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    Hello! Can I please join you for September? I've just started Getting Serious about being a DFW this past month, and feel some monthly structure will keep me motivated!
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    Count me in!

    I'm obviously psychic as yesterday I gave my room a really good clean and got rid of everything under my bed.

    This afternoon I chopped back my butterfly bush and text a friend to arrange meeting next weekend :)

    I will def be working on my 'junk drawer'!

    I am going to research some Christmas present ideas. Traditionally I've only bought for family but I now have a new group of friends who buy for each other and whilst they don't expect anything back it would be nice to give a homemade gift I think.

    I'm planning on flavoured gin or vodka and some editable treats. Have any of you tried nigella's chocolate cookies (think they are Xmas ones, they have 100's &1000's on). I am planning on some of those :)

    I've made Nigella's Christmas Pudding truffles every year for about ten years - they always go down a treat! I just use [email protected]'s basics Xmas pud for them, to keep the cost down :)
    Overdraft: [STRIKE]£715[/STRIKE] £220
    Barclaycard: [STRIKE]£889 [/STRIKE] £1,089.33
    Loan: £1450 [STRIKE]£50[/STRIKE] £50
  • Yes please. Failed miserably in August. Must try harder in September.
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    Evening everyone,

    Please add me onto this challenge. I started the August one but fell off the wagon :(

    Hopefully I'll fair better this time.
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    Count me in please EE. Did not do well with August's challenge but hoping to do better in September.
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    I'm in. Thank you for running the thread. Looking forward to this.
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    Spends – aim for at least 14 NSD’s. Will definitely aim for this

    Eating – menu plan for September. Can you start using up bits in the freezer ready to make room for Christmas food? Make sure you take lunch to work every day.

    Yes! I was thinking of this, too often we have had things languishing at the bottom of the drawers for too, too long

    Presents – make your Christmas lists. Who needs a present and who will just have a card? Can you reduce any of the people you ‘have’ to get presents for? Could you make any presents - we have plenty of time to prepare things? Do you need sellotape/wrapping paper/bows etc? What are you doing/where are you going for Xmas this year? Can you start buying food ready – remember a lot of meat goes up in price from the end of November so get it early while you can. (This might be controversial but anything you buy from your Xmas list this month will not count towards a spend day unless you buy other stuff as well – I want everyone to be well underway for Xmas by the end of September)

    Way ahead here, already have my christmas spreadsheets ready, but do want to collect some presents early, I recommend people join the OS Christmas 2016 Thread

    Time – make time for yourself this month. Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day do something for yourself whether that is going for a walk, having a bath with loads of bubbles or sitting outside with a drink – we need to make the most of the evenings.

    I don't do this nearly enough, will try to do more

    Empty – pick a drawer or cupboard to empty and sort through. If it’s the junk drawer what can you do to stop it becoming a junk drawer? Keep on top of this drawer/cupboard all month so nothing that shouldn’t be there goes in.

    Yes, always trying to do this

    Meet – meet up with a friend/family member who you have not seen for ages but keep meaning to. Ring/email/text them now and arrange something for this month.

    It has been playing on my mind for a really long time that I haven't seen one friend, I'm going to contact her now

    Bed– either start bedding down the garden for winter or you will start making the bedroom suitable for the cooler weather.
    In the garden, start sorting out the pots – do they need a wash before being stored for winter? Does the garden furniture need any oil/paint before it gets put away for winter? Do any flowers/bushes need cutting back yet?
    In the bedroom, do you need to put the winter duvet on? Do any duvets need washing? Can you have a clear out – clean under the bed, wash down the bedside tables?

    It doesn't seem that long ago that I put the summer Duvet on! Yikes

    Exercise – do as much exercise as possible, aim for every 2 days as a minimum. Can you make the most of these evenings before it gets dark at 5pm? For those like me who have dogs, can you walk them a different route or for longer?

    Have gotten better recently but my running training has taken a bit of a swerve

    Reading – the first public lending library opened on 6th September 1852. If you have not yet joined your local library could you join it? Everyone will read a book during this month and report back with comments – hopefully it will encourage others to try new books. Books can be either fiction or non-fiction.

    I go through binges and droughts with my local library and am in the middle of a drought so will change this
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    I'm in EE. A new start in September and I like this challenge a lot - thank you.
    My ds birthday is 29th Sept...
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    Welcome to everyone who has posted so far, thanks for joining me.

    I have allocated everyone up to here their numbers for the month - see Post 2.

    clippy - can't believe you have done some of the list already, maybe I need to set you some different things:rotfl:
  • Yes please I would love to join your September challenge. I followed the July thread with interest and have been away a couple of times in August. September would be a great time for me to start.
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