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    Tis Gr(ew)by indeed, and Blaby is Blaybee dontch'a know.
    MFW#65 Oct 21 = £80,900.00 next target = sub £80k in December 2021 Daily interest £3.99
    E/F £19,750 but I still need a new roof and an extension and the loft boarding out.
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    I was pretty academic at school and didn't find GCSEs too hard, however the jump to A levels was something I struggled with (teen hormones aside).

     First thing was our form teacher telling us each our prediced A level grades based on some algorithm she got from goodness knows where...i got an A* for history at GCSE, she told me I was predicated a B-C for  A level....how on earth an A was thus supposed to be achieved i don't know, blackmailing the exam board? Anyway, rather than taking the mature f*ck you I'll work my socks off and prove you wrong approach, I took the less mature,  f*ck this and spent a fabulous two years getting to know the London Underground very well and following lots of bands and boys in bands (or who wanted to be in bands). 🙈

    But...the other thing that I really felt lacked was actually taking time to educate us in the different teaching style of A levels. Much GCSE work was structured, copy from the board and bitesized learning. For A levels it was 'make your own notes' and much more discussion based. It sounds silly / simple but I didn't really know the best, or different techniques for making notes. It was like someone had removed the stabilisers without warning.

    Granted I'd cracked it by Uni, but I do think a pastoral session with our form teacher outlining how A Levels differed and what was expected/appropriate learning techniques right at the start would have been enormously helpful. 
    Is this anything DS2 is struggling with?
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    They are practising what they preach - criminology at that price!!!
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    Well I would be putting courgettes in a lot of those dishes including last nights stew.  But then I replaced a lot of the meat (about half) with usually courgettes & mushrooms a few years ago.
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    Thanks so much @f0xh0les for the recipe.  Will definitely be giving that a try.

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    Ohhh I'm loving the sound of that chowder too. 

    I too made a vegetable stew (well casserole) last night, using some free veg from Olio and HM chicken stock (roast a chicken for the cat...don't even say it! But she loves it) and a tin of lentil soup DM gave me ages ago that was already past its BB date and has been lurking in the kitchen ever since.

    Had some of the stew with tiny pasta for dinner...like a soupy stew.

    I am resisting putting the heating on esp as our supplier went bust last week so I'm mid move before i can choose my own supplier again.

    Good luck with the charity shops tomorrow!
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