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    Glad to hear that DH is going in the right direction.  It sounds bonkers to me to even consider making DS 3 go into school.  How are you feeling f0xh0les?
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    I find it incredible that someone should even consider that DS3 should go into school in the circumstances.  Or are they all stupid enough to still believe that children don't get it?  I think it is really worrying that they are happy for children to get it despite knowing that 10% get long covid.  You have to worry about where their brains are or even if they have any.  Sorry politicians & brains are a contradiction in terms!
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    Yep.... the lunatics have definitely taken over the Asylum!
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    f0xh0les said:
    What I found most bizarre, was that although TracknTrace asked where we got covid from, and where the kids went to school and college, and wrote it all down on the log x 4, they do not inform the school or college.  That is down to the parents to do, and you have to forward them the NHS PCR result text with the date of infection and date of end of isolation (as long as they do not have a temperature).  Track and Trace do not tell the source of infection that they are the source of infection if it is a school or college.
    Not informing some sources of infection rather undermines the purpose of TracknTrace.

    Are the school offering DS3 any education as he is unable to attend school?
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