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Chocolate cake tips and recipes please! (merged)

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • SnowyOwl_2SnowyOwl_2 Forumite
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    Hope you don't mind me replying to your request for Choccie Cake recipes like this rather than in the OS thread for today. Thought that you'd be more likely to see it this way.

    Anyway, here are links to the cakes bit of the "Mega Index" (see the blue band towards the top of the screen when you're anywhere in Old Style). If anyone has any other recipes maybe you could add them on? Pretty please :rudolf:

    I made the Milk Chocolate Cake and tested it on my work colleagues. They all survived, hurrah!

  • omega_2omega_2 Forumite
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    Thanks ever such a lot, Snowy: that's really kind of you. It looks just what I'm looking for!
  • squeakysqueaky Forumite
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    There's a very good thread on chocolate cakes which I have now added your posts to, so now you have a whole lot more recipes to choose from :)

    Remember that posts are listed in date order so you'll need to read the thread from the beginning to catch up.

    HTH :)
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  • honey28honey28 Forumite
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    I'm (attempting) to make in the next few days a chocolate birthday cake for my OH. I have a recipe at home and also the one from the recipe index (thank you!). I have also been given a recipe for chocolate fudge frosting for the middle and top. Will this be of a runny consistency? When I put it on top of the cake what do I do - I mean do I swirl it out or does it pour off edges? (can you tell I'm new to this - any previous cakes have involved being topped with butter icing) :confused::confused: My next question is then - is that enough to decorate it or should I be doing something else - I had thought of topping it with various chocolate sweets - buttons, maltesters etc but will they stick? (I love Chocolate, OH sort of does but what the heck..!!)
    Any suggestions very gratefully appreciated! :o
  • lexlex Forumite
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    The frosting may or may not be a bit runny! I don't have much success and always end up having to put the icing in the fridge for a bit to cool down and thicken! Then it's a bit like butter icing to work with. (well it probably isn't to the educated professional but hey...)

    A good tip I find if your icing looks less than perfect is to grate plain chocolate over the top - hides a multitude of sins!

    You could add chocolate buttons or something if you wanted, but only if you fancy it!


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  • twinktwink Forumite
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    this is from the bero book melt two and a half oz of marg mix in 2tbsp cocoa powder then stir in 9oz icing sugar 3tbsp hot milk and 1tsp vanilla essence beat till smooth and thick can be used to fill the cake and to ice it
  • polpol Forumite
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    I like to brush the sides with warmed apricot jam and roll in vermicelli or hundreds and thousands and top with melted fudge with a bit of coffee in. Fudge icing can be as runny/stiff as you like, just let it cool a bit before you ice the cake. If it's runny, you can always put some greaseproof paper round the cake, ice it and leave in the fridge till set.

    You could try melted mars bar/toffees/marshmallow for the top and put as much cream as you can get into the middle. I say practice first, but you'll have to eat the evidence!

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  • turn it into a log castle with cream and cadburys chocolate fingers!!! with maybe milkyway buttons? us big boys enjoy kiddy things!
  • Jay-Jay_4Jay-Jay_4 Forumite
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    Buy CHUNKY Milkybar, a bar of dark choc and a bar of milk choc (Dairy Milk). Use a potato or vegetable peeler to shave the bars of chocolate over the cake. Some bits will be nice and curly and some will just be in nice little bits but they ALL hide any little lumps and bumps ;)
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  • WirenthWirenth Forumite
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    You can also hide imperfect icing with a dusting of cocoa or icing sugar (put in a sieve, shake over the cake). Then add your chocolate shavings. The powder will put the emphasis on the solid chocolate decorations.
    Good, clean fun.... :D
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