MSE News: Virgin Media to hit customers with price rise of up to £42/year



  • carlsorff
    I received the email 2 weeks ago while on holidays. Arrived home today and phoned them saying I wanted to cancel all services from Virgin because in 8 months I suffered two price increases and couldn't afford it. Instantly price was reduced by them...but obviously reducing the services like the 200mb speed (the only service I really want!) and TV (don't care about tv really) Now I think I will get BT. I will sacrifice internet speed but I will get BT Sports for free...yaaay!
  • carlsorff
    Phoned today to cancel my services with VM. Got asked the reason I wanted to cancel, told them about constant increases and got as answer: "Your services will be disconnected on the 6th October. All done for you, many thanks and have a good day. :eek:
    VM didn't give me the opportunity to haggle!! :mad:
    Anyway, I'm looking BT. Seems they got a few good deals plus BT Sports.
  • Rev
    Rev Posts: 3,150 Forumite
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    Still not had an email or letter about the price hike.

    Given I didn't get any notification for he last two I think the same will be happening again.
  • Geoff_W
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    I too am fed up with VM's twice yearly price increases, now amounting to over £80pa. I suppose that now everyone is dependant on broadband, VM (and all providers) have got us by the short & curlies. Trouble is, none of the alternatives are any cheaper (ignoring temporary offers), so what choice do we have? Calling retentions to cancel is a risky business as they might just call my bluff, and it probably takes too long to transfer to another provider once cut off.
  • Heliflyguy
    Count me in as another disgruntled VM customer, the constant price increases are just too much.

    Cant fault their broadband, never use the home phone and the TV is not much better than freeview.

    Need to get the aerial fixed and get a FV box then look at the offers from Vodaphone 76Mbps @ £28 per month + 1 off £49 connection fee and a discount as already a VP customer.

    Should easily be saving by month 5 taking into account a FV box etc as VM cost not far short of £50 pm now.
  • AndyPK
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    Well I can't believe it!

    I'm on a new customer deal, and on their lowest package of 50Gb download per month. £6/month for 12m then £14/month

    I was hoping to get away without a rise! as they don't do this package anymore.

    So mine is going from £6 to £9.49 !!!! :(
    And the last 6m £14 to £17.49

    I can't believe how much % increase that is !

    Anyway, as I paid my LR in advance (to avoid LR increases) I'll have to stick with it.
    I guess its about the same price as OR fibre.

    I guess I will try and ditch the phone when I'm out of contract.
  • anotheruser
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    I'm not sure what to do.

    I currently pay £25 a month for 50MB. That'll be £300 a year.

    BT have 78MB for £31.49 a month (line rental included)
    That's £377 a year.
    + £49 activation fee
    + £8 router delivery charge
    - £100 gift card

    Means it will be £344 for the year. No haggling on anything as yet and TopCashback suggests I'd get £94 back, pulling it down to £240.

    I'd stay with Virgin Media but I want their new router - not exactly a hard sell for them.
    Will call them later and see.
  • Marvel1
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    edited 8 September 2016 at 4:03PM
    Free upgrade speed , yeah right! My new bill will be £41.50 a month, all it is broadband 70Mb and phone M - both their lowest!! I don't even have a phone, it was cheaper at time to have it.

    Will start comparing prices using excel for an average over 12-18 months to have some figures from their rivals to haggle with.
  • AndyPK
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    I wouldn't get too excited about the white router v3.
    It's made by lite-on and almost feels cheap.

    It only has one light. White when in normal use.

    I think i would rather have the old one to be honest.
  • jazzy
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    Has anyone who is broadband only (i.e. no line rental) received notification yet?
    yes it's a £2.99 per month increase for the broadband only service.
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