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This section is to discuss issues arising from the following article Completely free calls worldwide via your PC

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  • gt94sss2gt94sss2 Forumite
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    Just wanted to point out that Yahoo Messenger (the UK version) and BT Communicator are one and the same product.

    The US version of Yahoo Messenger is different.

    Also, its worth pointing out if you want to make a call to a landline (not a PC-->PC call) using BT Communicator/Yahoo Messenger (UK version) then you need a BT landline - as they add the cost of the call to your normal BT bill (after your 1st month of free calls)

  • k_stak_sta Forumite
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    One thing never discussed about the competitiveness of internet telephony is the limitation that really effects it - BT

    As BT has monopolistic ocntrol of the last mile (your ADSL line) and will not supply broadband without a telelphone connection your internet telephony includes a minimum 10.50 to BT whether you use it or not.

    The real price of ADSL should consider all manditory charges to supply it including an active and charged line for telephone (that is unnecesary for ADSL)

    The week after I had ADSL my phone line failed -ADSL worked fine but the line was dead.

    It seems (after threats of a £50+ charge if it was my fault) that someone had knocked the fuse out of the telephone line equipment in the exchange. So the line works fine without it. So why can;t I disconnect it? Because BT wants 10.50 for my ADSL!

    When will Oftel actually do something about BT beside lay down to be walked over??

  • gt94sss2gt94sss2 Forumite
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    1. There are other ways to connect to the internet for many people :)

    2. Most people use their ADSL line for voice calls as well.

    However, if you don't perhaps you should look at one of the other operators who charges you less for line rental like ITplc

    3. The charge that you pay your ISP only covers the ADSL "part" of the local loop - not the full costs of providing it (thats built in to the line rental BT charge)

    4. ISP's have the option of charging you the full amount themselves but they don't - as it woudn't be any less (actually it would be slightly more) than BT charge.

    IT plc charge you less in line rental as they charge more for calls and hpe to make it up that way.

  • pccsdpccsd Forumite
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    "2. Most people use their ADSL line for voice calls as well."

    Could you explain to me how this is possible. Do I need to buy add-ons such as new software or extra audio equipment? My PC system already includes speakers and a microphone but not headphones.

    Most grateful for your advice as this problem has puzzled me for a while now.
  • k_stak_sta Forumite
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    He means the physical ADSL line (your telephone line) is used for calls by most people.

    ITplcs offer is not particularly great - you pay a fee to change Not sure but £25+Vat) you monthly fee is not that much lower (and its quoted ex vat) and its a 12 onth rolling contract so you get 1 chance a year to change (and there is the fee again for that.

    When you add in the migration charge I think you save less than a pound a month and can't change for 12.

    Why is it cheaper to migrate your ADSL than you telelphone number??

  • ham_3ham_3 Forumite
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    Can anyone recommend a webcam & microphone (from experience) ? or advise on specific ones to avoid ?
  • Be aware that Skype uses *your* Internet bandwidth for converying *other* people's calls.

    This opens the privacy debate, would you be happy for your private phone call to be routed via a complete strangers PC? How do you know that this stranger doesn't have the key to decrypt your private message?

    The Skype software's security is not open for peer review, so you have to trust that they've done a good enough job.

    If you're on 'download capped' broadband you will find your monthly bandwidth being used up 'behind your back' without your knowledge.

    Skype is prohibited from many corporate networks for these very reasons.

    It's a nice bit of ground breaking software, and if you're aware of and agree to all these restrictions, then go ahead and use it.

  • There is one chat program which I have not seen listed on here yet, and that is Paltalk.
    It is a free download and is very much on the same lines of Yahoo Messenger, although personally, I have found it more reliable and user friendly.
    I am a National Officer for a registered charity, and we use it to hold telephone conferences very cheaply indeed. As you can set up rooms which have a password protection, you can remain undisturbed and hold your conference. I've used it for over 4 years, and not had any problems. Try it out!
    There is only one drawback and that is that, if you do not pay a subscription, then there are popups which occasionally flash up but that is small price to pay. I also use it for overseas calls and the voice quality is quite good. It doesn't interface with Landline, although there is an option using Net2phone I think.

    The website is:
    Watch Out! It's quite possible that some of my best mistakes haven't been made yet!
  • Anyone heard of them, or is infact using them?

    Had the unfortunate experience of speaking to some support person of ADSL4less in India the other day, using VOIP on their end, and it was impossible ot have a discussion, let alone be understood...

    Long way to go yet, give a good old analogue line any time of the day!

  • oranabana asked
    Anyone heard of them, or is infact using them?

    I have used both this with X-lite from and I use skype.

    The advantage of sipgate is that you can register your computer as another phone with a standard number so you get to have an additional phone in the house for no cost!!!

    It can then be dialed from any other phone or mobile.

    You can also register an out of area number so if I wanted a London telephone number to make it look as though I was in London, then this is possible.

    WARNING: So watch out for the fraudsters - they can now purport to be on a landline, say in Manchester with with an 0161 number but in fact could be anywhere!!!!!

    Great Techno developments - but treat with respect!
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