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    Florence_J wrote: »
    Wow, thanks for mentioning Mail Rewards Club, I had heard of this through MSE but hadn't taken a proper look, there are some good deals to be had, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    I don't know anything about any of the other deals that might be available through the DM Rewards Club. The only thing I have to do with it is entering the codes online from the back page of the Daily Mail every day. I usually claim a £5 voucher every couple of months although this time I let it mount up to get a £10 one instead. I usually go for the Morrisons ones but they also offer M&S, Tesco, WH Smith, Waitrose/John Lewis, Lakeland, Amazon, Boots etc. I don't read the paper myself, can't stand it in fact:rotfl:, but OH gets it via a cheap subscription and seems to enjoy reading it.

    There is a thread on mse where they share spare codes with long standing members.

    But there are things available on DM site like the coupons ;) had some bargains with those ;)

    I just bought the Paul McKenna I can make you thin 50 dvds for £2.20.. I need to lose weight for health reasons. I know my faults cravings for sweet stuff. so If I can change the mind set on that....

    definitely worth signing up an account and taking a look. they had some fab freebies recently. unfortunately I dont always have time to take advantage of them.

    even if you buy paper everyday you can only earn one reward every 2 months, but for free... if OH is already getting subscription... too good to miss;):money:
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    Oh, you've just reminded me, Aesop, that I did once send for one of the online offers. I had to use some of my banked reward points, not many though, to get a sun hat. It was really nice, one of those wide-brimmed raffia type ones but they ran out of supplies and I didn't get mine until October when they'd managed to get hold of new stock. The sun had well and truly gone in for the winter by the time I got it:rotfl:
  • beach-holiday
    £1.70 from surveys and £1.02 found while out walking today :)

    £20.34/£100 so far.

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    A slow start for me. £13.00 claim for a check up with the dentist (covered through work) and saved myself £20 a month on getting rid of my old contact phone (have another contract but have gone for an older phone with less data!) Not sure I can count the phone though so £13 for me!! I have a bag of clothes to weigh in and also some to try and sell on f@ceb00k and eb@y. x
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    Evening folks

    Well done all the money-makers :T
    Today I made 90p on surveys and £12.02 interest from bank.

    I was going to cancel my Gourmet Society membership this month, as hardly ever used it last year. However, they made me an offer of £10 off the already reduced renewal price and so I renewed. I am determined to make more use of it this year and so saved £10, plus they offered to send a free box of wine worth £40 for renewing. I'll wait and see if that happens before adding it :rotfl:

    Also renewed my subscription for the 'i' paper, saving nearly half the daily cost - another £57.40 in my pocket and it includes a free app to read the paper on-line as well :dance: :dance:

    Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday
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    Excellent savings there, Lynne:j

    I wish you a 'wonderful Wednesday' too:beer:
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    Hi I was wondering if any one would be able to help me or direct me to the right place. I had an app on my phone where you were to give your opinions on certain things they would maybe ask you roughly 3 questions. or occasionally you watched a clip and gave an opinion. I lost everything on my phone and cannot remember what the app was called.

    Ive looked at a few different ones mentioned ant its not them. I should have really saved the page mnths ago where I found the list of survey apps for android phones.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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    I found it in a link that Aesop had put up. Thanks
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    Used some boots advantage points yesterday, £1.89. Just found another 5p roadkill on bus. So £31.99 total so far.
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    498louise wrote: »
    Used some boots advantage points yesterday, £1.89. Just found another 5p roadkill on bus. So £31.99 total so far.


    I am quite new to this so sorry if I am asking an obvious question, but what is roadkill?

    Thanks x
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