:D

  • Guapa1 wrote: »
    Also keep a vat of soup in your fridge for those peckish moments.
    I have a vegetable soup made of string beans, red and green peppers, tomatoes, veg stock, carrots, broccoli and pumpkin in my fridge at the mo.

    Here's a article about soup I got from the BBCs truth about food show.

    That's really interesting. I make soup most weekends for lunch, and a bowl of that really fills me up. I'm making Frogga's Suffolk Onion Soup tomorrow :T

    Thanks for this thread Gingham et al. There are some really lovely recipes. I'll definitely be trying Chicken Zorba.

    Penny. x
    :rudolf: Sheep, pigs, hens and bees on our Teesdale smallholding :rudolf:
  • beemuzed wrote: »
    Maybe we should be revisiting the thread re WW2 cooking - obesity didn't seem to be an issue then! Not that I'm implying any of us is obese (tho' I seem to be veering that way!), but maybe rationing is the answer!
    For me it really is a need to do proper portion control. Don't like ready meals (never enough and also tasteless) so cooking is from scratch - thanks to DH - but I never know when to stop.
    When I was doing the rationing thing I only remembered to weigh myself the second week. I did however, lose 1 lb. If that was sustained every week that'd be 52 lbs in a year which is only 4 short of 4 stone.

    During this time I was eating lard, dripping and butter but I wasn't snacking. I also ate lots of fruit and veg. I baked things only for the children's lunchboxes and in small quantities, I think this helped enormously. My weakness is my cake tins full of home baked goodies.

    I am pleased to see this thread at last :T -I've looked at the one on the I wanna board but it wasn't really for me. It seems to me that portion control is the way to go not restricting the types of food you eat.
    MRSMCAWBER Posts: 5,442 Forumite
    Morning one and all :wave:

    :dance: lost 1.5lb this week - so thats 1st 3.5 lb in 6 weeks:dance:
    • brekkie toast (hm bread) with low fat cream cheese
    • lunch will be some crispbeads with low fat liver sausage on, followed by sugar free jelly n fruit
    • dinner is HM savoury meat pie, with potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, nobbies, carrots n gravy - and yogurt if i fancy one later
    • + if i get the munchies later it will be apples/jelly or yogurt
    Hope everyone is feeling motivated this morning :j -look, even the icon is doing star jumps :rotfl:

    Think i might get the windows done again today.... the lengths i will go to, to burn some calories ;)

    Just waiting for a feature on the news...bbc1 i think back in the UK - BFBS1 here!!! they are on about cooking according to the old ration allowances... they have mentioned 2 books, so may have to try and make note of them, then look them up and see if they are worth getting... will let you all know if anything interesting is mentioned....
    we need all the tips we can to get our figures back in order

    keep up the good work everyone :T

    Just spotted thriftladies post...snook in whilst i was typing - slowly :p

    I agree with you... reducing the portions and not the variety is the key..well for me anyway... im making pastry using half butter/half lard, eating cheaper cuts of meat etc... but i am eating smaller portions, bulked out with veggies... and so far i have had NO cravings what so ever, which for me is a miracle.... and it is sooo easy to stick to... whish i had found this way of doing it years ago.... the hell i have put my system through -it doesn't bear thinking about :o
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