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MSE News: Virgin Media to hit customers with price rise of up to £42/year



  • Mckenna
    nadiamaj wrote: »

    same as everyone i have received the price rise email .

    Been with virgin - phone+ broadband for many years and the in ternet service has gone down dramatically.

    so what alternative deals is everyone looking at?

    Unfortunately none atm, there aren't any amazing deals out there and where i live i would have to step down to 30-40 mbs elsewhere :/
  • nadiamaj
    i pay £27.99 for phone and 50mbs

    i think youre still paying too much ?
  • AndyPK
    AndyPK Posts: 4,245 Forumite
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    as long as that includes line rental, No. That is a good price
  • blackanchorage
    10% increase, bored with haggling every year, decided it is time for a switch to plusnet for a similar price.
  • easy
    easy Posts: 2,517 Forumite
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    Right here goes
    we have the Big Easy package here costs us £52.53 per month, and just received the letter to say that it's going up £3.49 per month from Nov.

    Talk unlimited (needed cos elderly mother & disabled sister both live 100+ miles away, & no mobile signal in this house)
    TV size M (basically the same as freeview) and a Tivo rental - Tivo really frustrating cos it's recently gone really slow
    Vivid 100 fibre - we're all 3 internet users esp 17 y.o. son, so downgrading wouldn't go down well.

    There is no other option for fast BB here, only VM cabling in the area.
    So, what are my chances of getting some sort of deal ? Either a price reduction, or at least chuck us in the next level of TV for no extra money.

    I've been holding on the phone to the CS line for 23 mins ... :)
    I try not to get too stressed out on the forum. I won't argue, i'll just leave a thread if you don't like what I say. :)
  • Ian011
    Ian011 Posts: 2,432 Forumite
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    Here's a chance to save £7 per month.

    If you are paying £15 per month for the Virgin Media package that has inclusive calls to mobile numbers and international numbers but you don't need inclusive calls to international numbers, note that the £8 per month inclusive calls package now includes anytime calls to mobile numbers.
  • chaotic_j
    As mentioned earlier I have signed up with BT for their infinity service and TV, they cancelled an engineer appointment for the phone line with 24 hours notice after I'd arranged for a family member to be in my property.

    Service supposed to start by midnight on 23/09/16 and to date no service *at all*, raised fault 24/09/16 as hub flashing purple (means hub working - no Internet connection).

    Spent an hour on hold and 30 minutes going through the Indian technical support telephone script of factory resetting (the brand new, unused) hub etc. to be told there is a fault on my phone line.

    Told it will be fixed by 27/09/16, text message first thing to say fixed, call in evening to say fixed. Got home and tried it.. exactly the same. Called and got through quite quickly to UK support for faults, he tested my line and said it wasn't working at all.. but would have to transfer me to technical support again.

    I said OK hope I don't have to go resetting this hub again etc. he said no don't worry they have all details down.. spent an hour and 15 minutes on hold to have to go through the exact same pallaver again.. told that the phone line and broadband were working fine.

    Spoke to a manger then who told me there was a fault, no notes from person in UK on my account, saying that this will now be investigated on 30/09/16 and he will call me back 01/01/16.

    Conclusion: Nobody working for BT in India or the UK knows what they are doing! They make Virgin Media look like the sole masters of the Internet!

    Arrrrghhh! They also sent me my first bill on Monday! bet that bit of their service always works eh?
  • EdGasket
    EdGasket Posts: 3,503 Forumite
    In August 2015 I agreed a contract with Virgin Media for an 18-month period for broadband and phone line with a £10 a month discount for a price of £32.49 per month. The contract says:
    "Your monthly service charge (during promotional offer) £32.49"
    "Your monthly service charge (after promotional offer) £42.49"

    However thay have put the cost up by £3.49 in February 2016 and I have just received another letter about a further £3.49 increase to be applied from November 2016.

    Can they do this when the contract has stated a fixed-price (well I was told I had signed up for 18 months so assumed it was fixed-price) during the promotional offer of £32.49?

    How can they justify an increase of 21.42% in less than a year when inflation is 1% ??
  • zaax
    zaax Posts: 1,910 Forumite
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    you should be given a months notice, in which to leave. There are a lot lower fibre, but not as fast.
    Do you want your money back, and a bit more, search for 'money claim online' - They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring
  • EdGasket
    EdGasket Posts: 3,503 Forumite
    True it does say I can cancel. So does that mean they can break their contract on the agreed price? Seems pointless haggling a 'deal' that VM can then change on a whim.
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