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  • Smart move if it's all the money you have in the world. But unnecessary if it's just a small part of your savings portfolio.

    I have a few quid, but not enough to have a "Portfolio". :)

    I live on my pensions, so don't want to risk getting tied up in any delay in getting fraudulent transactions refunded.
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    mt99 wrote: »
    Sounds like there may have been a data breach at a retailer somewhere (rather than at Tesco itself). It has happened before (with credit cards):


    Although some people reporting here they have never used their cards??

    Unlikely, If this is the case then why is money missing from my tesco account when I only use it to earn interest and ping S.O's to other accounts?

    I used the card once at a cash machine when it first arrived and I withdrew £10 ages ago.

    Tesco's security has failed I should think.

    Hope this does not continue and I hope this does not affect my S.O's

    So anyway I phoned them, gave up after 20mins because my free minutes ran out weeks ago and I have probably spent more on hold then got took.
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    Bizarre, they have just responded to a question on Twitter. Unfortunately the question was about how to open a second account and the answer was give them a call which is probably not a good idea today!
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    TheBanker wrote: »
    The poor service is a reason to move all your money! They could have....
    1) Used their website and social media to tell people what was happening
    2) Changed the message on their phone line to say there is no point waiting and explaining what had happened
    3) Sent a follow up text and email to everyone explaining the situation

    Instead they are staying silent and letting people wait on the line for hours.

    I pity anyone who's trying to get through to report their card lost or stolen at this time!!

    Agree completely that their response is very poor. And completely unacceptable.

    Their ongoing silence is bizarre.

    If I was using Tesco as my main bank I'd be considering moving completely.

    But as I and many others are using it for the 3% interest, and have used up all the other 'high' interest options it makes no sense to move money out in protest at a hiccup in service, however unsettling it is, as I'd lose that interest and so would end up just moving it back again.
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    Have just moved Current account money into a savings account,the available balances seem to be what they should.Thought as early Sunday would try ringing again but after reading above posts not hanging on the line again
    Also checked twitter tescohelp and they are oblivious.....it really is shoddy that no word from them at this stage on website,Twitter or informative message on telephone nos.
    Am going to move money out completely though now as obs VERY serious breach of their security.
    It's good they caught it in my case but until sorted won't move money back.
  • Maybe everybody should send a text to the BBC (61124) and see if they will take it up on the air. Might get Tesco to act then.
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    Their approach does seem poor, and is a failing in their response systems.

    I had a tax and email to call them around 5:30, got up at 7:00 and called them and got through in a little less than half an hour, this was credit card department.

    Woman was polite but a bit frazzled, confused sort code and account number and then asked for different security numbers, and after all that just said someone would call back but it would be be a few hours.

    I said that there weren't any valid transactions on my account and she did confirm staright away that it's the banks liability for fraud but why inconvenience so many customers and their own staff to achieve nothing.

    They could have just put a block on accounts and a note in the website to say it was suspended, many people wouldn't have noticed until they had resolved things at their end.
  • Spent 51 minutes on hold to get through to a guy who had been drafted in to take calls from another part of the call centre who couldn't really tell me anything, just saying I would get a call back within 48 hours.
    I was slightly concerned when the automated message said "Tesco Bank take your security very serious" as we are always advised to look out for "bad English" as a sign of a scam. It seems Tesco must have had a massive breach. Nothing wrong with my account, but moving money out just in case.
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    Both my current accounts appear to be fine even though it's one account that has received the fraud message - I can only assume the transaction was blocked. Available balance and actual balance is what I expect.

    Since moved money from both to Internet savings account with Tesco which I would hope would be fine. Just wondering whether to move it completely out as I have a larger amount there.
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    I am presently in the Netherlands and received an e.mail as has already been mentioned by most users. I logged on and can see that on one account an amount of £20.63 is the difference between the available balance and actual balance. My other account seems okay. As with most posters these accounts are for savings and the debit cards are safely locked up. After trying the overseas number to contact Tesco I went off to make some coffee after almost 20 minutes. I then thought of MSE and bingo it is a wide spread problem so I expect hundreds of people are trying to get through on the phone. Thank goodness for MSE.
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