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Cheap Pay-as-you-go Deals Article Discussion

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mobiles
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  • When I checked the phone it was not that granular - ie. it was less than 1Mb
  • Okay. Just did the test again...

    Reset mobile data usage counter on phone (to 0b)
    checked balance of o2 payg sim = £5.67
    Turned data on
    Went into email client
    Sent an email to self
    turned data off
    in phone mobile data usage it shows 68.75Kb (approx. 0.07Mb)
    checked balance of o2 payg sim = £5.47

  • fonesaverfonesaver Forumite
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    I have had a similar thing with O2 PAYG. I'm on an old tariff where you get charged a max of £1 per day for data if your data allowance has run out. Sometimes my balance goes down by £1 when I know I haven't used data as I have turned data off and used Wi-Fi. Possibly the myO2 app uses data. Then when I re-boot the phone the £1 magically comes back when I check the app. Same results with *#10# This has never happened when I still have unused data that month.
    So suggest you re-boot your phone and check the balance. Only a suggestion...
  • Hi,

    Happy to give that a go... Just did and BLOO*Y NORA you are right. I will stand at the foot of my stairs (he says spitting out bits of hat).

    Fonesaver - thank you... cudos to you and "go to get some retraining" to the o2 call centre staff!!

    I did the *#10# after a reboot and it went back up from £5.47 to £5.67. I need to do some more testing but that is even more curious as I did use "some" data in my test (68Kb) and it should have gone down to £5.66. I will wait until the morning and check the data charge again with the *#10# and see if the magic 1p is deducted.

    I will report back tomorrow to see what the balance shows (minus any SMS and any calls I make in the meantime).

    Confusing or what. You would have thought that the o2 folk would have this on their "FAQ" scripts and be able to explain that. Would have saved me hours of stress and angst :-)

  • so.... Reading a bit more on the interweb I have gleaned that o2 reserve 20p when you start using the data and then do some hokey-pokey calculation, refund you the 20p and take off teh actual amount of data you used to the nearest penny (at some point later down the line/overnight). So I'll see the balance in the morning to see if that hold true.
  • so.... Its the morning now and the balance is still £5.67 so I got the 68.75Kb for free it seems so its gone (in my mind) from

    3.2.1 ==> 3.2.20 ==> 3.2.0 :-)

    I guess that there is a minimum point at which it starts to charge (no idea what but perhaps 100Kb or someting similar).

    Anyway - I'm not complaining (any more at least)...
  • AnthornAnthorn Forumite
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    The article needs updating because Asda Mobile have increased the data on the £10+ bundles: For £10 the data allowance has increased and is now 3GB.
  • I live in Switzerland mostly, but am back in the UK about a half-dozen times a year. Being outside the EU, my Swiss mobile contract charges crazy roaming rates, so am looking for a UK PAYG. It'll be mainly for receiving UK calls when I'm in Switzerland (so cheap/free roaming would be good), plenty of data when I'm in the UK, and no monthly charges or top-up credit that expires quickly / ever.

    Any suggestions all?
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • Sorry if you all know this, but I don't see asda on the mse page for payg sims.

    sim is free, comes quickly [well mine did, overnight] and comes with free 10mins, 10 txts, and 10Mb. which last for 30 days.

    no costs until 180 days when you must make a chargeable call or txt, so you have then to put credit on it if you haven't already, to keep the sim active.
    If you just want it for receiving calls, this seems like a pretty good deal, no?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    adindas wrote: »
    Start October 1, 2018 there is a new rules from ofcom to allow mobile customers to limit their bills from 1st October 2018

    I wonder whether this is also applied to registered PAYG accounts. Sometimes you just want to use your PAYG to receive call, message.

    When you try to insert this simcard to another mobile phone and you are not carefull it will automatilly take your balance.. O2 for instance it will automatically take £1 a day for 50mb data which in some occasion you do not need this.

    Is this cap also applicable to PAYG ? thanks

    I'd have thought that there's a clue in the name? It's PAYG so the spending is entirely the responsibility of the user including turning off data use in a different phone.
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